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Move To One World Government Coming In Ways That Infer Spiritual Not Human Plan

By Michael H. Brown

I'm not all that big on conspiracies. I don't certainly think President Bush orchestrated September 11, as some actually propose, I don't believe that clandestine weather-manipulators  have been creating hurricanes, as others actually think, and I'm still not totally sold even on the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory (this remains up in the air).

But the whole globalization issue is another matter. The way in which the crisis of illegal immigration has been so solidly ignored by American officialdom is increasingly suspicious, as is the move to all but emasculate the United States when it comes to manufacturing.

What stands out most is a remark made recently by a sober Wall Street Journal columnist and a good Catholic named Peggy Noonan, who was once a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and who on May 18 wrote:

"The disinterest in the White House and among congressional Republicans in establishing authority on America's borders is so amazing -- the people want it, the age of terror demands it -- that great histories will be written about it.

"Thinking about this has left me contemplating a question that admittedly seems farfetched: Is it possible our flinty president is so committed to protecting the Republican Party from losing, forever, the Hispanic vote, that he's decided to take a blurred and unsatisfying stand on immigration, and sacrifice all personal popularity, in order to keep the party of the future electorally competitive with a growing ethnic group?

"This would, I admit, be rather unlike an American political professional. And it speaks of a long-term thinking that has not been the hallmark of this administration. But at least it would render explicable the president's motive.

"The other possibility is that the administration's slow and ambivalent action is the result of being lost in some geopolitical-globalist abstract-athon that has left them puffed with the rightness of their superior knowledge, sure in their membership in a higher brotherhood, and looking down on the low concerns of normal Americans living in America."

These are strong words coming from a Bush supporter (in many circles, "brotherhood" is a code word), but we all have to wonder at the push for globalization, which I believe transcends party lines and seems to have a spiritual nature.

No matter where you turn, it rears its head.

There are the multi-national corporations -- particularly the military, financial, and oil businesses. There is the World Trade Association, which tries to place everything under a single tent. There is the World Bank. There are the free-trade agreements. There is the United Nations with all kinds of global programs (including one that provides suggestions for Sunday sermons). In other realms there is the World Court. There is the European Union. There is the World Health Organization, and also the World Meteorological Agency. There is a World Council of Churches.

In some ways, global efforts are good and are necessary. There are many good people in such organizations. I'm not saying it's a conscious cabal. But are they being exploited? The prospects of terrorism and the real environmental problems we face (which know no borders) give further impetus to chucking national boundaries and forming a new world order.

Indeed, President George Bush Sr., actually used the term "new world order" any number of times during his presidency, especially during the first Gulf conflict -- when the U.S. formed a global coalition -- and the same has been true of other leaders. Even the Vatican has employed this terminology -- albeit with different meaning (using it to describe the need for more equality between rich and poor).

In early May, Russian Foreign Secretary Sergeii Lavrov directly called for establishment of a world government.

In the face of huge natural disasters, there will be yet more of a push in this direction.

It is not a "conspiracy" forged by a handful of men in Geneva (or Brussels, or Ottawa). It is not the product solely of super-rich bankers who are part of the "illuminati."

While such factions certainly play a role (every year there is that secret Bilderberg conference, and every year there is that bizarre meeting of leaders at Bohemia Grove at a secret California hideaway), it plays out in the world of entertainment, sports, technology, energy, and media in a way that seems inevitable and indicates a higher force of organization.

Or perhaps one should say a "lower" force -- since there are legitimate concerns that a new world order would lead to a one-world government which could lead to ascent to global power, or at least influence, by a personage of evil.

I'm writing a new book of prophecy, and this is something that will figure in. The call for a banishing of national borders has come directly from members of associations such as the Council on Foreign Relations. While the current President  Bush has not used the term "new world order" as his father did, and in fact has operated against the U.N. any number of times, he too appears swept in the momentum. And while we must be careful not to make too much of it, President Bush may have a penchant for cabals by virtue of his background as a member of the "Order of Skull and Bones Society" at Yale.

"Did you know that the powerfully influential Council on Foreign Relations ? often described as a 'shadow government' ? issued a comprehensive report last year laying out a five-year plan for the 'establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community' with a common 'outer security perimeter'?" asks one website.

All this comes at a time when there is talk about national or even international identification cards, security cameras on every major city street, iris-recognition devices at places like airports, and use of microchips implanted into humans (they are already in wide use with animals) -- ostensibly to keep track of medical information but one day, perhaps, to keep track of where and who everyone is.

And while conspiracists may have gone too far, it is a fact that government agencies are attempting to modify the weather (an act of fantastic hubris, see U.S. Senate Bill 517).

These are not paranoid delusions. They are really concerns -- although it is in an area where such delusions do occur. Starting June 8, the Bilderberg group, described by a Canadian news agency as "a secretive global think-tank" that will "bring 100 of the world's most powerful and influential figures," will be meeting in Ottawa. There is also the Club of Rome. There is the Green Cross.

No question, there are benefits to international cooperation. We are all brothers. And we must act this way. But one has to ask:

Why all the secrecy? Who is orchestrating what? Does a group control everything from oil prices to the timetables of war?

In some measure, perhaps. But the "conspiracy" -- the impetus -- is a supernatural one. Let us recall the 1990 prophecy, which warned that after a series of major calamities there would be a "new world order" and a person arriving so as to affect it. "Hardly anyone will notice the extent of his influence until afterwards," it said. "He will not be of tremendous visibility until he is accomplished."


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