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Did you know that God has favors in store for you -- in your "account" -- but that many times you never claim them?

It's like having a certificate of deposit, yet never cashing it in.

Unleash your blessings. Did you know that you can?

On the Cross, Jesus released His blessing and love; think of what that did; it is still unleashed every time a Host is consecrated!

How do we set what is in all of us, all those blessings, free?

First, we rid our anger. We rid our carnality. We release our bitterness. Especially, we release our lust: this can block all kinds of grace! We rid whatever may be blocking us from forgiving ourselves. (Once confessed, get rid of guilt!). We release ourselves from the expectations of others. Don't let others manipulate you. Don't care what others think. Care only about what God thinks.

Be grateful. Thanking God neutralizes evil. Praise God and demonic attacks lessen. Period! Stop praying to change God's Mind. Pray to do His Will. Praise Him and find more blessings.

Once you free yourself from blocks, unleash your gifts. God has given every single person unique gifts and when they are set free, they magnify. Nothing is in vain if we learn from it. As one writer put it, "looking for the positive effects of negative experiences helps us develop higher wisdom." It also sends favors.

God sends blessings that will amaze us when we trust, and so, once you are unblocked, unleash faith. Jesus said with enough trust we can tell a mountain to move and it will move. Trust in God. Unleash that.

Finally, but crucially, rid your fears. Often we fear because the devil has deceived us. That's what he does best. It empowers him. It is his greatest weapon.

"In the spirit world," notes the wise woman I quoted above, "we literally remain in darkness until our fear loses its power to keep us from God. Wherever we go in the universe, whether in spirit or in the flesh, we are influenced by positive or negative energies, and these will always take us in one of two directions: toward love or toward fear."

Perfect love casts away all fear and also unleashes blessings. Miracles await. Are you blocked? Are you stymied? Do you suffer from anxiety? Worrying is fear of living -- and may be at the root of blockage of the miraculous. Too often, we "adopt" a negative as our own. We purchase it. We have a disease and begin to call it "my disease." We have pain and it becomes "my pain." We are down emotionally and we declare "my depression." Do you really want to own it? This sucks the power from our souls and bottles up our grace!

No wonder so many are ready to burst: you cannot pour forth from old wineskins. Break past bondages. Pray for the flow of "supernatural love." When you do, you are now free to move mountains (perhaps start with hills).

"Isaiah 26:3 teaches that we are kept in perfect peace as our minds are stayed on the goodness of the Father," writes a Christian author named Mel Bond. "This means we live in a place where not even the worst evil force can defeat us. We are kept in a supernatural level that is full of happiness, favor, rest, financial prosperity, safety, and health as our minds are stayed on  the Word. However, this can happen when we keep our thoughts on God and keep from thinking thoughts of doubt, defeat, foolishness, idleness, uselessness, vulgarity, or ungodliness. Walking in this peace is knowing that everything that pertains to this life or the eternal life is entrusted to Him."

Every problem must be transformed into a teacher. In other words: on the other side of every trial is a blessing. Pray favor over everything you need -- instead of fretting over it. As the priest elevates the Host and the chalice, pray to change fear into love -- and favor!

Claim your blessing. Talk to your problems instead of about them. It's like the mountain: tell the mountain to move, instead of being intimidated by it. Talk to your financial issue. Talk to your oppression. Talk to your illness. Cast it out. Talk to even serious illness. Talk to what is negative and command it out in the Name of Jesus (instead of being consumed by fear of it!).

God sends blessings that will amaze us, but only when we trust in His power to bless!

Stay blessed. Read the Bible. There is no knowledge on the face of the earth that is more positive than God's Word. Reciting it refreshes the spirit which refreshes the soul which transmits to the physical (brain and body).

In prayer ask the Holy Spirit to surround you with His Love and Light and then absorb that Love and Light and it will heal (or bring you to an understanding of the trial). Joy is there -- no matter what! You can always find it. Many think their greatest fear is death, when their greatest fear is actually living.

[resources: The God of Miracles and Retreat, Mass in Cleveland, November 6]

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