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The lull of summer is an opportunity (golden) to cleanse spiritually. And one major clearance has to do with the truth.

How often do we pray for the "Spirit of truth"?

How often -- more to the point, today -- do we pray specifically to rid ourselves of untruths -- empty ourselves of falsity?

So often, we're confused and deceived without knowing it. Yet, we neglect to clear out baggage. We neglect to seek the Lord's help in discerning. We neglect casting out false ideas and concepts we may possess -- often for decades -- at the foundation of our spirits.

Take prophecy: many are those who are functioning on the idea that certain future events will shape up in a very specific way -- and perhaps they will. We have no doubt that major changes are on the horizon. We also have no doubt that a "prophetic pulse" speaks to that.

But how many details of coming events are untruths that have been planted by the subconscious theories of others or deceptive spirits?

Have we prayed to cast out possible untruth? Have we prayed to rid ourselves of any false conceptions we may possess about any aspect of life on earth -- especially our own walks with Jesus?

For this is how evil operates: it clutters. It complicates. It confuses. It makes right seem wrong and wrong right and plays on ego and works also on lack of faith.

Those who tend to the occult are often those who are on the brink of atheism.

But we all can be tricked, and so we need to ask God in a fundamental way to rid us of false conceptions -- whatever or wherever or with whom whatsoever they may be.

Want nothing false. Self-illuminate. Let the fog lift by saying the Rosary (daily). See what is true and untrue about yourself and your preconceived notions. This is part of purification. It is the truth that sets you free. Untruth binds you to a lie. The Holy Spirit will guide you. It won't be painful. It will be a release. Don't keep believing in a falsity because it is politically correct or something you want to happen (or not happen).

Try something dearly missing in our time: objectivity.

You can't care about what others think. You must worry about God alone. Everything else will fall into place. The closer you get to Him, the more the devil will focus attacks on you -- often twisting the perceptions of others.

Just know this: the truth will come out if the truth is within. The Lord will defend you in the intuitions of those who are good. In ridding you of untruth He will also rid you of attachments to this world. Step into who you really are -- instead of who you think others want you to be.

Find the real you. And remember: evil never has the last word. Ever. Amen!

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