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Visions and Prophecies of Maria Esperanza

archive page


  1    The Incredible Story Of Maria Esperanza (2 stories)

  2    Famous Mystic Now Says Situation In Middle East Could Trigger WW

  3    Mystic Maria Esperanza Warns US Not To Go To War

  4    Renowned Mystic Urges Quick End to Terrorism War

  5    Seer Who Foresaw 'Disturbance'In U.S. Now Turns Concern To Pope  

  6    Maryland Woman Recounts Bilocation Of Esperanza And Conversion Of Son

  7    Magazine Owner Describes 'Force' That  Turned Him Into Healer (2X)

  8    Apparition Site In Venezuela Reopens After Storm Seer Prophesied

  9    Why Certain Apparition Spots Are Specially Chosen (2X)

10    Maria Esperanza Advises On How To View Trouble And Chastisement

11    God Holding Back 'Arms Of Terrorists' But Danger Is Ahead (2X)

13    Bush Speech Clarifies Prophecy That Warned Of 'Small And Large Power'

14    Navy Man Recounts Prediction By Esperanza And His Father

15    Woman Leader In Al Qaeda Unit: Did Seer Maria Esperanza Hit Again?

16    Venezuelan Seer Makes Visits To New York During Special Mission

17    Phenomena Around Mystic Is More Extensive Than Previously Thought

18    Seer Claims Christ Is Preparing For A Manifestation  

19    In New Book Seer Recounts Instances With 'Earthbound' Souls and Purgatory

20    The Church Is Holy, Immaculate, And Despite Sinners, No One Will Destroy It

21    Mention Of The Year 2004 Has Led To A Flurry Of Apocalyptic Speculation

22    Bishop Said He Himself Saw Phenomena And Consulted Pope Directly

23    Deaths of Two Marian Devotees

24    Publisher Recounts Astonishing Events Associated With Mystic

25    A Look Back At Prophecies -- And Nuggets of Fascinating Prescience

26    Are  Earthquake Swarm, 'Rivers of Light' In 2004 Prophetic? (2X)

27    Esperanza Foresaw 9/11 &  Warns There Is 'Much Below The Surface'

28    Recent Sun Prophecies Fulfilled? Great Seers' Health Also Improves

29    World's Major Mystic: 'Lash' She Saw In Store For U.S. Is Still To Come

30    Mystic Claimed A Message About 'Future' Of Technology

31    Seer Maria Esperanza Recovering After Respiratory Failure

32    Esperanza Prophecy On Technology Backed Up By Readers

33    Prayers Needed for Gravely Ill Seer Esperanza

34    Esperanza Had Warned Of Attacks On Troops

35    Disruption Or Is Big 'Lash' Looming In The Future?

36    Recovering Esperanza: a sign in the sky?  

37    Famed Mystic Sees Improvement 

38    World-Famous Mystic Clinging to Life In Most Recent Brush with Death (4X)

39    Maria Esperanza, Greatest Catholic Mystic In Decades, Dies (3X)

40    Remembrance: Above All Else, Famous Mystic's Gift Was Hope And Love

41    Death Of Mystic Raises Question About Prophecies Pertaining To Year 2004

42    Esperanza Will Be Buried Under an Altar 

43    Prophetic Notes: Of The Pope, 'Charley,' And A Potential Run Of Disasters 

44    Mailbag Testimonies  And Some Insights Into Her Death 

45    Hurricanes & Prophecies By Esperanza And Anonymous 1990 Locution

46    Of Little Flashlights And Signs Linked With Recent Storms

47    Where Two Hurricanes Made Land, A Woman Testifies To Intercession   

48    Hurricanes and Tsunamis Are Signs Prophesied as 'Intensifying' in Year 2004?

49    Is Terri The Innocent Victim Referred To In Prophecy?

50    As Anniversary Approaches, Mystics Relatives Relate Unusual Occurrences

51    'Moment Is Coming' When 'Things' Would Be Left Behind

52    At Grave, There Now Seems To Be Much Grace, Not To Mention Pictures

53    Questions Raised On Christ's 'Intermediate' Coming    

54    Family Of Esperanza Gathers At Special Betania 'Fire'

55    Recent Messages Raise Questions About The Coming Of 2004