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 In the mailbag, thoughts seemed focused, with all that's going around us, and release of a new book, on prophecy.

From Minnesota, a professor named David Bissonnette, cites a website that reported back in 2008 on a mystical woman who "had a dream of the Saskatchewan River cresting and flooding Edmonton. She was (allegedly) told by Our Lord the following: 'My child, when you see these things happening you will know that it is time to ‘hunker down.' The persecution will be upon you. The river represents the lies that will flood the earth. The wooden bridge is the church, solid now, but a time will come when it will be submerged–still there, but invisible. The rope is your faith. Hold onto it and you will be safe. Not only that, but through your prayers and love, you will be able to rescue those who may have let go of their faith. The second dream has the two of you on a wide and easy path over the turbulent waters. But a time will come when you will need to choose the narrow, hazardous way. Continue to pray and fast, my child, that your faith may not fail you.' Interestingly, on June 23 the Saskatchewan river crested in Edmonton, causing several part of the city to flood.... I believe the time has come to ready for it strikes me that the persecution is already here..."

Actually, it was also Calgary and the related Bow and Elbow rivers. But we get the point.

The reason for upheaval is all the darkness that surrounds us.

It has broken into the wide open.

Notes Paul Mullin of Saint Catherine, Ontario, "I recently saw a television commercial for Nissan Canada where two people are using a Ouija board to channel a dead family member. They are sitting in a car dealership and are 'asking' a relative which car to buy. I think if more people spoke up big corporations wouldn't push the occult envelope so far. I myself contacted Nissan Canada and told them I would never consider buying a Nissan because of that ad. Money talks, especially when it's going somewhere else."

Referring to the new book Fear of Fire, and a previous one, Witness: "I came across my copy of Witness the other day and it opened to a description of Our Lady wearing a fiery garb, which brought to mind the fires of Medjugorje that burned but didn't consume anything," wrote Terry Bethel of Aurora, Colorado. "And then I recalled a strange fire on Estella and Reyes Ruiz's property in Phoenix. It was years ago that we were in the area and drove to their home [Estella is a reputed seer] for their Saturday night Rosary.

"We prayed the Rosary in the backyard, facing the family's shrine, and when the Rosary ended, we stood up to offer each other the sign of peace. As I turned to shake hands with the person behind me, my eye caught something along the backside of the house. I looked up and saw a dark cherry wood glass paneled door lined with white sheers, and behind them a solid wall of flames. The sheers were transparent, and I could see the fire in detail. After a few moments, I realized it wasn't consuming anything. I continued starting and nothing changed. Finally I said to my friend next to me, 'What's going on with that door?' But she didn't seem to see anything. What I saw was as real as the lawn and the trees and the person across from me waiting for a handshake."

It certainly isn't all alleged prophecy we hear about. On the brighter side, Christine Eaton of Canton. Ohio, as regards an article we had concerning Saint Philomena, tells us that "about fourteen years ago, I had to go to a business meeting in Boston. I flew out of Akron/Canton, and returned from Boston, via Cincinnati. Before I left for the trip, I grabbed a book on St. Philomena and put it in my briefcase, so I would have something to read in my hotel room.  

"On the return flight from Boston to Cincinnati, I was seated alone in my two-seat row. Behind me were two women; I heard them talking very worriedly about a pregnant family member. And then I heard one of them say that she had been told that they should pray to St. Philomena. Both of them were saying that they didn't know who she was, had never heard of her, etcetera.  When I heard the words 'St. Philomena,' I just sat bolt upright, with wonder. I just happened to have a book about her, and it was right in my briefcase. In fact, the book that went to Boston had never been taken out of the briefcase in Boston, as I was too tired to read in the evening. It was sitting at my feet, apparently just waiting to be given to these women. 

"I quickly got the book, and turned around and said, 'Did someone say, St. Philomena?' Both women were visibly surprised by my face between the two seats, and one of them said slowly and questioningly, 'Yes?' and I handed the book to her, saying, 'This book is meant for you. It will tell you all about St. Philomena. She will help you.' They were very grateful, and full of wonder." 

God works in so many ways!

The photo at the top left of the Eucharist is explained in a note at the end of this article (for our discernment).

Wrote Lisa Menaldi a couple of months back of another picture, "I know how very many photos you receive, but this is special to me and my family. We are from Glassboro, New Jersey. On May 17, my son went to his high school senior prom. That morning I made a request to his guardian angel, as I do each morning, thanking him for praying and interceding, protecting and guiding him each day with a special ad on about being with him driving to and from prom and then driving down to the Jersey Shore

"When taking the photos, we felt that his guardian angel revealed himself to let us know that he heard us [left]! I praise and thank God for our previous gifts from the moment of our entry to this world! I wanted to share this with you."

Wrote another, going back to world events and prophecy: "Today as usual on my birthday, I took the day off from work. When I received Jesus in Holy Communion at Mass this morning, His peace remained in my heart long after Mass, throughout the day. Thank You Lord Jesus for the gift of your peace in my heart on my birthday. Later the same morning, I decided to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at St. Charles adoration chapel where I usually pray. Shortly after entering the chapel, I saw a vision in the Host of two military men facing each other. The man on the left wore a hat that a U.S. Airman or Army man would wear. The man on the right wore an officers hat from the military of another country (which I couldn't identify). The two men then walked towards each other and began embracing each other with hugs several times in a row. I did not understand the meaning of this vision, so I prayed asking the Lord for an understanding. Immediately, these words came to me, 'Pray to prevent war.' I remained in the chapel for the next hour praying for this intention."

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[Top photo of Eucharist (from

This Wednesday July 24th Eucharistic Miracle occurred in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

"This is a time of great blessing for this community and for the whole world." So the priest called Jose Dolores Castellanos Gudino the phenomenon that occurred in his parish yesterday after blood sprouted a consecrated Host.

Between songs, clapping, tears, long lines and cellulars wanting to capture the moment, thousands of faithful Catholics and non-believers attended the Parish of Mary Mother of the Church located in Colonia Jardines de la Paz (Guadalajara, Mexico) to witness of which we call a divine event or miracle.

A flash and a voice; It was 12:00 on the hour when the parish priest was making his daily prayer kneeling before the Blessed when suddenly saw a flash and heard a voice that gave some indications:

"Chimes the bells to pour out blessings to those who are present all day. Take your little sanctuary of private worship and bring to the altar of the parish, do not open the Tabernacle until three in the afternoon, not before, will perform a miracle in the Eucharist, the miracle to take place will be called the 'Miracle of the Eucharist in the embodiment of love and our Mother and Lady.' "

After "the voice" told him to convey "the apostles" (the priests) to serve them in their conversion and all souls fill with blessings.

A priest excited Father Lolo- his parishioners said he could not utter a word to that voice that spoke more than: "My Lord am thy servant, thy will."

His voice breaking with emotion he could not conceal the priest continued narrating what happened:

"I did as I was ordered, I asked them to open the doors of the temple, it was about half past two p.m., also commanded to sound the bells as I said. In this small private chapel this humble wooden tabernacle, I put on the altar, also got the Blessed Sacrament as ordered and at about three in the afternoon people were gathered prayed to the Blessed Sacrament station, at 3:00 I went to open the tabernacle and consecrated the host through our Lord Jesus Christ and it was bathed in blood."]      

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