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Does Terrorist Fit Description Of An Anti-Christ?

The rise of Arab terrorists eerily fits the description of reputed seers who have been warning of evil personages. We're not saying we accept everything such seers have said nor even that we can judge their final legitimacy (we'll let the Church do that), and we'll hold back from declaring anyone evil. Many terrorists are misguided religious fanatics who believe that death should be dealt to those who threaten their culture. In the case of Osama Bib Laden, we can pass no real judgment. God does that. But anyone who taps into death taps into a spirit of anti-christ. Thus, we find it interesting that when an Irish seer saw an image of the anti-christ, he was a man 45 to 50 years old, with very piercing eyes but nothing especially horrific about his physical visage. "I heard the echo, 'anti-christ, anti-christ,'" she said in The Final Hour (page 296). "He's not Irish or English. He struck me as foreign. His skin was darker but he didn't have squinty eyes. There are many anti-christs and through them an army will unite and resurrect a leader."

The description could fit a number of terrorists and leaders in the Middle East, including Osama bin Laden, the Islamic extremist thought responsible for the horror in New York. He was born in 1957, which would make him about 44 (going on 45). He is dark-complexioned. There is nothing horrible about his physical appearance; indeed, in some photos he has a nearly mellow look. But he has piercing eyes. By all odds he's not the anti-christ but operating as have other killers in history with the spirit of anti-christ. 

Are he and other Muslim leaders working toward resurrecting a leader, an anti-christ figure, who will unite them? Seers have long fretted that Satan is taking advantage of his "last chance" before a period of extended power is over -- and that there will thus be many battles to come. As during the twentieth century -- when there were miniature anti-christs such as Lenin, Mao, and Hitler -- so must we be on guard for a swarm of them again. This is not to judge but to put up our guard and pray that such personages are overwhelmed by the Light of Christ, and personally saved. 

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