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Renowned Mystic Urges Quick End to Terrorism War

By Michael H. Brown

Mystic Maria Esperanza -- the Venezuelan whose prophecies about recent events have been stunningly accurate -- is now warning that the United States must pray for a quick end to the war in Afghanistan and she repeated concerns that the country will be dragged into an "endless" situation that in the end will turn into an endless conflict.

While supporting America's right to root out terrorism, Esperanza appears concerned that the U.S. did not move surgically but instead chose the large massing of troops and heavy bombing that have been underway since October 7. It's not the fight against terrorism that concerns her, but that the U.S. may fall into what she has long prophesied would be a "provocation." Her concerns were expressed before by President George Bush that the current war could take "more than two years."

"She fears it will escalate and will not be easy to stop," says her translator and son-in-law, Carlos Marrero Bornn. "She feels in her heart that we have to pray for a quick end to it. She feels definitely that it is going to escalate and only a miracle can stop it now. She feels it could have been managed in a different way."

It was striking language coming from the same mystic who in 1992 foresaw "two huge towers with black smoke all around them" (an apparent prophecy about terrorism at the Trade Center) and who more recently --  last December, and then again in March -- told Spirit Daily that something "big" was about to happen involving foreign interests on American soil. 

She had predicted that the provocation would be severe and would be both from outside and inside the U.S. 

In March Maria specified that a rumbling of some sort would occur in the area of New York-New Jersey, and then, on August 25, said a "great event" would happen within "three weeks or three months" -- and ended up being personally present in New York, on September 11! 

Now she is returning to her warning about the U.S. being provoked into a situation that could spiral out of its control. While the majority of the public is behind the military action -- and while Maria herself has expressed no problem with self defense (a position supported by Church leaders) -- the large-scale nature of what has happened will be "very hard to control," says Carlos -- relaying her most recent comments. "This wasn't the best way," he says. "It is raising hatred. My mother-in-law feels so sad. She is saying everything through her sadness. She is as if in mourning."

The prayer is that the president -- a good man, a believing man -- will find the correct way to navigate what  is a most difficult diplomatic and military tightrope.

That will only come through our prayers....

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