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A special report:


The other day, we carried a video of a nun at the extremely holy sanctuary called Montserrat in Spain (near Barcelona) -- a sister named Teresa Forcades who was a physician educated in New York State and who was warning against the swine flu vaccine in a strong and even startling way.

We removed a video she made -- circulated on YouTube -- when we learned that despite the holy monastic setting of Montserrat (one of the world's oldest sites of Marian devotion), and despite her scientific credentials, as well as her calm manner of presentation, Sister Forcades had spoken publicly in favor of a woman's "right" to terminate a pregnancy. That had occurred during Spain's recent national debate on abortion and drew a rebuke from Cardinal Franc Rodé, prefect for the Vatican's Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, who, we learned, had sent a letter to her abbess demanding that Sister Forcades conform to Church doctrine.

In our view, the fact that Sister Forcades held a pro-choice position compromised the trust we could place in her judgment of other matters -- including what she had to say about swine flu. She is author of The Crimes of the Great Pharmaceutical Companies, a book that denounces the political and economic power acquired by the drug corporations. Thus, when it comes to "Big Pharma" (as the pharmaceutical giants are known), she is not entirely objective.

But to many, what the nun-physician had to say was galvanizing -- leading to a flurry of e-mails requesting and even demanding for us to repost the video. For in a low-key, methodical, and scientific manner, she mirrored what others in the "alternative media" have been asserting, some with legitimate concerns, some with questionable facts, which we will now endeavor to explore: that something unusual is afoot in recent epidemics and vaccinations.

Please bear with us. This is a lengthy article. You may want to print it. Bear also with the technicalities.

The swine-flu "pandemic," charges the nun, is exaggerated and might lead to vaccination with materials that are potentially more dangerous than the flu itself. Included in her concerns is an additive or "adjuvant" called squalene, which she says was also an additive in the vaccine suspected of causing illness among soldiers in the first Gulf War. There are also trace amounts of formaldehyde or a compound called thimerosal (which contains mercury). Some believe such compounds have led to allergies and even autism in children given other kinds of vaccines. Thus far, pointed out Sister Forcades, swine flu has a lower mortality than regular seasonal flu, and the questions she raised: why, if it has a low mortality rate, has it been declared such an "emergency"? Why has there been the rush to protect the public with an untested vaccine?

And why, she wondered in the video, did H1N1 disappear in the 1950s (after wreaking havoc in 1918, the last major pandemic, when it was a more lethal strain), only to reappear in 1977 -- when, she said, it was "resynthesized"?

There have been "irregularities," she felt, in the whole new flu "crisis," as we have previously reported.

Darkly suggesting a secret plot to lower the world's population, the nun pointed out that the Austrian branch of one U.S. supplier, Baxter International Inc., sent a vaccine that was "unintentionally" contaminated with deadly bird flu virus (as well as the seasonal flu virus, which is used in regular shots) to sixteen laboratories in Europe. Two viruses in one vaccine. Why? And not irradiated to reduce the potency, as is usually the practice. This was discovered only when a researcher in Czechoslovakia decided to test the vaccine on ferrets and all the lab animals died.

That's potentially significant because while regular seasonal flu can spread very quickly, it is rarely deadly, which is also true of the current strain of H1N1 swine flu.

But bird flu, or H5N1 -- which doesn't transmit as readily -- is deadly in sixty percent of those who do contract it.

How could a company with strict safety protocols possibly make such a huge blunder, questioned Sister Forcades (and many others)?

Was it "human error," as a Baxter spokesman said -- an accident -- or a conspiracy, wondered the nun, to create a new deadly bug by mixing a highly transmissible virus with a deadly one (opening the possibility for a gene swap and a mutated virus that was fast-spreading and fatal)?

That can certainly occur (genes are reshuffled between  viruses every year), but the question was why any surreptitious group or corporation would orchestrate a swine flu pandemic when the deadly Baxter vaccine was for regular seasonal flu. Moreover, no one making such charges had access to Baxter's protocols and thus could not know exactly how likely or unlikely such an accident was. It is too early to hurl accusations.

But there was confusion over how so much of the vaccine could be contaminated (not just a small vial, but 72 kilos) and it fit in with what many conspiracists have feared: that pharmaceutical companies seeking profits by causing a larger epidemic or perhaps in cahoots with elite bankers and "illuminati" types (especially those linked to Rockefeller foundations, or the Bilderberg Group), as well as governments seeking a "new world order," would unleash a new virus similar to what killed between twenty and a hundred million people in the 1918-1920 "Spanish flu" pandemic (which took the lives of two young Fatima seers).

While a number of Sister Forcades' facts are highly debatable -- and while her stand on feminism-abortion severely diminishes her soap box -- the nun-physician nonetheless raises a number of concerns that need to be addressed along with other questions that we will seek to address by going a bit deeper than her video.

Many of the questions involve the military.

We can start with the fact that the great 1918 pandemic actually did not start in Spain but rather in the United States -- at a military base, Fort Riley in Kansas. At least, that's the first place it was documented (there is still debate over its origins).

The 1918 flu was a strain of H1N1 -- different than the new strain, but one reason why authorities act with urgency. The 1918 H1N1 affected every continent and even Eskimos in the Arctic.

After disappearing by the 1950s, the next time H1N1 appeared in a detectable way was in 1976 -- this time at an army facility called Fort Dix in New Jersey. Alarmed officials vaccinated 48 million people.

One might ask, if a conspiracy is involved in vaccines, and if H1N1 is orchestrated, why the vaccination of 1976 did not cause a holocaust. In fact, it appeared simply to be an over-reaction to a class of flu that hearkened back to the incredibly deadly 1918 variant. Any time H1N1 is brought up, authorities are justifiably alarmed. They know that a simple mutation could turn it fatal.

But there remains the question of why military bases have been involved (one could argue, perhaps, that soldiers are simply tested better), as well as the fact that the origin of what is now known as the A/NewJersey/76 H1NI bug at Fort Dix remains unexplained.

After an absence of twenty years, where did it come from? Why a military base where there were no pigs?

There is also this fact:

In 1977 the virus appeared in northeast China.

No one knows where that outbreak originated, but according to New Scientist, the virus -- known in this new instance as "Russian flu" -- looked like an H1N1 that circulated in the Soviet Union during the 1950s and was suspected by some as having escaped in a Soviet laboratory accident.

In other words, there is reason to wonder if H1N1 in some forms is a biological warfare agent.

These facts are enough to justify an investigation into the military's involvement with H1N1 (as well as the concerns of people like Sister Forcades). Those searching for a conspiracy might point out that the 1976 outbreak in the U.S. came two years after an incredible memorandum issued as a top-secret federal policy proposal under President Richard Nixon in April of 1974 and entitled "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." Known also as National Security Study Memorandum 200, it was made official U.S. policy by President Gerald Ford in 1975, a year before the H1NI eruption.

The memorandum was written by Henry Kissinger (long a Rockefeller associate, as well as a key Bilderberg member) and called for population reduction in certain third-world countries [see our previous story]. A national security advisor, Kissinger argued that the world population needed to be reduced by 500 million by the year 2000 (in order to secure America's security).

That, of course, has not happened -- there has been no decimation of any population; the numbers continue to grow-- but little consolation is taken in the fact that another Bilderberg member, Prince Philip of England, said in the forward for a book in 1986 that if there were such a thing as reincarnation, he might come back as a virus to reduce the population.

The concerns -- wild on the surface -- also spring from secret sterilization programs in nations like Brazil.

In the early 1990s, the Rockefeller Foundation funded a program to develop a vaccine that caused abortions. According to the Global Vaccine Institute, the World Health Organization "oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines," reports author F. William Engdahl, with a vaccine that caused miscarriages. In other words, besides protecting against a microbe (in this case tetanus), the injection led negative reproductive effects. The vaccine reportedly included a hormone (hCG) critical in maintaining a pregnancy. Combined with a tetanus vaccine, this hormone caused a woman's body to turn against both tetanus and the crucial hormone, rendering the woman incapable of maintaining an unborn child.

The vaccine was given only to women of child-bearing age.

That was discovered by a Catholic lay organization. And it caused a number of people to wonder -- justifiably -- if governments, para-governmental organizations, or private corporations might be attempting to orchestrate pandemics for their own reasons.

It is simply a question, at this stage. And one must be cautious in casting aspersions.

Baxter is not owned by the Rockefellers, and no officers, or board members, have a prior history with Rockefeller groups, so far as we can tell (although Baxter's founder had an association with Harold H. Loucks, a surgeon with the Rockefeller Foundation's Peking Union Medical College).

But there is the need for much more investigation.

Especially pertinent may be those adjuvants or additives.

For one of the adjuvants used in the current swine-flu vaccine is squalene.

Squalene is an oil that was also employed on soldiers at Fort Dix (without their informed consent) in 1951.

Sister Focades and others believe it was behind "Gulf War syndrome" -- strange illnesses that have plagued veterans inoculated against anthrax (although others deny its use in that vaccine).

Whatever the case, injecting an oil directly into the blood system -- or any foreign matter -- is a health risk.

Have compulsory vaccinations materialized, as feared by people like Sister Forcades? Not for the moment. Is there as yet any indication that the new vaccine is causing illness? Not yet, although some claim possible miscarriages. Has anyone ever really tried to spread viruses in the general public -- through vaccines?

Here the plot thickens. For as the World Health Organization itself has admitted: "in Europe, some manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so-called 'mock-up' vaccine. Mock-up vaccines contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations and thus mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus. Such advance studies can greatly expedite regulatory approval."


It has been a practice with some companies to release pandemic viruses into the population in order to get a jump ahead of the real pandemic (that is, to fast-track approval of a vaccine).

If true, this is enormously dangerous -- and becomes suspect.

Moreover, there are experts -- including a United Nations scientist -- who believe the new swine flu virus has "vectors" suggesting it was manufactured as a biological warfare weapon.

That scientist also believed that Ebola and HIV had been genetically engineered (a claim that on its face seems absurd), and others have argued -- perhaps wildly -- that the same was true for West Nile virus (which seemed to have a peculiar affinity for spreading along Interstate 95 coming from New York, after import from the Middle East). More substantial have been concerns that Lyme disease leaked from a secret military facility on Plum Island off Long Island (across from Lyme, Connecticut), a facility that allegedly had connections to biological weapons research at Fort Detrick in Maryland -- which in its turn was connected to Fort Dix. Meanwhile, brain infections related to "mad cow disease" have been cited near military facilities in western states.

There was also SARS, along with bird flu, in Asia. Have we already forgotten those outbreaks?

"Many are increasingly suspicious that these are directed towards Asian populations, with SARS and H5N1 (bird flu) first appearing in Guangdong, where the People's Liberation Army has large bioweapons labs," frets one website.

Eleven outbreaks of H5N1 were reported worldwide in June 2008 in China, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam -- three of which had been cited in the Kissinger memo (which according to Engdahl targeted India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Colombia, as well as Brazil).

Ukraine_Mystery_FluBear with us a moment longer.

Recently, a great stir occurred when an alleged Israeli microbiologist and MOSSAD agent, Joseph Moshe, supposedly was apprehended in forceful fashion and sent back to Israel (allegedly not heard from since) after calling a live radio show and claiming that the swine flu vaccine -- produced by Baxter -- indeed was tainted, a bioweapon disguised as a vaccination, with an adjuvant to weaken the immune system and genetic material replicated from the 1918 pandemic (the code for which was unraveled when scientists found samples in frozen a Eskimo corpse and other Alaskan bodies that carried the virus from decades ago).

We have not been able to confirm Moshe's identity. Reportedly, three months ago, he predicted that the engineered pandemic would begin in Ukraine -- which last week was the focus of headlines pronouncing a major outbreak. Nearly half the people were stalking the streets of one major city, Kiev, wearing surgical masks, according to one report.

Some of this is blog material. Some has hit the mainstream press. We do know for certain that Ukraine called for help. Was it just the same flu afflicting many elsewhere? 

"It would be an understatement to say that the people of Ukraine are moving into full panic mode," said another report. "Ukrainian authorities are unclear that this outbreak is the same as or, even, a close variant of the Swine Flu now sweeping over the planet. Maybe it is just a lethal mutation. Likely not, however. They are calling it both a viral pneumonia and bacteriological hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms mimic those of Swine Flu, though on steroids. People die with their lungs dissolving almost overnight, filled with fluids and blood. This is the exact, same pattern as followed by the 1917-18 Spanish Flu, which struck down the healthiest among the population, those with the strongest immune systems. The ramp-up over the summer has been identical to 1917, too."

We must note that Baxter has a facility in Kiev.

Unfortunately, the media is now too preoccupied with shouting matches between liberals and conservatives to practice actual investigative journalism and get to the truth of such matters; we are now subject to infotainment -- with little in the way of new facts emerging on television or on the radio, while the internet is filled with material that is difficult to verify.

The same sites with articles about Moshe also run articles with stories hinting, for example, that Michael Jackson may still be alive. Too often, it seems the stuff of tabloids and the conspiracy fringe.

Still, there is unsettlement.

Someday, perhaps, someone will have the resources and time to investigate why all these scientists, and these too, have turned up dead -- many of them connected to medical research. In most cases, it is not suspicious. But several involved in microbiology, biotechnology, or infectious disease warrant real attention.

In all fairness, let us remember that facts can be distorted to form any conspiracy.

This does not serve the truth.

It discredits legitimate concern.

Not everything is a plot.

But something is amiss in the whole history of influenza, and the involvement of military forces around the world, along with pharmaceutical companies, needs to be looked at afresh, and with urgency.

Paranoia? How far can one go with it? If there is any truth to it, might population reduction one day also be directed at the West? Or to provoke martial law?

And then there are the spiritual metaphors. In the aftermath of mad-cow disease several years back, Pope John Paul II lamented that the greatest danger of ecological disaster (leading to disease) can ultimately be traced to "man's sin."

Strangely, two days before the 1918 flu outbreak at Fort Riley, there was a miasma when manure caught fire and a threatening black sky had turned the sun dark.

The same miasmas could be cited before outbreak in the Middle Ages of bubonic plague. 

Will the sun darken again?

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