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When we're ready to visit a city our thoughts naturally turn to aspects of the locale, and the Washington D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area has its share of spiritual befuddlements. Are there even occult secrets?

There are those who believe that earthbound spirits abound -- especially in the White House.

Jenna Bush and Hillary Clinton are among the most recent to claim they were spooked; Jenna told a network show that she and her sister heard music as if from olden times coming from a fireplace. Many say that Lincoln haunts the place. The most famous witness to that was Winston Churchill -- who after climbing out of a bath while visiting claimed to have seen the legendary president standing there in the Lincoln Bedroom. (Afterward, he refused to stay there.)

Many, many people have asserted similar things, including Secret Service agents who have heard sounds or seen a door open and close (of its own volition).

Nor is it just D.C. Southern Maryland has more than its share, including -- at least it is said -- the house of one Dr. Samuel Mudd in Beantown, where John Wilkes Booth rested during his visit to Dr. Mudd after killing the President.

For our amusement -- or discernment? Ditto for Surrat's House Museum in Clinton.

Ghosts of the Civil War?

Try Sharpsburg.

We're not sure what to believe about all that (although we do believe that some spirits do their purgatories on earth, or become earthbound, or are allowed to send signs here; saints said the same).

In northern Virginia they claim the theatre of a high school in Arlington is haunted and in Alexandria it's the Woodlawn Plantation, or the Ramsey House (where people claim to see apparitions in the costume of the day) or the site of an ante-bellum plantation mansion (where a hospital is now situated). Don't bother seeking such things out; we strongly advise against visiting places because they are "haunted" (and even warn against all those ghost-hunter shows).

Ghosts? Or in some cases, is it the demonic (when it isn't the imagination)? How often do we pray for poor souls?

"The Hay-Adams is among the top-rated luxury hotels in the world, but it's also allegedly home to a lingering resident, the ghost of Clover Adams, the wife of Henry Adams, a descendant of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, who took her own life in 1885," noted a Chicago newspaper when the Obamas planned to stay there when they first arrived in Washington. When they got to the White House, Michelle spoke about hearing strange noises in the hallway outside their bedroom, awakening both her and the president (allegedly).

That's the "spirit" aspect. Then we go a bit further afield and note those who see the occult in the very foundational designs and architecture of the nation's capital.

A column this week in The Washington Post has focused on Ronald Reagan's alleged interest in mysterious numbers and the connection between our nation's foundation and ancient societies.

That's also something taken up by a Christian prophecy personality named Thomas Horn, who goes so far as to say that "Washington D.C. was designed as a symbol of the Rosicrucian dream shared by its builders: that America would become the New Atlantis and eventually lead the world into a restored Golden Age of Osiris." Rosicrucians are an occult, New Age group linked to Freemasonry, and Osiris was the historic Egyptian pagan god of regeneration and rebirth.

"This mostly unfamiliar facts is what legendary Freemason, Manly P. Hall, called 'the secret destiny of America,'" asserts Dr. Horn. "It is a vision mirrored in the design of the streets, government buildings, and other artifacts important to the founding of the United States, including the Great Seal, where the phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum is prominent. In his second inaugural address, George W. Bush said of this phrase that when the founders of America placed it on the Great Seal, 'They were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.'" Horn says that phrase is derived from the prophecies of the Cumaean Sibyl, a prophetess of Apollo (who he says is the Greek version of Osiris).

Is the Washington Monument an occult obelisk -- as obelisks were in ancient times (representing the sun god Ra)? Is it really 6,660 inches tall (555 feet) and 666 feet (55.5 feet) wide? Is that simply happenstance?

According to the National Park Service, the monument actually is 555-foot 5 and 1/8 inches, which comes out to 6,665. (What about that "5"?) Meanwhile, the width of its sides are not uniform; they vary, so it's not all 666 inches, except in approximation (some sides are 55 feet and 1 inches, not the required 55.5).

Thus we have to be cautious about esoteric theories. Yet, there are oddities. Horn claims that a Bible was placed in a "magic binding square" in the monument as a ritual to block its power while allowing the pagan forces of ancient symbols to predominate.

"When you look at the D.C, layout with an understanding of ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek, Kabbalistic, and Rosicrucian magic, and how the pagans used vertical and horizontal positioning of their structures, streets, temples, symbols, and lines to represent the supernatural connection between heavenly (vertical) and earthly (horizontal) powers, the entire scene in Washington not only becomes transparent, but reveals volumes," he asserts.

This may give a bit more credit to the architects than they deserve (beware imputing too much hidden genius), but we'll keep it in mind, and especially this thing whereby he says there are 72 "pentagrams" around the Heaven in the Capitol's dome.

That we had not heard before. Are they really meant as "pentagrams" (as in satanism) -- or are they just stars (similar to those on the flag)? There is no question of a Masonic influence, but how far to go with it? To be yet more esoteric, Apollo, he notes, was the son of Jupiter (Zeus), and Jupiter "was the Roman replacement of Yahweh as the greatest of gods -- a 'counter-Yahweh.' His son Apollo is a replacement of Jesus, a 'counter-Jesus.'"

If nothing else, food for cerebration. Are there forces that bind the nation's capital? What "generational issues" does it (like every region) have?

When it comes to architecture, we must remember that through history much of our society has maintained ancient designs without intending the original occultism (see the widespread use of pyramids, for example, and also the Vatican, which has a prominent obelisk), at the same time that we exercise what a chiseled saying in Washington says: eternal vigilance.

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[Michael Brown retreat, May 8, Silver Spring, Md.]

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