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Good 'luck' and bad: a tale of two nuns

Beliefs among celebrities are many and widely diverse

Vaccinations In U.S., Canada, And Europe Derived From Babies Aborted In The 1960s

Perhaps without knowing it, Bush will use Bible on loan from Masonic lodge

Why are people waking up at 3 a.m.?

More thoughts on the mystery of 3 a.m.

Deliverance expert confirms 3 a.m. phenomenon and says it's not just happening to Catholics

U.S. Now Has Chance To Ban Its Darkest Evil And Avoid Aspects Of A Purification

Answer To Persecution Is Action Coupled With Prayers Of Devotion And Adoration

Spirit Daily dedication front page

Texas murders: sick or possessed?

Did Christ rise at three a.m.?

Experts foresee great precipitation

Quake in Midwest could cause massive disaster in major urban areas

Plea on Our Lady of America

Only Christianity will keep U.S. united

Has time sped up?

Is John Paul II a mystic?

The day John Paul kissed the Koran -- and taught humble love

From the Pope to seers, warnings about the United Nations

Health tips from the Book of Sirach

Can the election forestall chastisement?

Fatima: A personal note

Once more, northern lights span the nations: a 'sign'?

Advent Is Good Time To Prepare In Such A Way That We Avoid Tension In Our Families

Old letter from Thomas Jefferson backs up Bush on government support for religious institutions

A nation in need of deliverance

Report on a pilgrimage

Search is on: where will first human be cloned?

It's not the end of the world, says Mother Angelica, it's a 'purification' -- but will be dire if cloning continues

Mystery in former Soviet republic

Fire at St. John Divine may reflect on wayward cathedral

In Palm Beach, they know it was a miracle

Is the Pope just mentioning Revelation in the course of things or as a message?

Could the White House use some holy water?

The lessons of a murder

A New Evil Becomes A Trend As Singles Go Beyond Dating To On-Line Sperm Donors

Did Guadalupe strike again?

Memo to New York

A Day of Infamy

Breakdown in infrastructure

The most dangerous place on earth?

A door closes on a year and possibly on a 'period of peace'

Priest shortage result of liberalism

More on three a.m.

A trip to Ground Zero

The day Danny died

Memo To President Bush: The Real 'Axis Of Evil' Is The Dragon That's Rising In China

Cloning human embryo is challenge to God

The Mandate To Bush: Move Swiftly In Ridding The Nation Of A Tremendous Evil

Notes From All Over: Does The President Really Believe He Receives Locutions?

Terrorist Fears Pushing U.S. Toward Big Brother And One Big World Government

In The Presidential Election, There Is The Pain Of Worldliness Versus Spirituality

U.S. Heads For A Critical Crossroads As Presidential Race Detonates Around Us

Bush Seen As Having Chance to Recover Legacy with Supreme Court Appointment

Is that an icon of Mary and Child on the end table?

Behind President's Victory Was Issue Of Immorality In A Morally Drifting Nation

California Election: There Is 'Magic' In Celebrityhood, And Also Great Dangers

From nurse Who Is Friend of Schindlers

When Mother Teresa helped build a mosque

Secularization Of 'Holidays' Must Be Stopped As Even 'Christmas'  Endangered

Discernment Of Supernatural Is Left To Bishops, Who Must Be Strictly Followed

Mr. Clinton, It's Time For You To Rescue The Teens Who Followed Your Example

Last Visit Narrative by Terri Schiavo Attorney Barbara Weller

Both Vatican And White House Must Be Respected In What Is A Global Conflict

You Decide: Has America Taken The Right Course Or Does It Risk Future 'Tragedy'?

Culture Warning: The Winds Of Change Are Changing Into A Whiff Of Persecution

From Evolution To The New Age, Truth Comes When 'Wisdom' Beats 'Knowledge'

Hidden connections: the mystical side of Christopher Columbus

The Secrets of Medjugorje: A Commentary

Time to speak up against those who defame Catholicism

Time to clean up the priesthood

Pilgrimage report

Invoking God, Gore gives gracious speech and Bush takes reins

Terrorism is fruit of spirit of extremism

Illness and strange accidents also 'signs of the times'

Movie On 'Passion' Seems To Be Taking On A Life Of Its Own, With Special Charism

Time For Critics To Back Off Movie That Has Been Accompanied By Peculiar Signs

Rivers Of Light: Movie On The Passion Was Powered By Stream Of The Miraculous

Top expert says human cloning would lead to deformities and death

Passion Is Seen As A Movie With Potential To Cause Profound And Lasting Effects

Gibson In News Again, From Huge Profits To Oscar Talk, Strange Controversies

Last Visit Narrative by Attorney Barbara Weller

When It Comes To The Issue Of War, The Final Answer Is In Spiritual Discernment

Foiled Attack On Basilica Emphasizes Threat To Rome And Need For Prayers

The good side of the Beatles

Why do bad things happen to the Beatles?

America Must Take The 'Special Way' Of Prayer Or Face Global War With Muslims

Mystery Israel: In Deepest Europe May Have Been Origin Of Many Modern Jews

Talk Of Town: From 'New Age' Prayer In Diocese To Gibson, A Bit Of Commentary

Prayer need: two major Marian devotees die

Pope is not 'green' but he is a true 'conservative'

Memo to Governor Schwarzenegger

Time to grow food in style of Jesus?

Will intercession save U.S.?

Strange animals: a spiritual question?

Are they dabbling with genetics on strange island?

Eyes are on politics, but what of institutional evil?

Curiosities converge with hurricane, politics

Is Wal-Mart a 'cult'?

On eve of 9/11, a prophetic warning

Politics, religion near boiling point

Start 'spreading the news': N.Y. risks more danger

In 'broken Creation,' there are all kinds of storms

With economy, God is your refuge

Rush to control finances hearkens to warnings of new world order

Hurricanes taught power of prayer

Time has come to simplify

Of numbers, mysticism, Wall Street

New world danger

Politics and the 'pretense' of evil

Does 'ritual' of abortion doom U.S.?

Election brings worries, even of the anti-christ

The eleventh hour

Muslims and rise of anti-christ 'spirit'

As Obama moves to center, New Age questions remain

The 'creature' in the heart of Vegas

Passage in Bible pegged current era astonishingly

Notes from all over: one world move

O Canada!

During intense political times, seek Vatican, not those who are worldly

Of abortion, murder, and chastisement around us

Time to act against bigots

The eerie year of 1969

Do we approach upheaval?

Why are 'Bilderbergers' so secret?

Woman says Lord warned about cancer outbreaks

The archives: priest recalled JFK going to Confession just before he died

Archives: did JFK confess?

Archives: And what about a 'curse'

Conspiracy theories: what's paranoid and what's not?

Church issues: of abortion, vaccines, and Ouija board in a chapel

'Spirit of anger' infecting country

Can we put 'price' on human life?

Screenwriter who was 'king of sex and violence' now a Catholic

Fear of population reduction seems less paranoid in light of Rockefellers

The new world order and vaccines

New world: global companies on verge of controlling food

Mailbag: politics, vaccines, dreams

Vaccines: legitimate fear or hysteria?

Prayer need: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Prayer need: heads are decapitated in Scottsdale

*Nun: is there anything behind her vaccine fears?

New Michael Brown book: novel: a plague, genetic horrors, timeless entity

Spiritual implications of viruses

Gays need love, prayer -- and spiritual deliverance

For discernment: book by priest warns on microchips

Were vaccines behind pandemics, or was it chastisement?

Are there prophets in Hollywood?

Science creates bizarre 'prophetic' animals

As killers hunted her, woman prayed the Rosary

Christian biochemist warns on chemicals, cell phones, HDTV

Modern Pharisees pervade Church

Haitian quake brings up hidden U.S. threats

Major saint warned about locutions

The spirit of cultishness

Ring alarm, O Canada, O Midwest

A culture in disarray; of threats, hate, and a vice president who should apologize

What does Mary mean by being 'ready'?

Unusual 'orbs' of luminosity: are they spiritual?

The deep, dark (spiritual?) mystery of oil

Catholicism at the Capitol

**Thinning veil unveiling spirits around us

Laying on of hands: grace and sometimes peril

Oh, Louisiana, we have been given warnings

Of oil rigs and 'signs'

Religiosity: when we try to make God in our image

UFOS and the Vatican

Is it time for Vatican paper to halt worldliness?

Views on acupuncture

Big Brother cometh

Weather and God's good purification

A note on Gibson

Pollution threatens holy sites

Strange clouds and eerie storms

Commentary: Muslims must atone at Ground Zero

The prophetic pulse: September 11 afterthoughts

'Lady Gaga' and her spiritual manifestations

Vatican bank: conspiracy theories

Viewers note 'signs of times' as veil thins

Is Google Big Brother?

Make sure not to imitate Pharisees

God in Africa, from humble villagers to gorillas

What was Mary told?

Watch your innermost thoughts

Special report: woman survived incredible African genocide after visions of Jesus

Frenzy of technology: would Jesus text?

Rash of phenomena: can we take it seriously?

The mysterious spiritual dynamic in of Sphinx

From Mount Tabor to New Mexico: what is it about mountains?

At root of Islam, some surprising occult practices

Experiences and even visions of viewers offer more masculine image of Jesus

Will Japan quake trigger others around globe?

Upheaval: recent events in nature could portend societal turmoil

Lenten muse: how much did saints sleep?

On all those 'silly' images

While devil can cause illness, seer showed it also can be 'redemptive'

Was quake, tsunami a punishment from God?

Modern music often involves description of strange forces

Hidden 'jewels' in Church help us touch His Grace

He'll be in realm of Pio, Bosco


Catholics and Protestants linked by three a.m. phenomenon

Diabolical end game: is global elite spurring persecution and wars?

Science has mysteries to answer, from comets to bizarre skin disorders

In the mail: reports on three a.m.

Was first Catholic president killed by the CIA?

Signs and 'message': fire destroys Arizona shrine

Updates: from prophetic pilgrimage to new retreats to TV show

Pioneers in 'social media' join with Bilderbergs

Summer muse: about lightning

Grab bag: prophecy, Church matters

Superstition? Christian bestseller claims spiritual aspect to moon

A visit to mysterious monuments in Georgia

Link between Georgia monument, Denver airport?

Seek balance to avoid dis-ease

Through prayer it's time to consider why there are so many allergies

What does it mean to 'discern'?

Are storms spiritual?

Fact or fringe: what about comet, 'planet X'?

Kennedy seemed to have foreseen his death

Book by Catholic makes jarring case that CIA killed Kennedy

The mailbag: (much) more on allergies

Will spirit behind Rwandan tragedy visit U.S.?

Concerns about modern medicine include underuse of natural remedies

Our sad time: economy violated Catholic rules

Why are mountains 'holy'?

Times of day and year when 'veil' thins

Mystery pit where Jesus may have been jailed and spot that's perhaps holiest place on earth

Rumor mill: have officials withheld 'secret' in Dead Sea scrolls?

O little town of mystery: the hidden history, conflicts, and a miracle at the site of Nativity

For our discernment: what should we make of dreams?

Ark of Covenant: where is it?

The debate over 'real' Bethlehem

When is politics worth discussing and when is it worldliness?

Suffering turns to blessings with special Rosary

Of coincidence and faith and doubt

Uncanny sounds around the world: hoaxes, signs?

The mailbag: unnerving sounds remind some of ancient horn

A call for Catholic militancy

Quick Church response against federal mandate: overdue, welcome

Discernment: from Rome 'infighting' to apparition

Confusion over Vatican document on New Age

Signs of the times and nature, frugality

Mystics described 'dungeon' where Jesus held

Strange things: from 'urban myths' to sun miracles

Alternative healing: what's holy, what's not?

In Austin, holiness and also spiritual challenges; and about the rumbles

Of the Passion of Christ and a human protein

Strange clouds as 'signs'

Divine Mercy revelation brings to fore phenomenon of three a.m.

From accidents to a one-year-old's painting, we ponder coincidence

Sad times: explicit talk on sex enters the pulpit

The mysterious role of candles against evil

Spirit Daily releases 'A Life of Blessings'

May is Mary's month: her many titles

Omaha: from rumblings to abortion clinic to richest man in the world

Of Bill Gates, vaccines, and the spirit of control

The hidden power of Confession

From church signs to bulletin bloopers

Mailbag: from Blessed Salt to sky formations

Is something being said in the 'signs' in D.C.?

Hidden in Scripture, message from Mary: the dire effect of violating Sabbath

Of curses and movies and Colorado

Idolatry watch: take down the statues

The difference between 'skeptics' and 'naysayers'

Incredibly venomous political atmosphere: shut off the rancor and read the Sermon on the Mount

Do movies, TV confer a dark 'anointing'?

Bizarre manifestations come when we go to extremes

The secret life (on the slopes) of John Paul II

God's Creation: what to eat and what not?

Abortion wars: an untold story

Are Saint Joseph statues okay?

The spirit of our time is the spirit of nasty commentary

Abortion and the netherworld

The mail: when Heaven manifests

The mailbag: occult has gone mainstream

The devil's diversion: doomsday cults

Attack on Częstochowa: an omen of sacrilege?

The view from here: pro-lifers should focus on grass roots

Call it what it was: the work of the devil

Is it true department: bizarre coincidences between movies, shootings?

Peer pressure and Lot's wife

Of Tim Tebow and worldliness

With gay 'marriage,' who'll end up persecuted?

To know how God 'evolved' the universe is to know the wisdom of owls

Our strange time: a further plunge into dark

Of presidents and strange signs

Why did lightning strike the Vatican?

Attack, attack, attack: how harsh language negates Christianity

Saint Teresa's lessons on locutions

Commentary: government secrecy and conspiracy theories

Is Russia converting?

Memo to Islam: if you are an actual religion, allow Jesus, clean up evil

'Bigfoot' or big superstition?

The murder of a priest and the confession of a serial killer

'God's architect': look at this church!


Across New York, amazing 'coincidences'

A time of disorientation

What to make of 'voices'

Occult and calumny watch: of 'UFOs' and the Vatican

Report from Rome: when stones speak

Finding peace as society sinks into 'mud'

The view from here: the real health-care crisis

Commentary: a tale of two countries

Mailbag: concerns and signs of our time

Vast array of agencies paves way for 'Big Brother'

While media stokes up division, black woman stokes up love

The contrast between royal news and papal trip

Occult watch: 'mystery spots'

More on excessive medical costs -- and harvesting organs

Russia's bold moves toward Christianity: the result of consecrations?

Benedict: did an intellectual Pope turn into a mystical one?

Shrine in Maryland has natural beauty as well as a special anointing

One root cause of homosexuality is spiritual

Bizarre world of 'Goth' is evil and costing young lives

Questions raised about organs taken from those who may not be quite dead

When are 'voices' from Heaven voices from Heaven?

Commentary: the Church stands against evil but welcomes and forgives

Why a Catholic surgeon quit transplant surgery

Saints are saints because they were not worldly

The Coming Plague

Prayer need: evil in the food industry

Mysteries of the Kennedy assassination

Commentary: time to halt the devil's hand signal

Fear is a form of spiritual warfare

Reality check: the Church's own wealth and what it teaches about money

The view from here: with urgency Catholics must move to affect culture

Pharisee watch: make sure the spirit rules over legalism

From Fukushima to rumblings to a manger: in an extreme time, oddities abound

The mailbag: of pets and Heaven and a light at a grave

Does the universe have a spiritual aspect?

Mark of the beast? New technology is erasing privacy

What's this strange pit in Canada?

Prophetic pulse: a currency crisis?

What is 'intelligence'?

What's in a name?

Many are the states of suffering

Is there a specific locale for 'mystery Babylon'?

The mystery of 'giants' in Noah's time

The Lazarus effects

Hidden lessons of the Crucifixion

Movie on boy's glimpse of Heaven: he also saw Virgin

Spiritual undercurrents: cause célèbre of Harvard just tip of a titanic iceberg

Do movies peek into the supernatural?

Big brother: startling developments in private industry

An organization that focuses on 'mystical' eleventh hour

Of John Paul II, NYC, and a cleaner, gentler city

The view from here: that Supreme Court decision

Signs: the scourge of cancer

An alleged prophecy and a reflection on foods that may prevent cancer


Occult and superstition raged during World War Two


Discernment beat: spiritual blindness


Summer oddities: a glance at unusual depictions of Mary


Why is Louisiana the 'happiest' state?


The view from here: diabolic disorientation


Interesting pictures


Mailbag: honoring God the Father


First recognized outbreak of Ebola may have erupted from clinic run by courageous sisters


Discernment watch: do animals sense spirits?


The astonishingly dark history of Planned Parenthood


When it comes to music and the Sixties, a Bible passage may have said it all


Under 'Hollywood' sign, an Adoration chapel


**The view from here: what is it about Islam?


God made everyone with equal 'intelligence'


Mailbag: dark autumnal clouds seem to reflect darkness beneath


Ex-Harvard researcher says 'voice' led him to virus revelations


In New Orleans, does the sky have it?


Startling comment by Gates on vaccines comes ringing back


Dreams: do they always bear meaning?


Time to stop idolizing 'celebrities'


Indian Catholics: 'steal the devil's knowledge'


There went 'Salacious Sunday'


The devil backstage: of mega-preachers and horns and music awards


Quibbling over 'global warming' obscures Mary's words


Fatima and what's going on in Russia


Evil: does it cause 'celebrities' to rise -- and fall?


**Lead actor in famous play had remarkable conversion, encounter with Manson


Man in the red bandana: a Good Friday lesson, from 9/11


When a dad dies, sometimes there is a message


Tension or rejection may be because you are 'not of world'


Retreat brought back memories of Esperanza


Evil in the health-care field


Commentary (6/8/15): Pope indicates closer control of seers


Events and trends in the world heighten concern over global governance


The view from here: climate is changing, but both humans and nature have a role


Rainbows are all over the place, but so is lightning


The clouds of summer


Founder of Planned Parenthood had links to the occult


Mail: help from purgatory, a growl at an abortion mill


Politics, politics; circus circus, as many Catholics join entertaining new approach to governance


Pope about to wade into America's turbulent waters


Upheaval watch: invoking Saint Michael for our police


Lightning versus a rainbow: will mercy or justice prevail?


Of mountains, strange clouds, and a spiritual component


When Lincoln warned of 'Divine chastisement'


Challenge in tumultuous times: should we 'prepare'?


Prayer, preparation: what and how much?


How evil entered the modern era


Spirit Daily releases new book on staying well, spiritual and natural healing


Tucked away in a corner of the Vatican is what is said to be Veronica's veil, with healing power


Newsman warns on national electrical grid and terrorist attack


Interview: a Rosary-praying commander fighting ISIS


Of D.C. and a museum and praying in the White House


Of 'ghosts' and the White House and Christmases past, 1226


The Nativity: have mystics actually experienced its power?

Is there something 'dark' at the base of Islam?

Catholic doctor discovered brain damage in NFL

Death of rock star points up dangers of exalting links to the occult

The mysterious origin of modern Indians and Jews

The 'confusion of Babylon' (and division): is current society a repeat?

In West Palm Beach, unsettled souls at a mansion

Trying to imitate the grandeur of Heaven

Probing the deeper mysteries of Guadalupe

As U.S. hurtles down an uncertain path, chore of each Christian is to send light

Of the mega-rich and time for mercy

Mulling mysteries: sounds from other spheres

Politics, lightning, Trump, and a skyscraper in Chicago

'Modernism' versus the supernatural: getting down to a hidden part of that crisis

Seeking signs and Holy Week

Discernment and near-death experiences

The great diversion: about technology

Go see this movie

Upheaval watch: 'coarse discourse'

Hidden things and dates

Caskets, quiet monks, and a holy death

A remembrance of Mother Angelica

Upheaval watch: the coming uprisings

Looking out for Big (Tech) Brother

Do you believe in coincidence?

Oh, Orlando, shed ye any evil that may be attracting 'bad luck'

At 911 memorial: emotions and 'signs'

From the Bible to current accounts, spiritual interactions with animals

Tale of two V-P candidates is tale of Church woes

Viewpoint: yes, there is a religious war


Pray satanism out of the limelight


The view from here: truth is vanishing


Time of mercy should always be time for deliverance


The astonishing Scripture found at Ground Zero


Why does Mary appear with and in color blue?


Western Church must rediscover its 'supernaturalism'


Of uncanny images in huracans


The winds of October


Signs: 'bad moon' over the Atlantic


The dilemma of an unprecedented election


San Francisco: signs of darkness


The view from here: the Pope and election chaos


How will the new president treat Catholics?


Election curiosities


When a meteor and quake coincide, do we give it heed?


Discerning apparitions: first discern yourself


Mysteries, mysteries: stranger than science


Sometimes things aren't what they seem


Trump's pastor: the master of 'positive thinking'


Signs: was it just the weather on Inauguration day?


A true Joseph: Maria Esperanza's miraculous marriage


Media trends afoot: from Vatican dispute to 'Gaga'


God's 'sky art'


The view from here: that envoy to Medjugorje


The view from here: swings and gyrations, from Rome to Washington


A world of robots


Ezekiel's fiery wheel: also in recent times?


Unspoken terrorism: is there a cover-up?


When Catholics arrived in America, they were signaled by an amazing light


Occult America? The hidden undercurrent


Revelation: the hidden, heavy life of Joseph


God's Creation: the smartest animal is...


Is this Mary's actual robe?


Numbers are  'smoke and mirrors' of our strange time


Signs: a new and great evil


What a Jesuit named Francis said about Satan


Upheaval alert: are we careening toward a civil war?


The occult and the attack on masculinity


Our link to Babylon


Assisted suicide: a horror in our time


Challenges and wonders: a return to Manhattan


In Maryland, Mary stands beside troubled highway


Summer thoughts: riding life's waves


Christ of the Deep


The view from here: signs of coming chaos


Here and there in the news


Signs: sky will show a divided nation Monday


City's website details oddities of quakes, eclipses


If 'sign' in sky portends war, can it be a civil one?


Prayer need: in the shadow of an eclipse


What's in the name 'Harvey'?


Lurid New Age festival hits high stride in desert


A prediction of great ocean storms


Perhaps a storm is His Mercy: report from a hurricane zone


Bestselling author links Clintons to Ahab, Jezebel


Author points out astounding links between evil in ancient and modern times


Creation rebels


Preach this!


Is there a message?


God's Creation: the secret life of trees


In Las Vegas, perhaps the 'motive' was simple demonism


How the sun did what it did at Fatima


'Testimony': a glimpse of the hereafter


Deeper things: what's behind 'magic' of Hollywood?


In Trump, Christians find an unlikely warrior

Anti-christ and the new 'artificial intelligence'

Of scary tales and spooky trees

Artificial intelligence as new religion

As in time of Moses: 'Hard times coming'

Rare photos: no, it wasn't Mother Teresa!

Veil lifts on the shame in fame

The hidden power of anointing oil

At death celebrity reminded us of wasted time

Mammon warning: an era paved with gold

Should we tweak the 'Lord's Prayer'?

Was same-sex marriage the 'tipping point' in Noah's time?

Prayer need: those who take their own lives

Christ, the Virgin, and strange aerial objects

Is 'little big brother' watching you?

Church tumult: the role of communication

Famed St. Joseph chapel offering homosexual marriage

Recent murders of billionaires remind us of a 'passing world'

The bizarre 'creatures' spotted before disasters

Of Mardi Gras and strange images

No matter how dark, Jesus shines bright

Prophetic pulse: the new 'cold Civil War'

Occult watch: the bizarre case of the Winchester house

Do bells have a hidden spiritual power?

In the midst of Church confusion, clarity of Mary

Mysterious poisonings cast doubt on Russia's 'conversion'

The world: are we really that smart?

The view from here: 'stormy' U.S. times

Did miracles end with Acts?

In new movie, two Catholics and a 'curse'

Of strange gods and nations oppressed

Dehumanization: lost in cyberspace

When is a tattoo demonic?

Of 'gods,' a pagan curse, and a volcano

View from here: that 'Catholic' Met gala

Is there link between Denver airport and secret 'fortress'?

What do coincidences mean?

Chastisements are explained

Prayer urgency: the battle for Ireland

The Church and gays

At the root of America's rocket technology, a dark occultist

Busboy gave dying Bobby famous rosary

Strangeness all over, especially at movies

Actors may rule 'earthly' roost, but there are no celebrities in Heaven

Cyber overload: standing on a 'cloud'

God's Creation: for whom the bell tolls

Upheaval watch: the 'Divided States of America'?

Bizarre: those 'crystal skulls'

Signs: in smoky ruins, one building remains

A robot apocalypse

The 'Roaring Twenties' join the 'Civil War'

Florida: a storm of destiny

The shameful face of the devil's 'Christmas'

Through the ages: of DNA and generational healing

Mailbag: in outer space, hidden things?

JFK's final Confession: was it a grace from First Saturday devotion?

Feedback: niece of priest believes he heard JFK's 'eleventh-hour' Confession

Who lived the longest?

The lights around us

Our debauched times: 'Oh generation of vipers'!

Of sociopaths, psychopaths, and 'perfect possession'

The plague of narcissism

Who is the biggest spider on the worldwide 'web'?

New book: the 'Age of Anti-Mary'

Pope's calling out of devil goes to heart of crisis

Mysterious 'force' behind a priest's murder?

The devil and the desert

In New Orleans, voodoo ritual at Catholic university

Jesus was the ultimate in masculine

The mystery of the 'Wandering Jew'

Is there a spiritual side to outer space?

Odds and ends: from vaccines to a Muslim 'invasion'

Signs: strange flurry of vandalism preceded fire

For rare moment, world was transfixed on a Cross

Is 'Crown of Thorns' at Notre Dame the real thing?

U.S. faces 'great divide' no matter who wins

Dear Kamala: will you try to suppress us Catholics?

Which painting of Jesus is most authentic?