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A priest recently pointed out that in ancient times, it was believed that human life went through four stages: childhood, adulthood, married life, and life in the forest. That is, older people wandered into the trees and grew united with the Lord, receiving visions, dreams, and words from Heaven for the younger. It brings to mind a message from Medjugorje wherein the Blessed Mother allegedly said that if we pray enough -- if we are in close enough union with God -- we will not even feel the passage from this world to the next.

That's quite a promise, and it is noted that at least two visionaries (from this place that is as yet without formal Church approbation) have consistently described the great pain and difficulty in returning to the normal world after an apparitions, for it is like they are temporarily plucked from our reality and taken to another.

It is a portrayal that fits descriptions of Heaven from those who have near-death experiences, for those who have "died" and returned likewise describe how hard it is to readjust.

In fact, most of those who return say they did not want to, that going back into the physical body was like putting on dirty clothes. It even puts them in a depression.

One of the most poignant recollections of this difficulty comes from Bobby Brunson, a South Carolina railroad worker who, as stated in a previous article, was fatally struck by lightning.

"You don't realize how imperfect this world is until you experience Creation in perfection," writes Bobby (with wife Kay) in When Lightning Strikes about his ride home from the hospital -- which should have been joyous (he had survived!) but instead caused him depression. "The contrast of the streets of gold with black asphalt was a harsh reminder that I wasn't in Heaven anymore. Everything I looked at took me deeper and deeper into a hole that would try to consume me and my family. In the hospital, all I could think of was telling everyone I knew about what had happened to me and the reality of Heaven. Now I was being slapped in the face with the harsh reality that I was not in Heaven anymore, and I probably wouldn't be going back anytime soon."

When Kay asked Bobby what was wrong (after all, shouldn't he be happy), he kept looking at the imperfection of our fallen world -- the dirty buildings, streets, cars, and the hazy sky, so unlike the brilliant immaculate nature of the hereafter.

Even spotting a speck of dirt upset him.

Intriguing too was his alleged encounter, during his "death (for 28 minutes he had no heartbeat or blood pressure), with Jesus. Bobby says the Lord told him, "I'm coming back sooner than you think." When his wife wanted to know more about how Heaven looked, he said, "Kay, that's not important. We think we have a lot of time but we don't!" She says "he would hold his hands far apart and say, 'We think we have this much time,' then he would put them really close until they were almost touching, 'but we only have this much.'"

Perhaps this was why Bobby -- despite his wanting to stay in Heaven -- was sent back (along with describing Heaven and caring for his family). "I can honestly tell you, from my experience, that Heaven exists," he writes, while Kay adds:

"If you afraid of dying, wonder about Heaven, or can't visualize your loved one with Jesus, then this is the book for you to read.  Bobby shares his story with people in churches, hospitals, civic meetings, and any occasion that may present itself. Thousands have seen the expression of joy on his face when he talks about Jesus. This is a message of hope for the terminally ill, a message of peace for those whose loved ones have passed on, and a book filled with his anticipation of seeing Our Lord again."


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