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When we are selfish, we have trouble seeing the spiritual forces -- good or evil -- that swirl around us. The opposite is true when we are selfless. Then, we see.


Three of the keys for tapping into the good force are living for others, repenting, and learning to make sacrifices.


Youíll note that there are those who have a nearly indescribable quality and radiance about them. Such was true with John Paul II: visitors described a charisma far beyond that of the typical "celebrity." This is the magnetism that comes upon those who dedicate themselves to God, and a pattern of fortunate events hovers about them. Even animals (especially doves) seem unusually attracted to them.


They suffer like everyone else -- they too are tested -- but they attract goodness, purifying family lines. Do you recall those photos of doves swirling around the Holy Father, and the miraculously dignified way (his last word was "amen") that he died?


There was no fear. And we can get rid of fear (even of death) if we are close to God through unselfishness.


It starts by stepping out of your "self." Pray to the Holy Spirit that He will guide you in learning how to do this. It can be difficult at first, but it can be accomplished when we set our minds to it, and it makes a world of difference. Talk about a New Year's resolution! View everything from the perspective not of yourself, but of others.


In other words, turn the ship around and have as your horizon a wider viewpoint. In everything you contemplate, begin your process of decision-making on how best to positively impact other people. See through their eyes. Hear with their ears. Imagine their trials, their sorrows. This is what the Ten Commandments say when they tell us to "love your neighbor as yourself." Most importantly, consider everything you do in light of how it serves God. He is the reason for our existence, and to fit in His Plan we have to serve Him. This is in the very first Commandment.


Our starting point in everything has to be the desire of God, followed by consideration for what best serves fellow humans. Envision yourself stepping out of your self and view yourself as one of many all tied into a spiritual structure that serves the Lord. If there are blocks in your life, they may have a root in self-centeredness.


Name your fault (this takes humility) and it will lose much power.


Donít take the "I" approach, but the "we" perspective. Look at it as stepping out of sullied clothes. Throw yourself into a commitment for the betterment of others. When you do that what you will find is that unselfishness clarifies the most difficult decisions -- let's you see anew -- and brings you calm. Most of the time when we are unnerved it's because of something that concerns the self. This happens much during holidays, when interaction with family members can resurrect old streaks of nastiness.

Expurgate that. Step out of the "self" and it will lead you to the second key, an attitude of sacrifice. Whatever you are about to do, view it as an offering. You have heard this before. Now act on it. Offer to God everything you do in life Ė from brushing your teeth in the morning to taking out the garbage. God especially likes to receive those things we dislike.

Offer it up, and not just once in a while. Make your entire day an offering. Make everything next year one. Offer up your housework, what you do on the job, the smile you really donít feel like smiling. Offer up the temptation to a bad temper. For with each such offering, the Holy Spirit descends, and He is the good Force who works marvels, turns misfortunes into good luck, and imbues us with a luminous aura that says "I love."

[adapted from Michael Brown's The God of  Miracles]

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