The Guardian Angels, Our Heavenly Companions, a little booklet that reveals the secrets of angels and how they guide and govern the world. It explains the many services these blessed spirits perform for us, mostly without our realizing it -- protecting souls and bodies in a way that can be both ordinary and miraculous. Fascinating examples from the lives of our holiest saints: how they defend us, how they form at Mass, how they defeat demons! CLICK HERE



Angelic Encounters: Readers Recount Experiences With 'Mysterious Strangers'

Readers Make One Thing Clear: Angels Appear As Scripture Says, As 'Strangers'

More Angel Accounts From The Jungles Of New Guinea To A Woman In Despair

From Fatima To N.Y., Readers Continue To Report The Aid Of Mysterious Strangers

Act angelic

Autistic boy saw angel

Angels over America

In Turmoil of Violence and Cyclones is the Simple Knowing That We Have Angels

Like an accordian

From The Mail: Angel Accounts Include What Seem Like Physical Manifestations

Did my nephews encounter an angel?

How did nativity angels appear -- apparitions or mysterious strangers?

However Dark Our World, Angels Split Through To Communicate In Varied Ways

The day Mother Angelica and four others encountered an angel

In Dreams, In Prayer, On The Road Are Not Just Signs Of Times But Angels Who Sing

In Good Times And Bad, There's The Watch Of Angels, And Often Their Intercession

From The Mailbag: 'I Know Angels Are Around My Son'

Angels as 'mysterious strangers' at apparition site

The Wonders Of Christmas Merge With Wonders Year Round, Including Angels

Angels As 'Mysterious Strangers': They Came To Saints In The Same Way As Today

Mail: more angel reports

Whether angels or saints, every single detail detail of our lives is under their watch

Angel Story Of The Week From Joan Wester Anderson

An Angel Story From The Mailbag

From The Mailbag: An Angel Saves A Woman And Her Baby In Fall Down Stairs

From The Mailbag: An Angel's Booming Voice

And yet more 'angels' at Medjugorje

Denzel has a guardian angel

Woman cites Rosary, angels intervening in horror at Disneyland

Guardian Angels: Seek Them In Times Of Stress And Danger 

Another angel story

'Mysterious Stranger' Offers Assistance To Teenager At Site Of A Terrible Crash

In The Galaxy Of 'Stars' Is Loretta Young And Her Account Of An Angelic Mystery

Guardian Angels: Seek Them In Times Of Stress And Danger 

Another angel story

Of Angels And Strange Old 'Women' Who Ministered Their Blessings In Manhattan

From The Mail: Did Woman Encounter Angels?

From The Mailbag: In The Present Dark Is The Potent Intervention Of Archangels

Angels at Medjugorje

When It Seems Like Angels Are Gone, It's Because They Want You To Make It To The Top

From the mailbag: 'Move over now,' said the voice

From 'Angels' To Rainbows, Current Time Remains One Of Unusual Manifestations

Maryland Priest Claims Angel Visited His Church In Full View Of Congregants


Whether Angels Or Saints, No Question They Come To Help, Often Mysteriously


Spiritual Beings Are All Around Us To Help, Especially When We Don't Know It


Mysterious Strangers: Sighting At WTC Recalls Other Alleged Angel Reports


A dad's death, Divine Mercy, and two 'mysterious strangers'


At Periphery Of Perception Are Angels Who Sometimes Show Themselves In Song


Never doubt that angels are near to you


At Periphery Of Perception Are Angels Who Sometimes Show Themselves In Song


Spiritual Beings Are All Around Us To Help, Especially When We Don't Know It


Scientist Claims That Spiritual Dimension Is Reflected In Water Crystal Structure

The Day Of The Angels Is Also The Day To Realize How They React To Our Kindness

Angels are there to rescue

Angels demonstrate power of joy

When God uses reflections light, they may look like angels

When 'strangers' are angels

When angels assist in emergencies

Angels at the beach

Angels and St. Jude in emergencies

Guardian angels: seek them in times of stress and danger

'Angel' appears in northern lights

'Angel' in lights on brink of war

More on 'angel'

Does Irish mystic really observe angels?

Woman who 'sees' angels says she was given prophecy, healing prayer

Living in 'orchestration of angels'

Angels and the 'gateway' of our perceptions

Can angels and demons read our thoughts?

Are we allowed to name our guardian angels?

Angels large and small, short and warring

More on the issue of naming one's angel

Of naming angels and discerning coincidence, 'lights' around them

From the mail: a 'beggar-angel' in San Diego

Mailbag: of angels and car trouble

Viewers recount more angelic intervention

Nowhere to be seen: more amazing angel stories

New book: a year with the angels

Calling on angels

Mailbag: deceased loved ones, angels, prophecy

From hospital corridors, accounts of angels

Occult watch: discerning 'orbs' and mysterious 'hitchhikers'

Mysterious stranger rescued a priest at airport security

Testimonies: angelic help on the highway

When God rescues us, often it's through angels

Angels, angels

Of beggars and angels and being the best that we can

Through 'veil' of eternity will be seen times the supernatural intervened for us

Dark time of year reminds us that struggles with darkness often lead to eruption into light

In Colorado whitewater: saved by a barefoot 'angel'

Angels: caught on tape?

When there are formations in the sky, sometimes they look like angels

Angels in our time? Yes, and they come during Adoration

The mailbag: angel stories

Viewers relate encounters with 'angels' and heavenly signs

Angels caught on tape?

Angel voices

Angel on an airplane

Dinner with an (actual) angel

Angels and that mysterious star


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