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When a person especially aggravates you, at times it's because there's still something in you that connects with what is in the person.

Maintaining that aggravation binds you to the person -- attaches you.

The aggravation only grows, particularly the more you talk of it.

As soon as this "weed" of aggravation sends its seed into your spirit, root it out; search in prayer for a similar defect in your own personality; and cast it out in the Name of Jesus. Then, replace it with love.

The aggravation will cease, and you will be who you really are.

Otherwise, you'll see yourself through the prism of others. "Otherwise" is other than wise.

Of course, people irk us for many reasons. It's not always something inside of us. There are times when our spirits sense something wrong and even evil around a person. There are those who are simply irksome. There are those who threaten, or pry, or are jealous.

Being irked by someone can be an early-warning system.

Not everyone is meant to be with every one else. There is a purpose to those with whom He wants you surrounded -- and when there is aggravation, sometimes that plan is being circumvented. God has assigned people to us, just as he has assigned to us a station in life. Aggravation can be your subconscious sensing harm.

Now, that's not to say we shouldn't love. If we're kind, we'll have joy. But sometimes we have to be cautious about proximity to the evil in others.

There is holy opposition. Our spirits oppose that which is not congruous -- and may even be a threat. People "rub us the wrong way." We're not in sync.

But sometimes the aggravation is a connection between areas of darkness in you and the other person -- a bridge between territories of hurt, personality deficiency, or sin. Root out the darkness!

As a nun named Mother Nadine Brown of Omaha says in a new book (Inner Healing Through the Heart of Jesus), "When you find a person who irritates you, try going home, making a list of all the things about their personality that bother you. Take a look at it. What is it about the person bothers me?  Are they aggressive? Does that bother me? Are they trying to monopolize the conversation?

"Then ask the Holy Spirit if you have these characteristics within you. Usually, when I react to someone else and to something in someone else, I might have to realize that there is something in me that is causing me to react, especially if I overreact.

"Have you ever noticed that when you get healed in a certain area, that person, or that situation, or that comment just doesn't bother you at all anymore? That is a good sign that you are healed. The kind of person I find most difficult to accept is the kind of person that is most likely to be in my unhealed area. That would be more my unredeemed self, my false self."

And that may be why God causes us to cross paths with such people: in order to purify us.

A true spirit is wise. A true spirit reflects with God. A true spirit finds entry into paradise. The wise rise. Too often, as Scripture says, we are ever learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.

Only a clear spirit is a true spirit -- true to itself.

Choose always wisdom over knowledge; gain a clean spirit. Cast out the spirit of anger.

Here is a crucial passage in Scripture:

"In Wisdom is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, agile, clear, unstained, certain, not baneful, loving the good, keen, unhampered, beneficent, kindly, firm, secure, tranquil, all-powerful, all-seeing, and pervading all spirits, though they be intelligent, pure and very subtle.

"For Wisdom is mobile beyond all motion, and she penetrates and pervades all things by reason of her purity. For she is an aura of the might of God and a pure effusion of the glory of the Almighty; therefore naught that is sullied enters into her. For she is the refulgence of eternal light, the spotless mirror of the power of God, the image of his goodness" (Wisdom 7:22).

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