Spiritual Dangers of the 21st Century, by Fr. Joseph M. Esper, a powerful look at the way evil is attacking -- from societal issues like the microchip, monitoring, genetic manipulation, possible martial law, and New Age to personal attacks on the family by demons that in some cases may come through the popular culture or down through generations! A rare, candid, controversial look by a priest  who has also written on the anti-christ.   CLICK HERE



There are times and periods when the "veil" between the natural and the supernatural seems especially thin. They say it's like a partition that scrolls and opens unto itself (at least as viewed from the "other side"). There's an intersection.

There are times of day:

At three p.m. -- the Mercy Hour -- many prayers seem to be answered. It is a special time.

There is the antithesis of that: three a.m.:

Many wake up precisely at that moment with the urge to pray -- either because they experience a heavenly presence or an evil one. Different spirits seem to move (including the deceased).

Some claim it's because three a.m. is when occultists, having initiated rituals at midnight, conclude them and release dark spirits. Many things seem to occur at the hour: healings, attacks, deaths (holy and otherwise). Others say it gets back to the night-time version of Mercy. Whatever the case, the middle of the night seems when we can best pray.

There are also -- obviously -- times of the year when the veil seems thin -- and Halloween, along with All Souls' Day, is among them.

Occultists may thin the veil with their rituals, but let's concentrate on the help we can offer the departed -- who can see us (Mary once said) when we pray.

There are also periods in history:

It's hard to peg a particular pattern. One "veil thinning" time seemed to be the time of Moses (see: the Ten Commandments).

Another, for sure, was the time of Jesus. How thin the veil was with Him! (See the Voice from the sky during the Transfiguration.)

There may also have been a "thinning" during an eruption of mysticism in the high Middle Ages (just before the bubonic plague). Many were the prophecies. Many also were the dark phenomena.

Our current time is also a time when there is an historic parting -- noted with the eruption, since 1830, of major Marian appearances.

Once more, alas, it is perhaps also noted in the eruption of evil.

The Blessed Mother was quoted as saying that our time is a time during which the devil has been allowed to exercise his full force (she called it "the hour of the power of the devil") and show his "shameful face" and the presence of evil indeed shows itself more boldly than ever across the breadth of our popular culture. Think of it. Think of how blatant it has become.

Occultists no longer practice in the dark -- and certainly not just on Halloween.

Salem is now a year-round attraction.

There, and on Halloween, the faces of evil seem to come right through the "veil," don't they? Just masks, of course. Right? If nothing else some of them uncannily represent the dark side. The faces seem to come right out and at us!

From heavy-metal posters to vampire shows to ghost hunters to movies to TV to the internet to supermarket magazines to what is worn and seen in public:

If nothing else, we can say we are in a time when evil is showing itself and many people are showing themselves for who they really are.

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