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Lost In The Commotion: The Link Between Prophecy, Cloning, And September 11

By Michael H. Brown

Lost in all the commotion over recent events is the fact that on the very morning of September 11 -- as office workers  settled in for coffee and glanced at the newspaper - there on the front page of The New York Times was the headline:
"Scientists Urge Bigger Supply Of Stem Cells," with subtitle, "Report Backs Cloning to Create New Lines."

It was what many had feared: with the door to embryo stem cells cracked open by a decision in August to allow limited research, scientists were now going to try to barge right through -- in fact, to break down that door -- demanding  that human cloning and the manufacture of more embryos be allowed in the name of "medical breakthroughs."

The trend toward cloning appeared unstoppable. Scientists in the U.S., Italy, and other countries were working feverishly   to create the first cloned human, or at least embryos that could be used as a source of stem cells.  Now, they had all the more momentum.  That was the headline in The Times, which is located about   seven miles from ground zero; meanwhile, in the Washington area, the same headline was splashed on the   front page of America's largest daily newspaper, USA Today, which is four miles from the Pentagon. While it was good that such research was limited by President Bush (who we have no doubt is a sincere Christian),   we were concerned back then that scientists would be clamoring for wider use of stem cells if they were given  even an inch, and we warned, in our own front-page headline, that as a result and for other reasons as well  America would soon see a chastisement. The Pope himself warned that the wrong decisions on this issue   would be "tragic."

It was just 33 days later that September 11 occurred, and it seemed tied to what we have called the 1990 prophecy -  an anonymous prediction seemingly from the Lord on December 2, 1990, which had foreseen "a new evil" in  four years that mankind had never before encountered and that would "arrive almost imperceptibly" - appearing to have "beneficial and convenient aspects."

That certainly sounded like cloning and stem cells. According to the prophecy, "it is an evil comparable to   abortion -- that is to say, that even if evils as great and widespread as abortion were to be eliminated, this is   enough of an evil that it would present mankind with an enormous challenge... How mankind responds to  this new evil will determine the extent, length, and severity of the first chastisements."

We don't carry every prophecy. In fact, we try to limit things rather strictly. But this stands out. This cries out.   It was exactly four years after the prophecy that landmark decisions were made pertinent to both stem   cells and cloning. In 1994, the director of National Institutes of Health created a Human Embryo Testing  Research Panel that endorsed human embryo research, finding that the "promise of human benefit from  research is significant, carrying great potential benefit."

The prophecy went on to say that "regional chastisements" would occur according to our response to the "new evil."  Few can deny that since 1990 the U.S. and other nations have seen a baffling array of local disasters. It's not just  over genetics. It's over our greed. It's over our general morality. But cloning is clearly a key part. "My greatest   nemesis is science, even more so than the media,"said the alleged prophecy. "The science that alters life,   the science which creates a counterfeit heaven, the science that toils with the womb and genes, the science
that has filled the air with the power of the enemy...the science which seeks to create life but cannot in  actuality even sustain it, the science which has denied God. "This will fall, and all of its creations with it."

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