[From a viewer who follows developments on Medjugorje closely on reports, repeated again, from months ago, that there is news about the Vatican's position on the apparitions (it has not been ruled upon yet; a parish spokesman contacted via e-mail declined to respond to our queries):

"I'm waiting to see if there is any response from the Medjugorje parish, maybe even from Andrea Tornielli (of Vatican Insider) who rebutted the previous claim about Medjugorje put out by Batile.

"Have already contacted 'Deacon's Bench' and two other blogs saying that the report is false. [SD note: We are not saying it is false, but unconfirmed and not official]

"The Vatican may decide to take steps to prevent the parish disseminating the messages, giving the reason that they are still being studied. Also, because the messages are linked to the apparitions, then the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in its wisdom may decide that distributing the messages is acknowledging the apparitions. The two go together.

"A Franciscan from the parish always used to provide commentary on the messages which was published on the parish website. This continued up to May 25, 2009, until the local bishop put a stop to priests providing reflections.

"Personally, I feel that as long as the messages continue to be published then the focus on the visionaries will remain. This may be something that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is attempting to change.

"I don't think it is feasible for the CDF to close down on the phenomenon completely. The messages will still be disseminated in other ways.

"Soon we can expect some kind of announcement from the Vatican which should reveal exactly what is and isn't allowed and provide new guidelines for everyone" (anonymous viewer from England who closely follower the situation).

[Footnote: There have been many restrictions on the parish since 1981; we will obey whatever is further decreed; we expect the Holy Father, who has the final say, after reviewing what it sent to him by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to limit what and where seers can do and say there is no theological and psychological proof of supernaturality while approving the site as a shrine, a move that detractors will claim negates the entire event while supporters will cheer as allowing pilgrimages and devotion and personal beliefs]

[Spirit Daily pilgrimage: to Lourdes, Fatima, Avila and Michael Brown retreat, living in prophetic times, Cincinnati, Feast of LaSalette, 9/19].