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Your name is written in "books of life," claimed a man who had a near-death experience -- with everything you have done and said (though, of course, Confession washes away the sins).

This we get from a Christian preacher named Richard Sigmund, who wrote two books on his alleged experience, A Place Called Heaven and My Time in Heaven, which receives rave reviews, although it must be understood that it is non-denominational and that Sigmund died in 2010.

We are posting it because his descriptions were uncannily similar to obscure accounts in impressive detail.

Sigmund, who hailed from Iowa, and was thought to be dead for eight hours (after a brutal car accident on October 17, 1974), alleged that during that period of unconsciousness he encountered his life review by way of slender, towering angels.

It is a scenario highly similar to others who during such experiences viewed their lives as if a "movie" or hologram, though it is more like a reliving of each moment. This some might call "judgment."

"I was given the understanding that when we repent, anything that was done wrong or sinful in nature is erased from the books of eternity," he asserted.

That is correct: "books" plural; there are a number of books about each person, so important is everyone. Deeds. Thoughts. Are we the same inside as what we project outwardly?

The death of "self" is important to God, Sigmund was informed -- a crucial lesson in this era of materialism, pride, and the Me Generation. "He highly prizes someone who is absolutely truthful, totally honest, and prays before he makes any decision and makes sure that all of his decisions are what God wants him to make," Sigmund learned.

The books of life were in a massive building with endless shelves, sweeping archways, and books fifteen-feet tall. The names of believers are outlined in gold.

"An angel would pull out a book with his left hand and open the thick pages," said Sigmund, who later became known as an anointed minister with claims of miraculous healings. "In each page is something like a video screen except the images are three-dimensional. The images contain the history of life. And the books were written -- the picture created -- before time.

"God can go forward or backward in time. He created time; He invented it. God sets up our tomorrows because of our prayers and seeking God today.

"Invariably, when we are praying about tomorrow or what is going to happen down the line, it is because God has a blessing in store for us and the devil wants to steal it away or trip us up. When we get in prayer, it loosens God to go into our tomorrows and lay a trap for the devil and make sure our blessings are right there, right on time. This is something I was told by the Lord when I was in Heaven.

"I was told that all of our tomorrows are God's yesterdays."

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