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There was once an eight-year-old boy who claimed to have "visited" Heaven and seen a place, there, of "unclaimed blessings."

Jesus showed him that in the realm of God are many benefits to help us on earth -- gifts, emotions, healings -- but said most go unclaimed because we don't ask for them!

Can you imagine that? Unclaimed blessings. Have you asked in faith for what you need? Have you been specific? Are you living life to the fullest -- which means in deep prayer? Are you stepping with confidence -- trust -- or fear?

Relief. Friendships. Happiness.

The boy, who as an adult wrote a book called We Saw Heaven, said he even saw healthy organs for those who are sick and described the "place" of blessings as like storehouses that were almost full because so few take advantage of what they contain. "All you need to do is go in and get what you need by the hand of faith, because it is there!" he claimed. "You do not have to cry and beg God to make the part you need. Just go get it. The doors open for those who need to go in. We should empty those buildings!"

It is when we have fear that we block many blessings.

Fear is a lack of faith and we all struggle with it. Yet, it can hurt us.

Fear is faith in a negative, allowing a negative to operate!

Often, we block blessings by not removing obstacles set in place by evil.

Satan causes many illnesses. Tear his grip away from you!

Go right at things.

Don't shy away.

Don't think you don't deserve it!

It's a matter of tenacity.

"Sometimes when we pray, an angel will leave Heaven to bring us the answer just as the angel did for Daniel, in Daniel 10:12, but will not be able to get through right away," says the boy,  Roberts Liardon, in his book. "Daniel continued to pray and fast for twenty-one days until he received his answer. Because of his persistence in prayer, the angel was able to break through the demonic hindrances. What would have happened if Daniel had not kept praying and 'pressing on' to God for his answer?"

In another recent book (Raising the Dead) a cardiologist describes how a healer caused incredible effects by staring down evil and forcefully commanding it away instead of being afraid of it!

God wants you whole. God wants you happy. Bad hearing? Claim a "new" eardrum. Arthritis? New joints. Money issues? Claim a new job.

Now, it all depends, of course, on God's Will -- and His greater Plan. But sometimes we hinder Him when He wants to bless us!

Let's get back to fear:

When the mother of another boy who had been in a terrible accident (his spinal cord was severed) arrived at the hospital, one of the paramedics was a faithful Christian who walked right over to her and boldly told her, "The Lord is already beginning the healing, but when you go in there, fear will try to attack your thinking. I'm not telling you to go in there and argue. Be polite and listen; they know what they're talking about. But as true as all their information is, God's Word can change all that. I prayed for your boy in the Name of Jesus, and he's not going to die. But if you go in there and agree with what they're saying and start speaking that, he will die. You'll negate what's been started by my praying for him. But if every time you get scared or hear a bad report, you thank the Lord for His healing, He will do His part. Have you got it?"

Don't accept the evil report. Doctors can be great and many are on an assignment from Heaven but there are those who operate solely through science and the ego of intellectualism and they can throw us curves; they can discourage; they can even hurt us. Look at how dangerous hospitals have become -- because there is such a lack of prayer!

Don't fall victim. Seek correct medical attention but don't think for a moment that a doctor or surgeon has the last word.

No, that's God's domain. He can do anything; He can replace any part of our bodies. That boy with the severed spine? He lived! The newspapers called it a "miracle."

There are thousands of similar accounts!

We take this all into consideration -- knowing that if nothing else we need to walk the walk of the Spirit. We do that with faith. We do that by discerning the path we are on. We do that by choosing the right partners for this journey called earth. In our spirits, we have the tools to judge direction. It comes down to doing what does well in our souls, what fits like an old shoe, what is comfortable. When there is a vacancy, a dryness, an aridity, head back into prayer and change course if you need to change course; certainly, change your mindset, if there is too much doubt.

God wants you well. There are challenges. But more in number are the blessings.

Go and claim what is yours. Claim wellness. Claim a cure. Claim the end of financial distress. Claim removal of the devil.

The Lord wraps them all the time -- gift-wraps them, with the ribbon of the Cross -- and sighs when they go unopened.

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