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From The Mailbag: An Omen In Clouds Before 9/11

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I wish to relate an extraordinary event that occurred at Palm Springs California at sunset of September 10, 2001. My roommate (Dan) and I decided to drive downtown for dinner. It was an agreeably warm and clear evening. Driving west in the direction of San Jacinto Mountain, We suddenly observed unusual dark-gray rays of the sun emerging from behind the mountain.  Maybe we witnessed the bold rays before, but this time our attention was upon the odd and powerful display in the sky.


We returned home from dinner an hour later (6:45 p.m.).  My roommate exited the garage and gazed back at the sky.  Hurry--Look!  In the area where we observed the powerful dark rays of the sun, was an immense cloud formation in the shape of two towers, one of which was slightly smaller than the other. The larger of the two appeared three-dimensional revealing swirling shades of black, gray, and brown.  At the base of each tower (the cloud) were what appeared to be gray talons that swept down grasping the horizon.  Between the two “towers” was a string of dazzling silver that strangely connected the two. The shocking display set behind the most exceptional crystal-blue sky.  Dan thought it was an ominous and disturbing sign.  I agreed, and had never witnessed such a bizarre formation. Yet it seemed more than just a curious cloud: an actual vision. I looked around to see if anyone else was watching, but saw no one. We gazed for a solid five minutes but the formation failed to move or change.  Eventually, we went inside only to return about ten minutes later, but the spectacle had transformed into a dark gray formless haze.


The following morning (6:30 a.m.), Dan raced into my room, “Wake-up--something happened…! “, and muttered about the World Trade Center.  He turned on the TV and before us were the New York Twin Towers, with one ablaze.  We looked at each other dumbfounded. It was exactly what we witnessed the night before, two towers! That morning I went to church and asked if anyone had seen it.  A woman said her mother tried to get the family’s attention about something remarkable in the sky but were too busy watching TV.  The following day I checked the local newspaper to see if anyone reported the event, or if there was a fire to explain it, but nothing was reported. Dan believed in was the contrails of two passenger jets flying from Los Angeles to the East Coast. He wondered if the contrails made by those planes had crashed into the Trade Center, who knows? But I recalled the words of the Gospel about the end times: And you shall see signs in the heavens (Luke 21-11), how true.



Paul Wagner

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