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Hurricanes May Signal Prophecies By Esperanza And Anonymous 1990 Locution

By Michael H. Brown

If Florida gets hit with Ivan -- the third major hurricane in a month -- we can say that we have entered into the heightened period of chastisement predicted in what we have called the "1990 prophecy." Watch carefully what will happen next.

That was an anonymous locution alleged to have been from an angel or the Lord that uncannily foresaw the onset of cloning (from what we can tell, specifying the crucial year in such research) and events like September 11. 

We do not shy here from prophecy -- the Bible says it is a gift to be "coveted" -- and when handled responsibly, it can shed light not only on the future (usually in a general fashion), but how to prayerfully respond to it.

Therein is its value, and the 1990 prophecy said that when long-expected chastisements come, they will first arrive on a regional scale. It said they would "differ according to regions" and "will not always or usually be immediately noticeable for what they are."

What is going on in Florida is certainly regional, and it is now to the degree that even the non-religious are noting something strange. Many are those who have no notion of prophecy and yet have commented on the extraordinarily rare situation that faces Florida and other southern states.

Are the hurricanes what famed (and now deceased) Venezuelan mystic Maria Esperanza de Bianchini referred to as a "lash"?

Her very final public prediction, spoken to one of her daughters just before she lost the ability to communicate, was that her beloved United States -- where she chose to die -- was nonetheless in for a "lash" because of the way it was conducting itself. Before she died it had been predicted that her passing would be followed by the "disturbances in natures" she had long predicted for the world and specifically America.

It was less than a week after her August 7 death that "Charley" hit Florida, and three weeks later that "Frances" lashed the state.  The events also call to question the apparition site of Medjugorje, where the Blessed Mother has projected several "warnings" to the world, at least one of which is regional. Hurricanes could be seen as a build-up to larger warnings or even part of them.

To see images of that hurricane (left, and let us rebuke it) is to see what looks like a whip and the power of the prince of the air, with red satellite photos showing what resembles a medieval woodcut of the serpent, wrapped around a center that looks like an unborn child.

This is evil and we must pray about it as such, imploring God in His mercy to lessen, to disorganize, the eye of the new one called Ivan and cause it to veer onto unpopulated turf. Ivan means John. Ivan means God's mercy.

Why Florida? Why right before an election -- involving a president whose fate hinged there four years ago, in a county -- West Palm Beach -- that Frances severely affected?

Fascinating stuff. Also, tricky business. Scripture says that it rains on the evil and good alike. When chastisement comes, many suffer, including innocent bystanders.

With Florida we have a state at the crossroads, a state that is on the verge of turning from a spiritual one -- that old-time religion -- to a state more akin to the politics of the liberal secular north, a state where a semi-comatose woman named Terri Schiavo awaits court decisions on whether her estranged husband can pull the plug on her.

And so it has become the hotspot of spiritual warfare.

At the same time that materialists and liberals swarm in, so too do missions. Proportionately, there are probably more deliverance and healing ministries in Florida than in any other part of the country.

There are great people in the state -- true warriors -- but there is also great evil. When a storm seems to threaten the Keys, one thinks of the large subculture of homosexuality that is centered in Key West. This is gay "heaven." When the Miami area is targeted, one's thoughts hover over the profligate crime, drugs, and occult practices like santeria that are so focused there. When we think of Palm Beach or Boca or Naples, we think of luxury: wealth like the Upper East Side and Beverly Hills. When the storms track toward Tampa or Daytona, one envisions the many racy bars and tattoo parlors and casino boats that got stranded by Frances. When there is a track toward Orlando, meantime, thoughts turn toward Disney and how this major corporation has sponsored blatantly anti-Christian movies and amusements during the past ten years, transforming the state's very image. When the remnants of the storm stop and hover over New York and even halt the subways (as Frances did Wednesday), it should give us further pause.

Why Punta Gorda? At this point, we don't pretend to know. Some places are in the way, plain and simple. Some are purified because they are close to the Heart of God. Purification is mysterious business! But it is God's mercy. When we are threatened, we tend to self-evaluate and to make certain overdue promises to God.

We tend to pray, and instead of watching what is unfolding down in Florida like spectators at a disaster movie or the Colosseum, let us plead from the heart:

"Lord Jesus, quash the winds of Ivan and other threatening systems as you quelled the sea for Your disciples. Please, oh Lord, diminish the winds! Inject forces of nature that perturb the organization of Ivan. Dissipate its evil. Weaken it. Deplete its interior! Throw it into confusion. Send it harmlessly into the waters. Let all realize the sin that brings such a threat and work to purify instead of suffering destruction. Oh Lord, sway these winds; Your Might is vastly greater even than the strongest category-five. Sway it, oh Lord; let it wobble; let it stray to open waters, where it can dissipate without harm. Chase it from every shore and spare every life in its path !"

This is the prayer to say, and this one also -- for the third time in a month.


But with it, miracles occur.

Sept 2004

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