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While the hue and cry over swine flu and vaccinations in general have waned, deep-seated questions remain, along with mysteries.

For example: is it possible, as some have alleged, that HIV  -- the virus that causes AIDS -- came from a vaccination?

Most think not -- that it jumped from chimps to humans by way of bush meat taken by European hunters who had ravaged wildlife in deep Africa. Did those consuming the meat consume the virus and help mutate it? In primates, it is known as "simian immunodeficiency virus" (or SIV).

Others believe that HIV was transferred via "medical interventions" -- oral polio vaccines given to people in the Belgian Congo and Rwanda-Urundi during the late 1950s. To be reproduced, live polio vaccine needs to be cultivated in living tissue, and it was the belief of some that the vaccine was grown in kidney cells taken from local chimps infected with SIV.

That theory loses steam, however, when it is pointed out that HIV does not normally transfer through the digestive tract (remember, this was an oral vaccination) and when it is considered that the monkey kidneys were not from the kind harboring the specific SIV virus.

Still others have seen a sinister plot.

"Some say that HIV is a 'conspiracy theory' or that it is 'man-made,'" says a website running down various theories. "A recent survey carried out in the U.S., for example, identified a significant number of African Americans who believe HIV was manufactured as part of a biological warfare program, designed to wipe out large numbers of black and homosexual people. Many say this was done under the auspices of the U.S. federal 'Special Cancer Virus Program,' possibly with the help of the CIA. Linked in to this theory is the belief that the virus was spread (either deliberately or inadvertently) to thousands of people all over the world through the smallpox inoculation program, or to gay men through hepatitis B vaccine trials."

While it's impossible to definitively disprove such suspicions, the evidence given to back them up is usually based upon supposition and speculation, and ignores the established link between SIV and HIV -- as well as the fact that the virus is not recent but has been identified in people as far back as the late 1950s.

Meanwhile, there are claims, also unproved, that the gigantic outbreak of influenza in 1918-1920 that killed between twenty and a hundred million worldwide (including two Fatima seers) came by accident when a vaccination engineered by scientists linked with the Rockefeller Foundation was created by taking the virus from human pus, using egg cultures that may have been infected with avian flu, and incubating the virus in pigs, which led to that strain of "swine flu."

Could it really be true that vaccinations have contributed to modern epidemics? Perhaps.

But in most cases, the greatest likelihood is that pandemics erupted by way of viruses and bacteria that mutated as they passed between species and animals or people within the species.

Is there a spiritual element to it?

There is if any are ever tied to attempts at population reduction (as seemed the cases with tetanus vaccinations), or when -- as in the case of the Black Death -- a pandemic appears to be part of a great chastisement (see the article we ran on the bubonic plague two weeks ago).

In France, at LaSalette, the Blessed Mother specifically warned of a coming food shortage and plague as a chastisement for irreverence in the late 1800s. (That was followed by the great Irish potato famine and the spread among those malnourished of great sickness.)

Could we see a repeat? Do our times parallel historic ones just before a chastisement?

"I read with great interest your two-part history of the medieval chastisement and the Black Death," wrote Jim Rickards of Darien, Connecticut. "It raises interesting parallels to the overall decadence of society and the risk of pandemic today. The parallel may be stronger than you realize. 

"Immediately prior to the Black Death in Europe (1347-1350), there was a financial panic and economic collapse of unprecedented scale. This began in 1345 in Florence and involved the two largest banking organizations of the time: the House of Bardi and the House of Peruzzi. 

"The Bardi and Peruzzi could be thought of as the Citibank and Goldman Sachs of Europe at that time. They both collapsed for complicated reasons mainly having to do with the default on debts by King Edward III of England as a result of the outbreak of the Hundred Years War between England and France. After the financial panic of 1345, a general depression spread over Europe which involved higher unemployment, abandoned farms, lower agricultural output, reduced trade, etcetera. Some scholars speculate that the depression caused poorer nutrition which may have contributed to the spread of plague which arrived just two years later. The collapse of the Bardi and Peruzzi is well documented with many articles from scholarly sources available. So, there you have it: A financial collapse of unprecedented proportions (1345) followed two years later by the worst pandemic ever (1347-50). Today we have the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, although my analysis is that it will get much worse before it abates so that, in time, it may actually be worse than the Great Depression. We'll have to see how that evolves. I thought this might be an interesting expansion to your original article on the chastisement."

"I just finished your article on the Black Death," wrote Jim Carroll. "Wow. Very enlightening, and something I'm going to be passing around. Based on this article, there are two books that I strongly urge you to read:

"The first one is by a science fiction writer named Connie Willis. She wrote a time-travel book called The Doomsday Book, about a historian from the University of Oxford in England who is mistakenly sent to the wrong time. Instead of going to England in 1328, she is sent there in 1348, at the beginning of the Black Death. Unfortunately, she can't return because shortly after she was sent, an influenza epidemic hits Oxford, and the time-travel center is shut down. The story oscillates between descriptions of the Plague in 1348 and the influenza -- in 2054. 

"The second book is one I just finished reading, One Second After, by William R. Forstchen, and it tells what happens to a small town in North Carolina and how life is irrevocably changed starting one second after America is hit with an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) attack. As horrific as the descriptions of life during the plague are, this is worse. Mostly because the effects are preventable, but we're not doing anything to prevent them. If you are lucky (as the people in the book are), your area might experience only fifty percent die-off within the first sixty days, with a total of eighty percent die-off after the winter. If those numbers seem high to you, just imagine how many diabetics will live once no more insulin is being made and the present supplies are either used up or go bad due to lack of refrigeration. How much non-perishable food do you have stored up for you and your family?"

Without the protection of God, many things could come. Let's get back to vaccinations.

They need to be closely watched. They need to be discerned. It is pointed out, however, that they have prevented much past illness. Some believe the specific pathogens that caused the Black Death could not repeat today, due to modern medicine.

Let's hope we don't have to test that theory.

"The headline about vaccinations was quite interesting, especially the point about no autism in the Amish community," added a final viewer named Mary about older vaccines. "Fascinating! I understand the moral reluctance to take mump vaccines because of the aborted stems cells, but as someone who got mumps a year before the vaccine existed, I wouldn't recommend not taking the vaccine.

"Mumps leaves children, as it did me, half deaf and takes some hearing away in the 'good' ear too. In adulthood hearing decreases rather dramatically and it is only because of the state disabilities services available to help pay for excellent, top of the line, truly professional hearing aid technology that it is possible to avoid poverty level employment for life. And that's in the United States.

"Sometimes we forget that we have the luxury to be moralistic about vaccinations, but a mother in a third-world country would certainly not feel the same way about mumps or measles vaccinations."

We are told that edible vaccines, as genetically-modified foods, are on the way. Meat and Poultry, a business journal for meat and poultry processors, reports in a May 5, 2009 article that researchers at Iowa State University are working on creating a method to install vaccines into corn crops.

"We're trying to figure out which genes from the swine influenza virus to incorporate into corn," stated Hank Harris, a researcher on the project. "If a swine flu virus breaks out, the corn could be shipped to the location to try to vaccinate animals and humans in the area quickly. . . . there is no need for extensive vaccine purification, which can be an expensive process."

That way, noted one commentator, even corn products, including corn chips and corn syrup, which is ubiquitous in processed foods, can serve as vaccination vehicles for humans while the corn itself is fed to hogs. Starting in 1996, bananas have been considered as a vaccination vehicle for developing countries. "Keep in mind," adds the commentator, "that this will be genetically engineered, or GMO (genetically modified organisms), so you won't know where and when it will show up on the food shelves."

That sounds dangerous.

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