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Are you right-centered, left-centered -- or Christ-centered?

This is a good question for our day!

Everything is topsy-turvy -- and rancorous. We wave goodbye to civil discourse.

Even the issue of vaccinations is a hot button -- in fact, scalding.

And maybe (maybe not) it should be.

Read this article for depth and objectivity.

We have had numerous articles on the drawbacks: how some of the vaccines for measles and mumps and rubella and other childhood threats have origins in stem cells lines from babies aborted decades ago and how, in addition, there may have been harmful adjuvants or additives in these shots, especially mercury.

Suddenly, there are many claiming autism in their children -- a neural disorder -- and we must note that mercury poisoning is infamous for "mad-hatter disease": damaging the brain (see Minamata).

In the 1800s, mercury was used in the manufacture of hats and the brains of workers were affected, causing them to seem insane or aggressive.

In Japan, methyl mercury from industrial wastewater contaminated shellfish and caused horrid effects at Minamata Bay in the 1950s and 1960s.

Cats and dogs died and then kids went into seizures and worse. As of March 2001, 2,265 victims had been officially recognized (1,784 of whom had died). Some think autism is a Minamata variant (video).

Flu vaccines may contain thimerosal -- a mercury-containing preservative -- which as The Atlantic tells us, "many doctors believe is safe but others believe may be responsible for effects on the brain and nervous system. For people who want to take the vaccine but avoid the mercury, they can ask for single-dose vaccines."

Unless the flu epidemic is serious, perhaps we should stay away from mercury.

Although our major recommendation is: simply pray.

Pray to feel what is right for you and your children.

And don't get caught up in emotionalism.

We realize, however, why emotionalism exists. We are simply trying to be objective (not something that is currently in fashion).

A recent article that included a note from a doctor named Brian Kopp [see article], who wanted to present an unemotional perspective, drew this response, which was understandably distraught, although perhaps not correctly directed at the devout doctor:

"Dr. Kopp ought to have had a child of his own who acquired autism after being vaccinated and then began immediately to show signs of problems right after these 'necessary' vaccinations were given," said the viewer. "FDA-approved vaccinations, that is.

"Or how about auditory processing deficit, language impairment, sensory deficit/overload, no ability to distinguish faces, severe learning disabilities, painful gastrointestinal problems, developmental delays, constant severe crying episodes for no known reason, inability to read for many years with one-on-one tutoring daily, inability to express one's needs, social interaction difficulties, dyslexia, food allergies, asthma, and auto-immune disease...

"All of which my daughter has gone through, beginning immediately after her first vaccinations.

"Know that I am a pediatric and  neonatal intensive care nurse. I never questioned what I was taught about the efficacy of vaccinations when my children were young. Back then I trusted what I was taught.  My daughter was born in 1991, exactly when mercury was increased at least threefold. My son was born in 1989, and although he also had problems, hers were much more severe. There is no reason not to question this sudden promotion of vaccinations as we have been knowingly lied to before. 

"Mercury is in these vaccinations and it is a known severe neurotoxin which does cause all kinds of neurological damage. And we should not forget that these vaccinations contain many other harmful chemicals. 

"Dr. Kopp needs only to have lived the nightmare of what vaccinations do to one's own child, and that there is full knowledge of the harm these cause within the CDC, NIH, FDA and vaccine makers. I abhor the fact that I myself was lied to about vaccinations and recommended them highly to parents who placed their trust in me.  It is despicable and evil to have harmed millions of children that they pretend they want to protect.

"This suspicious swine flu and push for vaccinations gives every reason for one to be cautious about. Ask any mother who has lived through the damage they have done to their most precious children.   

"And ask yourself, why is there no autism in Amish country, where they do not vaccinate their children?  Why does the generation of vaccinated children in America show an increase in autism in the hundreds of percent? "

Good points, Maureen, although you are a bit too hard on Dr. Kopp. He is only trying to be objective. He is only trying to be fair.

We would never want to discourage a vaccine that might save a person from a fatal bout with any ailment.

But mercury? And as far as measles, mumps: aborted stem cell lines?

Perhaps it is the Spirit speaking. Only deep in prayer is there knowing. Science is confused. So are the media. Follow only the Holy Spirit.

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[Further note from The Atlantic: " The term 'influenza,' which dates back to the Middle Ages, is taken from the Italian word for occult or astral influence. Then as now, flu seemed to appear out of nowhere each winter, debilitating or killing large numbers of people, only to vanish in the spring. Today, seasonal flu is estimated to kill about 36,000 people in the United States each year, and half a million worldwide."]

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