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[adapted from Michael H. Brown's Tower of Light]

“The science that toils with the womb and genes,”the science that seeks to create life,” “the science which has denied God.”

Every word that seemed overwrought in the "1990 prophecy," and an addendum [see prophecy] that followed (more than a decade later), now seems understated.

For indeed, scientists are seeking to create “a counterfeit Heaven,” they are meddling with the “texture” of existence, as we have been emphasizing in a series of articles; and as the two packed prophecies projected, the world is now “seriously out of conformance” with God's design (and plan) -- putting itself in grave danger.

In the Garden had been the angel with the flaming sword, as too at Fatima, and now they were trying to crash the very gates of that garden – of Eden, of Genesis.

That angel is not going to remain still!

No, the second prophecy (like the first, granted anonymously, in  a dream, as a locution), had warned that “the angels have their instructions from east to west, and now a timetable has been set in motion.”

That’s what it said. There may be precious little time left. What is progressing is too extreme. They are trying to create life forms that do not have the spark of God or at least not the full spark and the issue even has grown as to whether a full human clone would have a soul.

In His mercy, God might send the breath of His life into such a creation, if only to keep the integrity at the level of spirit -- but it was all subject to debate.

What was not debatable was that an “arrogant and wayward” course had been traversed – severely -- and if these two prophecies were true, if they were correct right down to the letter – as they appeared thus far – we were to reject much that had been erected around is, that was so contrived and artificial, that flew in the Face of a single Godhead Who loved us and Who as Pope Benedict said, flowed with a “light and love” that were in fact the same thing and were the “primordial power” that moved the universe.

The human embryo "must always originate from an act of love" between a man and a woman and "already be treated as a person," the Pope said in a May 13 address to members of the Pontifical Council for the Family – the anniversary of Fatima, a time in which our thoughts went to the flaming angel in that secret and the love of God flowed with what He created.

The artificial creation of life, to the contrary, was the ultimate in love of self and that was the reverse. It was anti-love and anti-Jesus and so set the stage precisely for what the 1990 missive warned: an anti-Christ. Such a spirit was in play but we were still at the question of that phrase which had mentioned “the support structures of what man calls nature.” It might seem that meddling with molecules of DNA – with genes – had taken us to the extreme, but they were going farther. They were not just meddling with molecules, but now with single atoms, with the atoms that composed molecules – through a process called “nanotechnology.”

Almost incomprehensively, scientists had found ways to use both mechanical devices and DNA to create tiny devices that they could shoot into reality and that were only a molecule or smaller in size, and were using other techniques that could go smaller than that. At this level, things were measured in “nanometers.”

A sheet of paper is a whopping 100,000 nanometers thick -- to give us an idea.

Through new inventions, they were navigating to levels that were thousands of times smaller than the diameter of human hair and creating objects with unknown consequences at that level of size, one day be unleashed into the body or environment.

In so doing, they were right to where the prophecy said: the support structures.

Atoms are the building blocks of molecules and scientists could now manipulate atoms in a way that went beyond anything previous. “Nanotechnology is any technology which exploits phenomena and structures that can only occur at the nanometer scale, which is the scale of several atoms and small molecules,” noted an encyclopedia.

“Support structures.” This was where science now was – the science that meddled with life. It was getting to the foundation of physical reality or at least to very tiny levels, to the smallest building blocks that we knew about, and of course, there were “benefits.”

Nanotechnology covers a wide range of industries, and therefore the potential benefits are also widespread,” said the reference book. “Telecommunications and information technology could benefit in terms of faster computers and advanced data storage. Health care could see improvements in skin care, advanced pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, biocompatible materials, nerve and tissue repair, and cancer treatment.”

At such a small level, explained researchers, they could shoot minute particles tipped with chemotherapy to kill the cells of a tumor, without damaging what was around it. This was extremely tempting. Maybe some of it was fine.

Maybe it was inspired. I didn’t know what to think. There were those of a mystical bent – those who had near-death episodes – who said that technology was God’s gift. But it depended on the way it was used and designed and on the attitude of those who used it.

The current attitude is frightening. At the same time that scientists talked up all the benefits, they bragged that we would exceed the limits God had set. There was now a mathematical approach that would enable men to produce desired configurations of nanoparticles and even manipulate the way particles interacted with each other. Note the word configure as in configuration, which once more went to the prophecy. “This may not mean much to the man on the street,” noted an article in the Princeton University newspaper, “but to the average scientist it is a fairly astounding proposition.” Said a biochemist there, “In a sense, this would allow you to play God, because the method creates on the computer new types of particles whose interactions are tuned precisely so as to yield a desired structure.”

So here we were to the essence of it: the support structures of reality, physical reality, were being targeted. It was alchemy with a vengeance. Never mind gold. The holy grail of nanotechnology was creating the lattice of a diamond.

Marching this a step further, they were on the verge of redesigning microorganisms.

“Alchemists tried to turn lead into gold," wrote a team of researchers. “It never worked. But now science seems to have developed the tools that will enable the realization of the alchemists’ dream. We will be able to accomplish transmutation. We will actually turn elements and materials into something entirely different. By changing a material’s atomic structure, which nanotech makes possible, that material can be transformed into something else, with new properties, some of which have never been seen in nature. Some physicists have even created a new life form – globs of gaseous plasma that, like any other life form, can grow, replicate, and communicate. Others have applied electrical signals to quantum dots to create programmable matter such as well-stone iron, which can be morphed into substances such as zinc.”

There is the fact that the behavior of materials at such a level is not always predictable. Even subtle changes in the size of a particle could precipitate wildly different alterations in the basic properties of those materials – including their toxicity. This is what may have been meant in 2004 when it said that “a very dramatic effect” already was in progress and that the Creation of God would soon be “damaged” beyond recovery.

It had used the term “total realignment” in referring to what man was doing to nature and “the way that elements and life forms interact.

Nanotechnology not only reconfigured things, but also organisms. That was the direction in which we were quickly headed.

That would likewise disruptwhat God intended.” And it was perhaps adding to what the 2004 message said was a “fundamental alarm” in Heaven.

Already, nano materials had found there way into more than eighty consumer products with lax regulation but it was more than that, much more:

The convergence of nanotechnology with biotechnology and computers held the promise – if one could call it a promise – of immortality. It was all headed in the direction of trying to defeat death – and here you got to that line yet again about "what God intended."

As the World Transhumanist Association opined, “the human species in its current form does not represent the end of development but rather a comparatively early phase.” Eventually, they said, there would be “post-humans” – an amalgamation, one writer pointed out, of nanotechnoolgy and nanopharmaceticals “so changed by our interface with microchips and nanorobots, so much smarter, happier, and healthier, that humans hardly would be recognizable to 21st-century eyes.”

They were aiming to create a superhuman -- the "artificialize" man just as they can artificialized everything else.

They are set, in short -- our scientists -- on redefining the species.

Reported one writer from a transhumanist meeting several years ago, "Opening the conference was the rather creepy Steve Mann, who has been trying to turn himself into a cyborg for years. Mann apparently insists on seeing the world through a set of goggles that laser-write video onto his retinas. Using a video hookup, he could share with the audience exactly what he was seeing; his view was available on a giant screen onstage."

God's Plan: We were supposed to be tried, and then enter the hereafter. Here on earth, we were supposed to carry a cross, for a finite time period.

But scientists had decided He didn't exist and figured they could abolish that old-fashioned premise of eternity. Instead, earth would be made into Heaven -- it would be transformed into Man's Design (read: Satan's).

Rearrange the body so that mitochondrial genes, for example, are moved into the nucleus and less prone to breakdown (what we now call aging).

"Christians certainly do not embrace death as a good in itself, but we understand that death is a part of what it means to be human, and that, indeed, the effort to forever forestall death is itself an act of defiance that will be both unworkable and morally suspect," noted a theologian.

There was talk of integrating computers, cloned human parts, altered superior genes, animal aspects, and mechanical bones and muscles into the human form. Superman (see Nietzsche; see Darwin; see Terminator). Immortality!

The problem:

When we changed humans, there would be an extremely overriding crisis if for no other reason than that a significantly changed human would no longer be in the image of God. Instead, scientists were envisioning images of brains connected to a computer and at the same time a "bath" of cloned neural stem cells that stimulated brain  cells to grow connections to electronic equipment – such that a mechanical device may one day even replace the soft, malleable tissue of what was currently in the human skull.

"There is no intrinsic value in being human, just as there is no intrinsic value in being a rock, a frog, or a posthuman,” said a transhumanist to make sure we got the point -- while another chillingly added, "All these technologies are ways in which we become more like our Creator."

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[Addendum prophecy of 2004:

"There is going to be a major disruption in a region of the world that will affect everyone. The world is now seriously out of conformance with the Will of God and what He created and intended. There are those who would reconfigure the very creatures He has formed, and who meddle with the texture of life. For this reason, the Lord will allow a huge reorientation. If not for the action of Heaven, what God has created on earth will soon be damaged beyond recovery. A very dramatic effect already is in progress as regards the support structures of what man calls  nature. Such cannot be allowed to take the final realization of total realignment when it comes to the very way elements and life forces interact. The event to come will surprise everyone who has offered a prognostication, and will show even recalcitrant scientists, though not all, that there is a fundamental alarm in Heaven over their arrogant and wayward course. Nothing that is artificial in a way that disrupts what God intended will be allowed to stand.

"Heed this too: the politics of denial will be struck as with a plague.

"The smallest of what lives is precious in My sight.

"The angels have their instruction from east to west, and now a timetable has been set in motion.

"When the huge light is seen, I will act in a way I have not acted before."

It was an unusual light, seen in the skies over Europe, that constituted the "great sign" of Fatima in 1939.

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[Original 1990 prophecy:

"In four years there will arise a new evil the likes of which mankind has never before encountered. It will arrive almost imperceptibly, with few people noticing the depth of its evil, for it will appear to have beneficial and convenient aspects. It is an evil comparable to abortion -- that is to say, that even if evils as great and widespread as abortion were to be eliminated, this is enough of an evil that it would present mankind with an enormous challenge. This evil is being allowed as a test because of the prayers inspired by Mary to put off chastisements. How mankind responds to this new evil will determine the extent, length, and severity of the first chastisements. These chastisements will differ according to regions, and like the great evil, will not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are. In the period also will be a warning that involves not fire from the sky but fear of fire from the sky, and strange loud rumblings. This, according to mankind's response, will then be followed by another chastisement, or the inevitable onset of the change of era. Your era is ending. Soon the world will not be the world you know. I am not speaking of a barren world, or one depopulated, but of the end of your technological era. Many inventions of mankind will be broken down and there will be more of a peasant attitude and way of life everywhere. After this breakdown of false society will come persecution of Christians and also a new world order. The anti-christ will be on earth trying to affect the new world order. Hardly anyone will notice the extent of his influence until afterwards. He will not be of tremendous visibility until he is accomplished. That is to say, he will not rule, control, and be at all obvious to the world at the peak of his influence. He will not be unlike a figure such as Marx, except his ideas will be more immediate.

"I will come not as a man of flesh, but like My mother, who already nurses Me and holds Me in her arms, as a light and power. I will manifest Myself in a series of supernatural events similar to the apparitions but much more powerful. In other words, My second coming will be different than My first, and like My first, it will be spectacular to many but also unknown initially to many, or disbelieved. Yet truly I tell you, the arrogance of the world will have been broken, and so many more than normal will believe.

"I will come in towering light.

"My mother held me in her arms at Medjugorje, as an infant.

"I will come as she has come, in light.

"Know this about the world: I would not appear on television, nor ride a car, nor travel in an airplane.

"Would I come in such a manner?

"Would I live in such a world?

"You think of the changes in very simple ways, without realizing the fundamental mistakes of mankind.

"The very artifice of your societies is false and against the accordance of God's Will.

"This artifice shall not last.

"Your very conceptions of happiness and comforts are a great evil and falsity.

"They will not stand.

"My greatest nemesis is science, even more so than the media. The science that alters life, the science which creates a counterfeit heaven, the science that toils with the womb and genes, the science that has filled the air with the power of the enemy, the science which creates chemical witchcraft and fouls the earth, the science which seeks to create life but cannot in actuality even sustain it, the science which has denied God.

"This will fall, and all of its creations with it.

"The seat of Satan in America is north of San Francisco.

"New York City is under an evil cloud and will be for 12 years. Do not go there. The pride there will be broken.

"As for the anti-christ, remember Europe, and especially Central Europe.

"Yet know too that God's Hand will be evident in South America.

"The world will not end but change."]

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