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As 2002 Turns Into 2003, Prophetic Events Continue What Will Be An Intensification

By Michael H. Brown

And so the year 2002 turns into 2003 and events long foreseen continue to blend. No, there was no "apocalypse," but in many important realms events  intensified and those who were looking at a more gradual approach to momentous situations saw circumstances follow exactly that line.

This year's death toll from natural disasters, 11,000, was lower than the 25,000 in 2001 (when an earthquake in the western Indian state of Gujarat killed at least 19,700 people), but economic losses from such disasters soared to $55 billion from $35 billion, one of the world's largest insurers, Munich Re said this week. The biggest disaster: an earthquake in Afghanistan. What were the odds that the year's number one focus of military action would also see the greatest natural event? Munich Re also said its experts had detected a rising trend in extreme weather, with Europe setting rainfall records but the United States and Australia suffering from persistent droughts and heat waves, which caused devastating forest fires. The city of Sydney itself was threatened. Virtually every part of the world saw what we have foreseen as regional disasters.

There was no September 11 (thank God) but there were hidden terrorist attacks and the situation in Israel worsened and world stock markets collectively posted the largest losses for any three-year-period (ending 2002) since the Great Depression. Apocalypse, no; purification, yes. And it will continue. It will be magnified. If there is war it will turn into a global conflict that will last for several decades in many guises and see countries moving from one side to another as the geopolitical landscape, like a seismic ground shift, is rearranged. 

In nature, monumental wildfires and climate gyrations and then at year's end the first claim of human cloning all dovetailed. Have they really cloned the first human? If so, and if there are more, we will see a sea change in the way we view life. Man as Creator is on the scene at the same time that the Church, through its abuse crisis, has suffered a great loss of authority.

Dangerous times. Challenging times. We will see much more in the coming year -- including at least one major surprising event. We are building to a crescendo that will come during the next several decades. For some, it is daunting. Every year will see an intensification. But those who pray see the opportunity for cleansing -- for conversion -- and find nothing frightening in the least.

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