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Canada Urged To Pay Heed To 'Miracles'

As Signs Of Times Continue To Multiply

By Michael H. Brown

O Canada: what is going on? What is happening in your beautiful nation?

Now we hear that the Prime Minister wants to legalize homosexual marriage nationally.

There are trials ahead. Believe that: there will be trials. For there is real spiritual warfare where you are and we know that many of you -- terrific Catholics -- are waging a courageous battle.

The latest news about the Prime Minister (who also recently flaunted the fact that he is Catholic and yet pro-abortion) comes on the heels of other news, indeed a whirlwind. To wit: a new Ontario ruling allowing gay marriage is more unrestricted than any other nation -- even more so than in Belgium and Holland -- and the nation is now considering a law to make anything that is against homosexuality a "hate crime"  (would this mean a ban on passages in the Bible?).

Meanwhile, the Quebec government has sponsored an initiative to declare a "national day against homophobia" and according to the National Post, "the controversial 'national costume' worn by Miss Canada in this week's Miss Universe competition was a rental inspired by the Brazilian carnival tradition and originally worn by a drag queen in several gay pride parades."

O Canada! 

As far as the Church: in many instances Catholic bishops have taken initiatives that go beyond even the liberalism rampant in the U.S. -- distressing, again, to the many prayer warriors in this nation of so many good Catholics.

Already, an Anglican bishop in Vancouver has given the go-ahead to six parishes to bless "same-sex" marriages.

What is going on?

Like the U.S., you, O Canada, are falling into a deep snare -- and you have been given plenty of warnings. We have always had a soft spot for our Canadian brothers. There are few nations as enlightened, as generous, and as friendly. We are just across the border. And thus are we concerned. Remember the ice storm that swept across the eastern part of the nation in 1998? Or the Saguenay flood? And now sundry plagues?

Yes, that ice storm: let us recall that it went on for five days, dumped enough ice in your capital of Ottawa alone to outweigh 77,000 Titanics -- and put a fifth of the entire employment force out of work for the better part of a week.

In Montreal, folks were so desperate that they were chopping up their porches for firewood.

That year a government report said Canadians had suffered "some of the most extreme and destructive weather ever to hit the country, the stuff of a Hollywood catastrophe film -- 'weather bombs' in Vancouver Island, hailers on the prairies, deluges of biblical proportion."

Indeed: the flood in Saguenway was like a dozen Niagaras.

Now, there is SARS -- right there in the Toronto area!

And "mad cow." And... well, you get the point.

Signs of the times.

And also grace.

This is especially true in the province of Saskatchewan, where images of the Blessed Mother have appeared on windows in Fond-du-Lac, Black Lake, Beauval, and Ille-a-la-Crosse.

Now we hear that images are also appearing on a picture window in a northern community called La Loche.

Already, 5,000 have flocked there.

"I will give you more information as soon as I can get it," writes our correspondent up there, Joshua Caswell, who is ready to enter a seminary. "I am keeping track of these on a map. It is very interesting. I am so happy that Our Blessed Mother comes to those who are abandoned! Many can not get to the sacraments because of our lack of priests. This is what I mean when I say that the people are abandoned.

"But the Blessed Mother must have a plan. This area is controlled by modern socialism. The socialists want all the priests out because they want to control the people. They want to replace the Mass with a lay service that they can control. People are bribed and blackmailed. They are trying to promote pagan spirituality. My parents mission is under constant persecution from the 'northern controllers.' Our Blessed Mother sees all this though. What interesting times we live in!

"The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation tried to say the phenomena in Saskatchewan was just steam on windows, although their wasn't a single skeptic of the over 10,000 people that witnessed the apparitions. (Displayed with major world headlines was the headline, 'Greenhouse Steam Identified as Virgin Mary.') If they really thought it was steam it wouldn't have even published the article! Seems like an attempt worthy of the Pravda to me.). It really isn't hard to figure out why these chastisements are happening."

Indeed. It is time to reverse the incredible trend. It is time to stand up to the de-christianization now so rampant. It is time to bring back kneelers and the prayer to St. Michael and the sacrament of Reconciliation (which we are told they are especially trying to quash up there, especially in the SARS-afflicted Toronto area).

If the experiences in the U.S. as well as places like Venezuela, Rwanda, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Argentina are any indication, you -- O Canada, dear brother-nation -- should pay very close heed to what's happening (in both society and nature). For unless the trend of radical liberalism and de-christianization is stopped, much more (in way of plagues and storms) is on the way.

Spring of 2006

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