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Quakes, Storms, And Other 'Signs Of Our Time' Hint At Major Future Event In China

By Michael H. Brown

China should get the hint. Of all nations in the world, it has been struck the hardest in recent months and years by what we call "pre-warnings." That's when smaller disasters seem to be building toward something much larger.

The epidemic last year of SARS -- which affected China more than any other part of the world -- was only one in a series of such "pre-warnings."

Yet China continues in its waywardness. Abortion remains rampant (at times mandatory, due to restrictions on family size), and the arrests of Christians -- priests, ministers, worshippers, even bishops -- rolls on. Just last week the Vatican strongly protested the arrest of three Roman Catholic bishops (one of them 84 years old).

As if in punctuation, a powerful hail storm killed nine people, injured 11 more and flattened over a thousand homes in the northwest part of that nation. That too was last week. The freak weather struck Gansu province on Tuesday, affecting 150,000 people, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

There have also been significant quakes (a magnitude-six destroyed 9,000 homes in February); swerves in the weather (causing extremes of both drought and floods); intense outbreaks of locusts (a classic marker since the time of ancient Egypt); and this year even a freak tornado (China is not known for tornados) that destroyed a hundred homes.

So severe has been the rainfall that Asian weathermen issue what they call "black rain alerts." At Qinzhou, in 1998, over a period of just eight weeks, 68 inches fell.

And just a few months ago, the most powerful typhoon in years lashed at China's coast, on the heels of another quake!

This is on top of truly gargantuan floods that during the past decade have caused the evacuation of literally tens of millions. Now, it's learned that those floodwaters caused a parasitic worm to spread to at least a million Chinese, threatening 65 million others!

In our opinion these are forerunners indicating that we can expect something extraordinary, a larger warning or chastisement, to occur here as part of the coming events prophesied by so many reputed mystics. It may well come in the way of earthquakes: From 1993 to 1997 the number of small quakes tremors in Taiwan had jumped from 5,500 to 15,000, leading up to a quake that killed 1,700 in 1999.

According to Chinese seismologists we contacted, it is only a mater of time before a major quake hits. "There are several very broad belts in China," notes Ta-Liang Teng of the University of Southern California. "One is in the southern portion of Tibet along the Himalayas, the boundary of India. The other is the Yunnan Province and another is Sichuan, which has a hundred million people in it. North is Shaanxi. Then vertical to the east are the Hebei and Shandon provinces. These are places where earthquakes have happened in the past and usually cause a lot of damage."

According to Dr. Teng, even Beijing, with its metropolitan population of 9.3 million, could get a major quake. We are speaking of a country that can potentially get magnitude-sevens and eights -- comparable to if not greater than the 1906 San Francisco quake, but because of the flimsy structures so many live in, potentially far more devastating.

We are also concerned for spiritual reasons. China is manifesting great levels of evil, particularly in the way it has dehumanized its populace and even set standards for how many children a couple may have -- as stated, forcing many to have abortions and in some cases even destroying babies that already born. Then there is the hostile attitude toward the West. We fear China will work in an underhanded way to get weapons into the hands of terrorists (perhaps via North Korea, which one U.S. seer describes as China's "talon"). As for the persecution: there are beatings and even killings. The sister of a home-church leader says it happened recently to her brother, with authorities trying to cover it up.

We are not against the people (Chinese are wonderful) but the Communists who have personified the concept of a prophesied Red Dragon.

June 2004

[We pray for this country and hope they will lift a ban they placed on Spirit Daily, preventing it from reaching the mainland.]

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