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Down in Brazil, which we may be visiting soon, at an apparition site associated with Itaparinga, which has formal Church approval, a recent message from the Blessed Mother says, "My children, pray for the families. Satan would bring major conflicts, blood, and war. Pray for peace and offer sacrifices to God for the hearts of those who have only hatred and do not know how to forgive, to be converted, and to repent of their sins."

That was April 20, 2013. The messages and apparitions were actually approved only up to 1998 [see our previous story]. Any after 1998 are "alleged." But on occasion we check to follow what Mary reputedly is granting to a man named Edson Glauber, who lives along the Amazon and who, if nothing else, has messages synopsizing our time; on April 11, he says he had two visions:

"The first of a beautiful angel coming down from Heaven, huge, the Archangel Michael, dressed all in white," Glauber reports. "His garments shone much and he stood in the middle of the Atlantic. It seemed that the land was too small for it was as if it merely touched his feet from one end to the other. He held a spear and when positioned with his feet on the ground he struck his spear into the waters of the ocean, causing the waters to rise slightly, curling. Then I saw another vision: a human heart that was full inside, as if heavy and dark, almost as if rotten, and I saw a hand that came up and opened the heart as easily as if it sliced through. I saw out of it a lot of dark black stones that were destroying it and realized that was the heart of those who do not live their faith and turned away from God's holy living. We intercede for the very opening of hardened hearts. It is urgent to pray for them! Many are walking on the road of sins of impurity and adultery."

And so it is, in our time, as we look at the shocking news in the world, this month of Fatima, that we recall the words of seer Sister Lucia dos Santos, who described the state of mankind as that of "diabolic disorientation."

It is disorientation when we worry so much about abuse of our young and yet care not a whit for infants who necks are snipped at late-term abortion clinics -- who are left to die in toilet bowls, whose remains plug disposal pipelines or are kept in jugs in refrigerators; who are strangled or suffocated if they survive abortion attempts. This all in the news. It is disorientation: the murder trials in America, the kidnappings in Ohio, the trial of a horrific abortionist in Philadelphia. It is "disorientation": that we may be putting the Ohio kidnapper on trial for murder in the way of miscarriages among young women he forced -- by punching -- to abort, while elsewhere abortionists kill babies in a similarly dastardly way with full sanction of the law. It is disorientation: that homosexuals now marry and adopt children; up until the 1960s, open homosexuality in most states was illegal. We are upside down. The Church is attacked for an abuse crisis by the same folks who promote homosexuality and want gays as adoptive parents and Scout masters (when it is gays who have caused the abuse crisis). A disorientation it is that the Church could be accused both of being too easy on homosexual abusers and at the same time of something called "homophobia."

In this midst of this, somehow, comes peace: knowing the Blessed Mother is here; understanding now why she has been, for so long.

"Love, love, love to belong to the kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of my love," said a previous message to Edson on April 30. "Do not be afraid of the world. If the world hates you it is because you belong to me and are listening to my pleas. The world will not give them peace, but only my merciful Heart. The world can not cure them, but only my love.

"I, your Heavenly Mother and Queen of the Rosary of Peace, come and ask you to live united with the love of my Son Jesus, so that your hearts may be healed and delivered from all evil.

"My children, if you want to be of God you must learn to renounce the world and all that is not pleasing to his Divine Heart.

"Decide for the kingdom of Heaven, decide for holiness ... Open your hearts now...  for Jesus has prepared a source of graces and blessings for those who open their hearts to His love. Enjoy all these graces for their salvation and the salvation of their families."

In Acts, from today's reading (5/10/13), we hear that "one night while Paul was in Corinth, the Lord said to him in a vision, 'Do not be afraid. Go on speaking, and do not be silent, for I am with you. No one will attack and harm you, for I have many people in this city.'" [18:9-18].

"My children," Mary allegedly tells Edson, "the world is contaminated by many sins and is increasingly being corrupted. Intercede, plead for God's mercy for their brothers who do not want to know the works of heaven, and do not stop to think about it in eternity. Help my children away to return to the right path. Many are wasting the graces of Heaven. Many are wasting your time with useless things and the evil deeds that only lead to hellfire. I'll be back myself manifesting in the Amazon for many years, but many of my children are still deaf and closed heart. No doubt! Pray for peace, pray for the families and for the conversion of sinners. O sinners ... sinners O my sons! ... Come back to God, because time is running out."

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