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Did We Dodge Big One And Did The Terror Plot Fit Bill As A Coming 'Great Storm'?

Were any of the recent prophecies that saw a "great storm" or a "disruption" coming referring to the events this week: exposure of the terror plan to bomb ten planes, which would have occurred on August 16?

Both prophetic "words," which were presented for your discernment, could be related in that such an act of terror would certainly disrupt the airline industry as well as the collective state of emotions in the entire West (as nothing has, perhaps, since September 11). And a prophecy that mentions a "great storm" is certainly not confined to an event that is meteorological. "Storm" in the way it was used can be metaphorical.

Our faith teaches that God speaks to and forewarns us in dreams, whisperings, and our intuitions. While careful with such, Scripture tells us not to despise it. And so we offer it for review.

Something was in the wind, and it remains a matter of speculation whether the terror plot quite fit the bill.

By last Tuesday, a prophecy was racing across the internet from a man named Darrell Bennett who was claiming that at 3:15 a.m. the Blessed Mother had told him, "An angel was sent by God to strike the earth. And strike it he has in an act of saving justice. Pray! Pray! Pray! Accept and embrace all things in the spirit of penance in reparation for the sins of the world and the salvation of souls. Do not be afraid. Have faith in God."

Angels are well known in Scripture to be the agents of punishment, but can they be stopped?

In the famous third secret of Fatima was the image of an angel set to torch the world with a flaming sword but drowned out by the light of the Virgin.

This too is backed by the Bible wherein we see that "the Lord then sent a pestilence over Israel from morning until the time appointed, and seventy thousand of the people from Dan to Beer-sheba died. But when the angel stretched forth his hand toward Jerusalem to destroy it, the Lord regretted the calamity and said to the angel causing the destruction among the people, 'Enough now! Stay your hand'" [2 Samuel 24:14-16].

Whatever way God works, it is perhaps more a case of His allowing matters to precipitate when too much evil builds or using evil men to chastise the wayward, which is also in the Bible (see the Babylonians). These are all mysteries in a universe that we know was made by an infinitely loving God.

But better purification here than hereafter, it seems, and even here, mercy remains the standard of the Lord. Prayer works.

The events of this past week all reflected back on the Mideast, as in biblical times. It is time for us to wake up to truth of the Bible, which repeat themselves.

Was this the big one?

Perhaps as far as terror, but not in the general scheme of future events. As for "storms":

"Three weeks ago I dreamed my entire family was in a ferry boat at the dock, the weather was windy, with lightning and waves roaring," wrote one viewer from Greenville, North Carolina. "I was terrified for my children and there was great apprehension on the boat about allowing it to depart. My deceased father was there and encouraged the captain and all the passengers to stay on, and let's make the trip.

"Everyone was very very anxious. The ferry traversed the body of water without a jolt (the storm still raged though). We arrived at the other side, and we all wondered aloud about how we were so worried, and all for naught.

"Afterward several passengers told me, 'your father made this trip bearable, or his courage got us through.' I woke up and pondered the dream all day long, never wavering from my opinion that it meant great conflict was coming to the world, with great consternation all around, but my family and many others were to take solace in that we would pass through this coming world trauma, more or less unfazed. This dream was just days before the blowup in Lebanon..."


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