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In Life Certain People Are 'Toxic' And The Antidote Is Found In Transcending Evil

 You know how it is. There are simply people with whom you have trouble getting along. Sometimes, it's right there in the open -- in confrontation, in tension, in bickering.

More often, it's something that's below the surface: You're feeling great and then when you enter into the presence of someone, or a group, your spirit is suddenly -- inexplicably -- agitated.

You lose your peace. You feel antagonism or simply don't feel "yourself." You feel arid. For no reason, you become angry.

These are warning signals. There are people who rub each other the wrong way -- who seem nearly allergic to one another -- and often there is a spiritual component behind it.

We know such from Scripture.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places," St. Paul tells us in Ephesians 6 -- which we should all read on a regular basis.

Often it isn't the person who is aggravating us, but a spirit attached to that person. Such can come from sin, of course, but also from family lines or from inner wounds which darkness has hooked into.

That's why Jesus said not to judge. We are never sure why anyone is how he or she is. It's also why He said to look for the lumber in our own eyes first. We could have something that is causing the tension, or enhancing an effect that comes from others (like a volatile chemical reaction). We could also be exaggerating the effect, or even imagining it. Whatever the case, we must always see beyond spiritual disturbance to the goodness of people.

This is very important to keep in mind. Often, we must separate the person from the spirit. Good people, nice people, ostensibly kind people can have demons attached to them. It is a trial for them and those around them.

When we are consistently attacked, we have to ask why God is allowing it. Is He trying to make us more accepting? Is He trying to enhance our patience?

At the same time, a smiling face may be hiding resentment or jealousy that unleashes a demon. Against this too must we be on guard. The Spirit of Truth will guide us. There is "smoldering" dislike. Someone is "caustic." He has an "air" about him.  He is "volatile" or "fuming" (and causing us to fume!).

It's like a chemical reaction.

Without love and attention to our interior lives, we pollute each other and potentiate the acid in others.

How are we to react when the mere presence of someone causes our blood to boil? What are we supposed to do when out of the blue the interaction with a "toxic" person causes us to say things we don't even mean and go into a frenzy of anger?

Before exposure to such a circumstance, we should also put on protective "gear." This starts with love. Love the person who causes you spiritual agitation and you will have started a process of insulation. Forgive, purify yourself -- and watch what you think. A bubble of protection will sprout around you.

Have joy. Joy spreads around you like an umbrella. It neutralizes. It is infectious -- in a good way.

If you have joy you have closeness to God and closeness to God causes the devil to fumble with his vials of chemicals. Don't drink of his poison!

Forgive even before the person causes you distress. Our very Mass starts with a request for God to forgive us for what we have said, what we have thought, what we have done, what we have failed to do -- telling us right away that thoughts are actual!

Take "the shield of faith, with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one." Simply put, let faith keep your head above the roiling waters!

Identify the spirit with whomever you are fighting and odds are the conflict will end soon or immediately. Cast out that spirit by the Flame of the Sword of Bethlehem, which is the power of the love of the Infant. This is very potent -- when said in the name of Jesus. Cast spirits out. The saints can help you.

If the trial persists, it may be that the person is doing something that's giving a spirit the legal right to remain, and in this case it is wise to distance oneself, at least for a time. If you can approach the person, and explain the situation, or pray with the person, all the better.

There must be adequate prayer, which means that we are at peace at the end of praying.

Be good. Be positive. Know that you can rise above the negative. Don't drink of the poison. Don't return one toxic effect for another.

Do you realize how many marriages could be saved if couples who are locked in bitter disputes knew where the energy was originating?

One toxic effect can cause a chain reaction.

Recognize that a spirit is there when there is tension, when there is inexplicable anger, when there is rage, and knowing that you will not only neutralize it but (if you persist) transcend it forever.


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