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From Israel To U.S., Many Get Word Of 'Trumpets' And Priest Reports A Miracle

There is a sudden flurry of those who are independently getting the word "trumpet." Their hearts have been impressed with this message, which some might call a locution. At the same time, there is a new set of audio tapes on the theme of angels and our time -- by a well-known charismatic nun -- and it is called "Sound the Trumpet." There are also websites with the same trumpet theme. 

Is it just use of a popular biblical notion, or of imminent prophetic import? In the Bible, of course, angels announce events with this instrument. And after September 11, photographers claimed to have spotted a mysterious man uncannily playing a trumpet in the restricted zone. One of the witnesses was a well-known photographer who went by the name of Miklos.

As reported by a newspaper, "After hearing a report about the trumpeter on WNYC radio, Miklos said, he went to Ground Zero to photograph him. In the eerie quiet of lower Manhattan, he could hear a trumpet as he approached a police barricade. About 150 yards away, he asserted, the trumpeter stood 'in this abandoned urban canyon, illuminated by shafts of light caused by the smoke and dust.'" The article went on to say that the photographer raised his telephoto lens, feeling he had "an incredible image" (the photo of a lifetime) but couldn't depress the shutter and never got the shot. The same happened to other photographers.

In the Book of Revelation, trumpets were sounded by angels before fire, hail, and plague. As for “towers”:  "On every lofty mountain and on every high hill there will be streams running with water on the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall," says Isaiah 30 -- mentioning two verses later "a consuming fire."

It is five years since September 11 and now there are 'trumpets" seen in the mind's eye during prayer or sleep, if the prophetic pulse we get here is any indication.

"On August 15 in the afternoon, I decided to lay down because I was so tired," writes a viewer named Alcaria Valdez. "As soon as I did, I closed my eyes and I had a vision of a large, beautiful angel blowing a horn -- I guess it was a trumpet. I could see rays of light or fire coming out of it as he blew it. Around the large angel were several smaller angels. I could see his wings and white robe so clearly."

Other potential "signs" abound. A report comes to us from a Franciscan priest in Palestine, Father Angelo Ison, of the Custody of the Holy Land, stationed in Jerusalem since 1991, who now writes:

"I just arrived from Bir Zeit and Ramallah of the West Bank to visit a one and half foot ceramic statue of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal, which was supposedly emitting perfumed oil. I saw with my own eyes that Our Lady's statue in painted white dress and blue mantel was truly emitting oil from all parts of the statue.

"The story? A middle-aged Catholic Palestinian couple who was living in San Francisco, California, came to Bir Zeit to spend their summer vacation in their family's house. The couple chose to stay in an empty students' dormitory which was rented by the Muslim students adjacent to their three-story house. The wife asked her sister-in-law to lend her any religious object since the room where she was staying was totally bare. Her sister lent her a simple statue of our Lady of Miraculous Medal. While she was cleaning the dormitory on August 15, the wife smelled incense and found out that the smoke was coming from the back of the statue. Hurriedly she went out to her sister in law and other members of the family.

"Upon arrival, they found that the whole statue was emitting oil like sweat. According to one eyewitness, there was one curious Muslim lady who had an incurable disease. She dipped a cotton ball on the oil and rubbed it on her body. She instantly got well. This story went all around Israel and Palestine. Many people asked me what significance this could have. I have no answer yet. I just prayed for all my friends who are sick and are asking for prayers. The couple gave us cotton balls with oil that came from the statue. They do not want donations. All they want now is to return the statue to the owner and go home quietly to California. I am still overwhelmed by my experience since I have never witnessed such a paranormal event. I can't find any explanation. I just want to pray for peace in the Holy Land and around the world.

"All the shops and restaurants in Ramallah, the city adjacent to Bir Zeit, were closed today because a young Palestinian activist was killed last night by the Israeli soldiers. It was scary because the streets were empty. However, on returning to Jerusalem, there was a heavy traffic for miles before the checkpoint to Israel. Nobody knows what is going on."

We get other reports of weeping statues, including one of Our Lady of Fatima "with the saddest face I have ever seen," says a correspondent in the U.S. who has seen it.

Yes, the times in which we live! From Toledo, Ohio, is the report of the Blessed Mother appearing in a panel of glass while a likeness of Jesus has manifested at the side of a tabernacle. It is alleged that the Virgin also appeared to about eight people saying the Rosary during Adoration in St. Joseph Cathedral in Bardstown, Kentucky. There is the report of the Virgin in Upstate New York. And of a likeness of Jesus in Connecticut.

And so will we continue to report such matters to you for discernment as time seems to speed up, as events arrive, and as the claims mount at a rate unlike any since establishment of this website. "Dramatic miracles, incorruptible saints, Eucharistic miracles, divine apparitions, unexplainable phenomena, the appearance of angels, and the supreme gift of God’s Mother appearing in various places on the earth (those approved by bishops or awaiting the Church’s judgment): all have been given to this generation as signs and testimonies to truth," writes Canadian singer and evangelist Mark Mallett in one weblog called "Trumpets of Warning."

"The false prophets have proclaimed a different gospel -- a gospel of 'self-direction.' As a result, the smoke of Satan has entered the Church through the clergy, blinding the eyes of the faithful to the truth that would set them free. A gospel of gratification has been preached explicitly by false prophets, or implicitly by silence. Thus evil has increased, and the love of many has grown cold.

"Is your heart burning within you? You would do well to stop everything now and let that fire consume you. You do not know, nor can you conceive what lies ahead for this generation. But neither do you know if the next minute belongs to you. One moment you stand pouring yourself a coffee -- the next, you find yourself naked before the Creator with all truth: every thought, word, and action laid before you. Will the angels cover their eyes in trembling, or will they raise a shout as they lead you into the arms of the saints?"

If nothing else, there has been a great rise in illness and family suffering, which is often overlooked as we train our eyes on larger world events. This personal suffering often can be handled or even avoided through fasting and prayer. The Blessed Mother is gathering us.

"The answer lies in the path you choose now," writes Mallett. "Time is short. Today is the day of salvation! Is it Christ or an angel I hear shouting those words? Can you hear it?"


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