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Did you ever wonder how much the Blessed Mother knew?

We all know she was told she would give birth to a special Child -- a virgin birth; we know she was told her heart would be pierced; we know that she and Joseph were warned when to flee to Egypt.

The Bible tells us a number of instances in which the Holy Parents were instructed by Heaven -- but how far did it go? How much did Mary know about the life of her Child? Did He explain everything to her as He was growing up?

Did Joseph have more dreams than those that Scripture records? Did Mary too have dreams? Did He tell her about the miracles He would perform -- the wine, the multiplication of loaves, the healings, the walking on water -- and did He detail to her what would occur at the Cross? Did Mary know the full Divinity of her Son -- His incredible unity with God?

We might speculate that she knew quite a bit about the Crucifixion -- and also that He would resurrect -- by what seems like her composure at Calvary. At least, there are no renditions of her weeping and certainly not hysterical. Mystics have various accounts. While she was surely sorrowful, it seems that if she had "lost it," if she has grabbed for Him, if she had fainted in a swoon, we would somehow know of it.

So what had she been prepared for -- what did she know?

We know that as a Child Jesus astonished the elders and priests and scholars; would He not have imparted similar knowledge to Mary and Joseph?

What about Joseph? In the afterlife, we'll be able to see the entire picture. Won't it be wonderful to know more about him?

It makes for conversation and contemplation and brings us to the reminder that God is the One Who instructs us best -- not even our own reason, and certainly not our "scholars."

"I am He Who teaches a man wisdom and gives more understanding to humble persons than can be given by man's teaching," said the Lord in a true classic, The Imitation of Christ. "And he to whom I speak will soon become wise and will advance much in spirit; but pain and woe will be to those who seek only for curious learning, taking little heed of the way to serve God.

"The time will come when Christ, Lord of angels and Master of all masters, will appear to hear the lesson of every creature and to examine the conscience of every person. And then will Jerusalem, that is, every man's soul, be searched with lanterns and lights of God's high knowledge and just judgments. Then, also, will the deeds and thoughts of every man be revealed and all excuses and all vain arguments. I am He Who also suddenly illuminates and lifts up a humble soul, so that it can take and receive in short time the true reason of the wisdom of God more perfectly than another who studies ten years in the schools and lacks humility. I teach without sound of words, without diversity of opinions, without desire for honor, and without strife or arguments."

"Through the interior love they had for Me some men learned many great things and spoke of the high mysteries of My Godhead. They profit more in forsaking all things than in studying for high and subtle learning. To some men I speak ordinary things; to some, special things. To some I appear sweetly in signs and symbols; to some I give great understanding of Scripture and open to them high, secret mysteries. There are in books the same voice and the same letters read, but they do not instruct all people alike, for I am within, secretly hidden in the letter, the Teacher of truth, the Searcher of man's heart, the Knower of thoughts, the Promoter of good works, and the Rewarder of all men, as My wisdom and goodness judge them to have deserved, and in no other way."


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