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Author Releases Book Claiming World Is On The Verge Of Radical Transformation

By Michael H. Brown

I'm releasing a new book this week, which I believe is my most pertinent since The Final Hour more than a decade ago.

Proclaims the cover: "Whether you're a believer or disbeliever, Catholic or Protestant, Gentile or Jew, you are about to encounter a glimpse into the future and the opportunity at this incredible moment in history to reform, to purify, and to see the Light that is prophesied to tower in the not-so-distant future."

Entitled Tower of Light, the book focuses on two prophecies, their relevance to current events, the evil in our time, the bizarre effects of genetic manipulation (and our synthetic environment), as well as the struggle with what may be looming as an "anti-christ" and a coming manifestation -- allegedly, in some way -- of Jesus.

We're at a critical time in world history -- in the history of the human race -- and whether or not we are in the "end times," major events loom. We are seeing the increase in signs around us. Soon, there will be exciting challenges in the way of a major -- and sometimes painful -- transformation.

Mankind, I believe, fails to recognize fundamental ways it has offended the Almighty and has taken nature as well as humankind to the brink of a huge spiritual and temporal "reorientation."

We are on the cusp of events that will startle many and surprise everyone, even those who think they have prognostications. It is an incredible time that keeps getting more incredible. Major events loom and matters in the world are unfolding in a way that has caused me to take another intense look at what may be coming.

Already, the prophecies seemed to presage September 11 and regional events in various parts of the world such as the Asian tsunami.

Not seeking to alarm, nor sugar coat reality, I have written extensively on apparitions of the Blessed Mother since Final Hour in 1992. I have for years been privy to two revelations that have been alluded to on occasion but never fleshed out until now. I believe that their time has come and believe that there is a sense of urgency. No one knows the "time," and we have been waiting for events for many years, but the signs of graduated events are all around us.

Announced on Saturday in St. Augustine, Florida (site of the nation's oldest Marian shrine), Tower of Light is my first dealing specifically with prophecy since Sent To Earth, which focused on historical chastisements. It is my twentieth book and in my view one of the three most relevant to issues at hand, alongside both The Final Hour and a secular book. Laying Waste: The Poisoning of America by Toxic Wastes, which was released in 1980 by Random House's Pantheon Division.

There are secrets that will be revealed in the future and this book addresses them. I believe that I have been blessed to be privy to certain prognostications that thus far have materialized in striking fashion -- and contain radical notions of the future, as well as the course of humanity. I'll leave it to the reader to discern. We are seeing travesties in the world, from abortion to genetic engineering -- from altered crops to pigs that are luminescent -- glow in the dark. It is a dark time but one that will soon see the Light. I believe that the many phenomena around the world are pointing to some kind of manifestation -- using the word "manifestation" carefully, as opposed to other ways of describing it -- and that this manifestation is going to dramatically disperse the darkness.

Tower of Light also marks the first book venture by Spirit Daily Publishing, which was formed specifically to handle this project, which may be my last on prophecy. I want to alarm no one but the fact is that the truth sets us free. As long as we are close to God and have love in our hearts we have nothing whatsoever to fear. We will all see His Light -- perhaps here and soon and if not here certainly in the hereafter.

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[About the author: Michael H. Brown, 55, has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows and has contributed to major national newspapers and magazines. As a secular journalist, he was known as the reporter who "broke" the Love Canal health crisis story in his hometown of Niagara Falls, for which he was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. His articles have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Reader's Digest, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine. During the past seventeen years Brown has written exclusively on Catholic topics and his books include Witness, After Life, Prayer of the Warrior, Secrets of the Eucharist, and The God of Miracles. Since his return to active faith in the early 1980s, he has traveled to nearly every state speaking about the Blessed Mother and the time in which we live. He was educated at Fordham University in New York City.]


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