The Church

Bring Back The Bells: Real Need For Mass To Return to Sense of Sacredness

Is There A Message In Strike Of Lightning At August Church After Praise Dancing?

Forgotten In The Rush Of Modern Life: That The Sabbath Is To Be Kept Holy

Potency Of Mass: It Sheds The Blood Of Protection And Holds Back Chastisement

Time To Realize That Adoration Imbues Church With Special Grace In Crisis Times

Ex-seminarian: number of homosexuals 'staggering'

There's no shortage of priests; the crisis is in 'modern' dioceses 

Pio centers say canonization may occur this year but nothing definite yet

Belgian cardinal sees Pope abdication possible in 2001

Are bishops against the supernatural?

Adoration And Confession Can Combine To Bring A Potent Radiance, Purification

Medjugorje Visionaries Call Out For Far More Respect For The Priests 

Visit To Shroud Brought To Light Power Of Holy Pictures And Also Sacramentals

When You Go To Mass, Remember That It's Not Just A Ritual But The Heavenly Court

Occult Egyptian symbol drawn on front of cathedral where horrid attack occurred

It Is In Prayer And Communion That We Fly Farther In Space Than Any Astronaut

In The Strangeness Of Our Times Is Mass Reading On Final Untold Mission Of Jesus

In Times Of Confusion And 'Fog,' Head For Sacraments And The Holy Spirit Of Truth

Terrorist plot against Pope was foiled by miraculous explosion

Seer says he was told to pray for Pope

'Temple' built by Mother Angelica shows every sign of developing into major shrine

Book brings home tragedy of seminaries

Former Aide To Padre Pio Says The Saint Had Incorporated Part Of The New Mass

Elevation Of Blessed Emmerich Throws Accent On Mystical Aspects Of Church

'Mercy Sunday' Arrives At Time Of Crisis And Reminds Us Of Power Of The Liturgy

Mother Angelica suffers stroke

Mother Angelica in stable but serious condition

Mother Angelica still in serious condition

Vatican Discovery In Parking Lot Said To Confirm Burial Of Peter Under Basilica

Cardinal Rejects "Holy" War, Questions "Just" War

Link Between Statue Phenomena And Church Closings Raises Deep Questions

Will a simple phrase define Pope's trip?

Seminar With Witch Accents Dangers Of New Age And Occult In Catholic Settings

New Age Makes Huge Inroad Into Retreat Centers Operated By Catholic Nuns

Disrespect For Clergy Is Result Of Both A Secular Society And Lack Of Devotion

Disrespect For Clergy Is Result Of Both A Secular Society And Lack Of Devotion

Gorgeous New Orleans Church Accents Importance Of Statues, Relics Of Saints

Holy Night: One Of The Greatest Lessons Of Christ's Mass Is The Power Of Silence

Will single phrase define Pope's visit?

Book explains baffling hold on Church by liberals

Outrage As Witches Ritual Scheduled For Knights Of Columbus Hall In Salem

Time to clean up the priesthood

Pope gunman says he reluctant tool of destiny

Controversy Over Gibson Movie But One Front In A Huge Attack On Catholicism

Mystic Said To Have Inspired New Gibson Movie Prophesied Great Church Crises

Mass On The Set Of The Passion: It Was Mass The Old Way

Mysteries Of The Vatican: Basilica Built On Grounds Said To Have Been 'Haunted'

After John Paul II Are We Facing the Possibility of An Antipope?

Rumors Fly As Big Day Approaches For A Pontiff Who Fulfilled Mission Of Fatima

John Paul Tied To Scapular Promise And To St. Gregory -- Another 'Great' Pope Who Shortened A Great Chastisement

A Pope Described As 'From The Sun' Was Born During Eclipse And Leaves With One

Expect Surprises From New Pope As He Sways Gentle and Tough Sides

A Pope Of Surprise Makes Victorious Trip But Question Is Of Enemies Inside Vatican

As Turbulence Swirls Around Rome, So Do Reflections On Old Papal Prophecies 

In New Book Major Cardinal Comments On Mysticism, Fallen Priests, And Mass

Ratzinger Appears to Fulfill Malachy Prophecy

Election of Pope Benedict Will Usher In Dramatic Clash Between Good and Evil

Pope Said To Have Visited Medjugorje And In Book Called Apparitions Of Mary Around The World 'Signs Of The Times'

Benedict's Previous Writing May Portend Change In Mass And Bishops Conferences

In Comment On Secret, Pope Showed Deep Appreciation For "Private Revelations"

From the mailbag: Did Death of Pope signal Final Coming of Christ?


St. Malachy's Alleged Prophecy: Did He Predict The Last Sequence Of Popes?


If The Church Gets Tough --Very Tough-- With Deviance, Pope Will Make His Mark


'Pope Who Never Was' Shows How Close  Major Change Can Come To The Papacy


Message From Venezuela And John Paul II Eerily Parallel Prophecy On U.S. Future


Mystery Of A Pontificate: Saintly Pope Reigned During 'Release' Of Dark Spirits


Pilgrims Claim They Saw 'Sun Miracle After John Paul's Death


'Pope Of My Secret': The Link Between John Paul II, Mercy, And Coming Events


Benedict Hit Key Reason Why Church Has Lost Its Vocations And Emptied Its Pews


Pope Hit The Mark: At Root Of Catholic Problems Is Lack of Biblical Spirituality


In Initial 'Little' Reports May Be First Indications Of John Paul's Intercession


As 'Gay' Paper Nears Release, Pope Nears Crossroads That May Define His Papacy


Uproar Over Pope's Talk On Islam Comes At Time Of Worry Over Ramadan Terror


Lost In Both Secular And Catholic Media Has Been Vatican's View Of Current Dark


With Drama Of New Pope Will Also Come Drama Of Largest Active Apparition Site


As Pope Makes Visit To Canada, Accounts Of His Mysticism Remain A Major Mystery


E.U. Mysteriously Stumbles But Efforts At Globalization, World Religion Remain


An Intellect, A Mystic, Among Greatest Of Popes, John Paul's Message Was A Simple One: Be Not Afraid, Reject Despair


Pope's Astonishing Power Has Changed The World And Shown Value Of Celibacy


Benedict XVI calmed rank and file during visit, but debate remains


Is purification of Church underway?


For First Time Since Vatican II, Momentum With Liturgy Swings To Conservatives


Attacks on churches show need for revival


Vatican notes: Rome and U.S. politics


Does Pope aim for Church that is purer and smaller?


He not the 'green Pope' but a true 'conservative'


A memo to bishops: please keep on the attack


Palin is lesson for Church


Light radiates when we rekindle Eucharistic 'amazement'


Revelation confirms 'Fatima Pope'


Scandals In Church Joining Other 'Signs Of The Times' As Purification Intensifies


Attacks against Church hit deep level


Resistance to piety in many parishes


Why priests should wear collars


Time for Church to address slander


Does Vatican need to react faster?


Controversy points to deeper crisis


Mailbag: the huge problems at Catholic colleges


Pope's encyclical raises eyebrows on world order


Urgent Church issues


To the bishops: time for sackcloth?


Order focusing on Adoration sees explosive growth


Assault on 'pastors of flock' intensifies


Have bishops turned 'tide'?


Remedy for frightening times is found in Eucharist


In Eucharist are most powerful words


God speaks during the Eucharist


Covered in Eucharistic protection


During Mass we're part of Heavenly court


Most important: asking for gift of the Holy Spirit


Christmas miracle: power of the Infant


Was John Paul just talking, or was he signaling a purification?


N.Y. archbishop promotes 'Undoer'


The 'season of judgment'


In times of disarray, look to sacrament of love


Of evil and media and what Church did wrong


Seer had messages pertaining to Church crisis


A pontiff's prophecy


Vatican crisis may fuel those who doubt 'secret'


Is Benedict the Pope Fatima seer saw cursed, with rocks thrown?


When blind girl saw invisible Vatican forces


One priest's view: the case for Communion on the tongue


Church crisis: will Mary intervene again?


Church must head back to spirituality


The mailbag: Communion in the mouth and Communion on the hand


Is England the new 'focus of evil'?


Imagine pews filled as bishops heal, cast out evil


Warning: the rise of the 'non-religion religion'


Vatican urged to focus on miracles


'Shock' at 'drastic' Omaha suppression


Mission of Church: to purge the spirits around us


Pope nailed root of Church crisis


Our Church and the 'spirit of Judas'


Vatican files: Padre Pio suffered 'fevers' of up to 118 degrees


'Secret Vatican files' reveal that Vatican inquisitor most impressed with Padre Pio's odor of sanctity


Time has come for dioceses to regain sanctity


New book details Pope's mysticism


Grab bag: prophecy, Church matters


Follow-up: more on the incredible way Mary's House was discovered


The view from here: new words at Mass must lead to further changes


The view from here: after new Missal, time has come to reverse sterility of many modern churches


Prophecy and persecution


Time for our Church elders to 'ascend mountain'


Surprising number of saints practiced 'self-mortification'


Benedict XVI and a miraculous image


Speculating on the Church and Antichrist


As Vatican hits rough water, a vision is recalled


Persist as far as necessary, when something's wrong in your parish


Woman who was Satanist rails against burying St. Joseph statues


To our dear hierarchy: time to head back to forget the pace of the 'world' and head back to pace of the apostles


Time for our Church to defend itself from attacks


Why was his resignation made on Feast Day of Lourdes?


The Eucharist, suffering, and a mystic in America


Peter the Roman: could it be a call back to simpler past?


Saints, mystics, and even Popes prophesied about future of the Church


In fascinating annals of history is proof of Church that survives all


High drama as Church approaches critical crossroads


A striking Pope, and perhaps a prophetic one


From Malachy to Vatican experts, real prophet is Francis


Will Pope Francis lead to a rekindling of the Spirit at the diocesan level?


Commentary: Pope is taking aim at legalism, not traditionalists


Balancing what the Pope says


On eagle's wings: two mystics in spotlight


Deep inside a rarefied sanctum


Time for Rome to disseminate 'approved' messages?


Now is the time for the Church to shed worldliness


Reincarnation and a 'legion' of demons


The most beautiful of Masses: our report


Amazing facts about two very different pontiffs


Buddhists take over three Catholic properties in Upstate New York


Pope Francis: between the Rock of Peter and a hard place


Look at these crosses!


State of the Church


Church notes: some straight talk on homilies, faith, St. Pat's Day


Our Lady of La Leche Day


Roiling times in world, Church


Beware the trap of legalism


Mystery of the first American liturgy


Church turmoil


Memo to the Church fathers: it is time to take a close look at homilies, music, flow of Mass


Mailbag: views pro and con about a mystic's revelation about 'God the Father'


'Lord of the World': novel on the end times endorsed by Pope


The titles for Mary


About the Pope: can we really put a label on him?


Mystery: was invocation to Mary from ancient Vikings?


Mass: unfathomable Grace


What the Church must do to bring back the young


'Superior' attitude that dismisses the supernatural: a Church that has strayed


The view from here: Pope's remarks on visionaries


The Pope and 'liberation theology'


Church and Medjugorje itself said to be in 'secrets'


Holy Father, quips, and keeping all sides in suspense


The view from here: Francis in America


Faithful seek to get a final notion of Pope's stand on hot-button issues


At famous sites, old-style basilicas stand in contrast to massive modern ones


When John Paul II described an apocalypse


The 'holy cloak': woman recounts a rescue from death


Pope's 'commemoration' of Reformation carries potential but also danger


Abuse crisis was the real invasion of Satan into the Catholic Church


'Hidden' morsels in the Bible


Faiths that diverge from Christianity are often based on questionable angels


Papal mystery: what did he mean by 'the others'?


The most popular shrine in world is...


Is it 'bishop versus bishop, cardinal versus cardinal'?


Sheen on wise men, knaves, and fools


How to answer Protestant questions


Most beautiful (and unusual) churches


Even when persecuted by a wayward bishop, Pio was obedient


Finding peace amid Church agitations


The view from here: top issue for bishop should be empty pews


Does the 'sign of peace' disrupt Mass?


Lent and Easter fall on odd days this year


In Upstate N.Y., psychic takes over church


Prophecy: a Church in turmoil


From the mail: in church, silencio


Church notes: calm amid the whiplash


The 'Indiana Jones' search for Peter's tomb


How inscription expert tracked down bones of Peter


Church watch: the gates of hell will not prevail


Church crisis no surprise to those who follow prophecy


Signs: devout remain firm despite 'wind' whipping through Church


Real root of Church crisis: 'prince of pride'


Was/is there a network of U.S. bishops involved in abuse and even ritual?


Mass readings during Church crisis


Pope Benedict's amazing prophecy


Will crisis lead to married priests?


Church's 'Armageddon': mysterious year 1955


If God first punishes Church He loves, what will happen to rest of the world?


Apparitions of Mary warned U.S. bishops


All Church had to have done was follow rules


Church notes: the roots of the crisis


The battle between two Churches


Church's distance from the mystical has emptied pews


Is there split between Popes?


Church crisis: fall of the Pharisees?


A slew of Church news bears lessons


Debate on suicide homily: was it really wrong?


Vision of Pope Leo XIII foresaw Church crisis


Spike in abuse occurred after St. Michael prayer was suppressed


Famed exorcist blamed bishops


Viewpoint: abuse crisis will be solved only by purging homosexuality


Pope's calling out of devil goes to heart of crisis


The root of Church crisis


The mystical side of holly and reeds

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