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The Prophetic Pulse: Winds Of Weather Now Converge With The 'Winds' Of War

The times they are changing. Soon the landscape around us will be different. The world will not end but in some way God will silence it, will reorient it, is the impulse many receive.

That's the long-range view and for now there are the winds of storms and the winds of war, in a convergence. As wildfires blaze in the West, as a tornado tears through areas near New York, as lightning kills 82 in China, as volcanoes fume, as a small tsunami hits Indonesia again -- and as the climate continues its swerve -- so now is there another eruption in the spiritual power spot of the Middle East: a military component.

There are no coincidences and these events all dovetail and run in cycles that build every time the cycle returns.

Can we not see that build-up in intensity? Fires are worse, and if there was already evidence of a climate gyration in the early 1990s, when we first started with this, it is now far more pronounced, as word comes not just of a record month but of the United States experiencing its warmest first six months ever (a startling 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit above average).

As of June, 45 percent of the contiguous U.S. was in moderate-to- extreme drought, an increase of six percent from May.

Dry conditions spawned more than 50,000 wildfires, burning more than three million acres in the continental U.S., according to the National Interagency Fire Center. These are not normal events.

There are floods and there are precipitation events and in the Midwest -- in Chicago -- a viewer wrote on unusual "wicked" clouds at the same time that the city was bracing for extreme heat, "the kind that can last for days and pose health hazards," said the weather  service (as Chicago prepared for the "gay games," which are proceeding despite the conditions).

Whether or not we can make such links, we know that the overall worldwide pattern is in a terrific shift in natural events -- for the moment, slow grinding shifts, but still dramatic -- at the same time that immorality and certainly not just as regards homosexuality is rampant.

The other day we got a "word" that there would be three events to be followed by another singular event and are left to ponder if the three materialized in the wildfires, the tornado, and the outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East, or if the aforementioned events will be larger.

Although we don't think that every prophetic indication hinges on Israel, many of them do, and Israel will be among the coming events.

Many are those who attempt to design a time-table around the Holy Land, a timetable that includes rebuilding the Temple (for which there are current plans), an invasion of Israel by massive forces, Armageddon, the anti-Christ, and the return of Jesus, in various and sundry chronological sequences (according to who is interpreting the Bible).

One thing that can be said is that it was not valid to expect the "tribulation" to occur any year between 70 AD to 1948, at least as regards Israel, if one believed the schemata of these predictions, for the state of Israel did not exist before then.

And whatever we think of the ability of folks to so specifically delineate the future, we do believe, for your own consideration, that there will be a mix of weather, seismic, military, medical, and other kinds of events. Every time the cycle of events comes, it will increase in intensity -- until there is a very marked upward jolt that will define an event in those alleged prophetic "secrets" from places of apparition.

The power in nature reflects spiritual turbulence (if we believe the Bible) and so expect the unexpected. Pray. There is no fear with prayer -- if we pray enough (and if, as the Bible says, we love enough).

This is our view, and we note that there are local convergences as in Phoenix where spectacular lightning  came at the same time as what appear to be serial killings with societal trends weaving into natural ones to portray a world on edge.

It is curious to note that in the Our Lady of America messages to an Ohio nun named Sister Mildred Neuzil, the Blessed Mother had warned about the "false peace of this world" that in the end could "destroy."

That was decades ago. On July 2, 2006, a seer from the reputed site of Medjugorje in former Yugoslavia reported a message that included the admonition, "I as a mother, with motherly love, desire to help you to comprehend and to choose life. My children, do not deceive yourselves with false peace and false joy."

Said another message long before, "I call you to pray for peace. Satan wants war and wants to destroy all that is good. Pray, pray, pray my dear children."

As for Israel, this is and always will be a place of conflict because it is a portal through which the greatest spiritual events have occurred and may occur to one extent or another in the future. The devil fights strongly here, and plays both sides of a conflict.

The same week as the recent violent eruption came a photograph of lightning sharing the sky with a rainbow. In Noah's time a rainbow was a sign that God would not continue His punishment of the world by Flood and so it is associated with an easing of chastisement while lightning is the opposite.

It is like we still have a choice, but the lightning draws near.

And like the weather, signs grow in the Middle East, although the time of great upset and upheaval is not quite yet -- and while a great future event almost certainly mandates a look also to the Far East.

But for now it is Israel and Hezbollah and Iran in the news and so we hear an echo from the Bible:

"Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that causes reeling to all the peoples around; and when the siege is against Jerusalem, it will also be against Judah," says Zechariah 12:2-3."It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured and all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it."


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