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The Day Will Come archive page

The 1990 Prophecy   click here or scroll down

The Second Coming click here or scroll down

Signs, Signs, Signs click here or scroll down


1      Whirlwinds And Devils: Fires Blaze As 'Ill Omen' Previews  Future Events

 2     Paranoid Now Seems Less So In Brave New Microchip World 

 3     Vatican Discovery Confirms Burial Of Peter Under Basilica

 4     Lost In The Commotion: The Link Between Prophecy, Cloning, and 9/11

 5     Vision Of Roiling Ocean Connected to Prophecy Of Storm And Third Secret?

 6     Does Terrorist Fit Description Of An Anti-Christ?  

 7     1975 Prophecies  Saw Collapse Of Buildings And Societal 'Meltdown'    

 8     Caution Urged On War That May Be Followed By 'Disaster'   

 9     Obscure Devotional Booklet Foresaw Infiltration Of Church By Forces Of Evil   

10    Earth Summit Resurrects Concern With Single World Religion

11    Medjugorje Seer: With Belief In God, Don't Fear, Even Of Coming Secrets   

12    A Cult Based On Strange Private Revelations In Korea

13    The Epidemic Next Time: What the CDC  Fears Most       

14    The New World Order Is Just Around The Corner   

15    The Calamities That Befell Pompeii With Sins Similar To Ours    

16    Move To Use Microchip Could Open A Big Door To Evil   

17    Our  Brave New Microchip World   

18    Coming One World Government Infers Spiritual Not Human Plan

19    Signs Similar To  The Middle Ages Also A Strange Miasma

20    Did The Terror Plot Fit Bill As A Coming 'Great Storm'?      


Signs, Signs, Signs    

 1    Prophecy: 2004 Will See A  Flow Of Realization, As Well As Greater Events   

 2    As Events Intensify, Media Reacts  To Mention Of Chastisement

 3    Of Prophecy, A Red Moon And A Recent Scare With Asteroids (2X)   

 4    From Across America Come Reports Of A Red Moon And Other 'Signs'  

 5    Signs? Stargazers Braced For Convergence Of Comets, Red Moon        

 6    Signs in China Hint At A Future Major Event        

 7    Fires In California In A  Prophetic 'Alarm' (2X)           

 8    As 2002 Turns Into 2003 Events Continue What Will Be An Intensification    1   

 9    The Prophetic Pulse: Winds Of Weather and War Now Converge   

10    Strong 'Anti-Catholicism' On Rise From Europe And Americas To Australia 3   

11    07/05 Terrorist Attack Latest In a Run of Intensifying and Accelerating Events

        (Precious Blood of Christ Prayer)   

12    A Prophetic Feeling Of Unsettlement            

13    When It Comes To Prophecy, Ocean Life May Be Indication   

14    Canada Urged To Heed 'Miracles' As Signs Of Times Continue To Multiply    

13    As Science, Prophecy, And Myths Collide in 202  

14    Many Get Word Of 'Trumpets' And Priest Reports A Miracle

15    In A World Of 'Science,' Those Of Faith See Far Different Reality   



 The 1990 Prophecy 

 a    The 1990 Prophecy: An Alleged Description Of Christ's Manifestation (2X)

 b    Prophecy: Cloning Humans Will Lead To Severe Regional Chastisements

 c    Cloning And Mixing Of Genes Bringing Us Closer To Prophetic Events

 d    1990 'Prophecy' Foreseeing Events Is Followed By New One (3 stories)

 e    Alleged Prophets Rise ON All Sides With Predictions Like Those in 1990s

 f     Mythical 'Chimera' Associated With Disaster--Warning of Genetic Meddling

 e    Hurricanes and Prophecies By Esperanza And Anonymous 1990 Locution

 g    N.Y. Prophecy  May Now Shift To Other Parts Of Nation

 h    Prophetic 'Word' Warning On Cloning Hints At Worrisome Genetic Trends

 g    Do Signs Hint At Christ Appearing in a Special Manifestation?

 h    Interest Stirred As Public Rosary Halts With Alleged Seer  


The Second Coming

 1    Speculation On Coming Of Christ Is Reaching Crescendo

 2    Faustina Foresaw The Second Coming And Seemed To Link It To The Pope

 3    Nothing To Fear -- But The Message Is To 'Prepare'

 4    No Need For Fear As The Prophetic Indications Intensify

 5    Passing Of 'John Paul The Great' Will Spark Events (2X)

 6    Do We Face Second Coming Or A Manifestation?

 7    Manifestation  Could Take Form Similar To Full-Scale Apparitions

 8    Some Wonder If A Manifestation Is Just Around The Corner

 9   Questions Raised On Christ's 'Intermediate' Coming

10  Talk Of 'Final Coming' Avoided But Saint Who Prophesied It Approved It