Two Prophecies from Florida and Ireland

With so much swirling about -- from war zones and transgenderism to Supreme Court decisions -- its time to put a finger on the "prophetic pulse," as we do occasionally. In the "locutions," rheme, or ruminations of prayerful folks are often interesting nuggets that touch the intuition.

Running themes in our current time, during this "summer of discontent," is a feeling, among some, of fear, or at least discouragement; it seems to many Catholics and others as if we are "losing." Perhaps we could also call it the "summer of suspicion."

In Florida, a woman who allegedly receives messages apparently got this one:

"My design is perfect and has been created in order for you to achieve the deepest intimacy possible, while still yet here. Those who have ears to hear and obey My Voice will have this joy and this peace that you speak of, for your prayers are heard and answered. I have bestowed upon you every good gift, every gift from My Father, every gift from above. There is nothing you shall want for. You have seen My faithfulness this day, and I tell you, you will see more and more.

"I will continue to manifest Myself powerfully and in ways never seen before, in ways not expected by man, nor understood by most. For it is only you, who walk with Me and talk with Me, who honor Me and praise Me and glorify My Name. You are the chosen ones. You are the ones I will reveal My heart to. It is given unto you the knowledge, the wisdom and the understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.

"Storehouses of blessings pour out upon you and will continue. You will have everything you need. You must trust in this.

"I have told you many times, and I tell you again, these paradigms are shifting radically, quickly. There is great transformation in this age, the likes of which have never been seen, and so very few are prepared. Rest your minds My precious ones. Be at peace in your spirits and in your hearts. I have placed all of these desires in your heart. You look to the best interest of others, because I have placed that desire within you. It is My heart which dwells within you. You have done what I have asked you to do in that you mirror Me; you are becoming Me. I don't need copies. I need souls that are willing to be Me, that have come to that place of complete surrender, so that I can fill, fill to overflowing, so that when others see you, they see Me. When you speak, they hear My voice. When you reach out to help, it is My hands that comfort. Your feet now only tread in places I would walk.

"You are now coming to the realization of what your specific roles are in greater detail. You were shown how the bride has ascended in the whirlwind of fire to the Throne, the very Throne of Heaven, where I have given each of you personally and individually the scroll that has your design on it. I have told you that you should come deeper and deeper into intimacy with Me, that I would reveal more and more specifically about what each of you are to do. You are learning this day by day. Never doubt the plans I have for you, for I would never put you in harm's path. I love you too much!

"You have prayed for faith like children. This is being answered. Continue to pray for this; faith that moves mountains, faith that will heal, faith that will raise the dead. You will do these things. Did My Word not speak of this?

"There is no time to hesitate. Forget the past. It is done. Do not worry for the future. Be with Me now. I will instruct you and guide you personally. I give you My peace My children, My sons and My daughters. My rod and My staff will guide you. Your names are engraved in the palm of My Hand. Though you may walk through the valleys of the shadows of death, you will not fear. You know who you are, embrace this truth, and move powerfully forward. I cannot speak these words too many times: boldness, power, authority, courage, strength, perseverance, faith. I cannot be stopped, therefore, you cannot be stopped in what I have spoken for you to do. Walls will crumble at the sound of your voice. You have seen it in My Word, and you will see it again; but you will know it, you will know it in your own lives. For you will speak and it will be I who will be speaking. What has been spoken will come to pass before your very eyes.

"So I speak this word to you tonight. Speak forth abundance, multiplication, over-flowing blessings, speak favor over you and all your loved ones, over every situation. Speak power, speak authority, speak strength, speak truth. Speak and it shall be as My words are. For it is I Who counsels you. My sheep know My Voice. I give you My cloak of righteousness, I shelter you from the storms ahead. My Mantle protects you always. I will feed you from the wellsprings of My heart. In Me, you will only know love -- pure unconditional love, joy and peace, for these are the gifts that I give My children.

"I have all in My hands; you have seen this. Lay down your burdens; I will restore you and I will refresh you. Remember, My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Do not be troubled. Do not be anxious. A great and glorious day
is dawning. I would have that you would be filled with My peace, My exuberance over what is about to occur. Yes, you will see much. Yes, there will be dark days. Yes, My judgment must come. But as I always tell you, keep My
perspective. You no longer see things from this realm, you operate from My perspective. So you understand that judgment will be swift; it will be final; but it is necessary. I assure you, it will last no longer than is absolutely necessary to purify this earth, and then all will be accomplished according to My Word."

"Just a short time children, and then I"ll bring you home. I have made you to be My kings and My priests in this place. What higher honor could I bestow on you than to lead My people, protect My people, for the wolves would scatter them and kill them and attempt to steal them from Me. Everyone is precious in My sight. You have the greatest honor of helping Me bring in these lost ones. I will tell you again; they will be coming soon, each one hand-selected, each one purposed from the beginning of time for this experience as you were and are. Everyone is equal in My sight, everyone loved the same, everyone just as precious as the other. Pour out My compassion upon all those I will send."

For our reckoning.

When we asked a fellow named Padraig Caughey from Belfast, Ireland, what "prompts in the spirit" he may have received of late (since he once reported a powerful encounter with the Blessed Mother, while in prison years ago for political issues, and claims to still "hear"), he sent a response that was especially interesting in light of a comment once made by a visionary from Medjugorje who, asked about her secrets, indicated that one involved "desolation of a region of the world."

Remember, as you read the message, that Medjugorje is in the Balkans.

Said Padraig:

"In the first place I felt called by Our Lady to prepare for a changing world by getting prepared to rough it a little. What a lot of people call , 'Survival prepping." I am not the most practical person in the world and I found going off to the wild a challenge but one that I overcame by constant prayer. Thus for instance when I found a padlock broken and not operable at the camp site I prayed over it until the key finally turned the lock. When my battery was a goner I prayed until I saw I could use my automobile battery instead and so on. So I found myself in the midst of these physical challenges holding the Hand of Our Lady closely in prayer and together walking forward.

"I had three specific dreams which I believe are related to out present times; they came several years ago, long before the war in the Ukraine and tensions with Russia but explain why I take the present threats so seriously and so I will relate them.

"Dream of Kiev

"I found my self above Victory Square in the Ukraine. Looking on top of the building I saw heavily armed troops with very distinctive red berets.  (I did not know it was called, 'Victory Square' I have never been to the Ukraine; nor did I know that its forces had elite troops with red berets; I Googled this when I woke up. I saw Victory Square and buildings exactly as I saw them in my dream. I found the people I thought were soldiers were Interior Ministry riot police).

I was also shown that in a basement flat near the square were two women, a mother and daughter who had a huge devotion to Our Blessed Lady and who the Mother of God had been visiting. I was told they would have a very big role in her plans for the world. I was not shown their faces or told their names but I expect to discover them in the future if I live long enough.

"I was the taken to the country, I think north of Kiev, where long lines of refugees were heading in the direction of Kiev. The soldiers with the red berets were there again shepherding the people. There were plumes of smoke in the distance were I recognized heavy fighting was taking place. Suddenly, I think for the far northwest, towards Moscow, I think I saw a very bright light and a mushroom cloud and I realized Moscow had been utterly destroyed. My dream ended.

"Dream of the Great Plain of Hungary

"I dreamt I was in a beautiful convent, sitting at a large wooden, round table, around which were twelve Carmelite nuns, saints living and dead. I was at once very concerned to see these women looking very worried, with a sense of dread. They were discussing very serious, grave matters to do with the moment. I saw them rise to look out the window, staring into the distance. I rose with them and as I looked out the window I suddenly found myself standing on a great plain. I was looking as the saints were towards the East. As I looked up I saw several trails of smoke in the sky heading East to West. I realized they were missile trails, the lower ones heading towards Western Europe, the higher ones across the Atlantic.

"When I woke I Googled the plain in Hungary and found it was called, 'The Great Plain of Hungary' and is a natural extension of the Russian steppes. I have never been to Hungary and know nothing of its geography.

"The Dream of the Balkans

"I dreamt I was far above the Balkans in the sky, so far above it was though I was in a satellite. I saw in their cities great panic and fear. I saw one of their cities being incinerated and the people in other cities in huge fear leaving as refugees to go to another city. But I saw that the people who had carried out the first bombing were merely playing cat and mouse with the refugees for as soon as they entered the next city; it too was incinerated.

"I thought how wicked these men were to kill so many hundreds of thousands of people with  such evil planning.
At last I saw the Balkans blackened like burnt toast and realized the area was uninhabitable. Totally destroyed."

What are we to think of it?

With prayer, said the Blessed Mother, we can "stop wars and even suspend the laws of nature."

Have we forgotten that? Do we really think she is not there for all our needs?

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