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Prophecy That Foresaw Problem For N.Y. May Now Shift To Other Parts Of Nation

 By Michael H. Brown

The clock has run out on one part of what we have called the "1990 prophecy." That was an alleged revelation contained in a dream that occurred on December 3, 1990, and predicted that New York City would be under a cloud for 12 years. We present it for your discernment. "The pride there will be broken," said this purported message, which was alleged to have come from the Lord and which on request we have kept anonymous.

Was this connected to the collapse of the World Trade Center (which occurred just within the 12-year time-frame)? If so, the 12 years are up in at least one regard and we believe that now other aspects of the prophecy will shift into gear. As those of you who have followed us know, we do not despise prophecy. We try to present what we think it worthy of your judgment. We test it. Judge as you will. We can say only that parts of the prophecy have fallen into place. It seemed right on the mark in predicting the onset of a great "new evil" that turned out to be cloning (even foreseeing the year, 1994, that would serve as the turning point), and also saw disasters occurring not as a huge singular global event but initially as regional events that would intensify. The time of the prophecy was precisely at the point in which natural disasters began to expand in scope across the United States (from the flooding of the Mississippi to Hurricane Andrew in a decade that saw tremendous natural upheaval).

We believe that events of all kinds will take on a larger proportion during 2003, especially if there is war, further de-chistianization, and human cloning. We also see what happened in New York -- the sea change in emotionality there, the sense of brokenness -- as spreading to other parts of the U.S. and Europe. The logical and mystical portents point to places like California, Texas, and Florida as areas of special concern. We had warned a year ago that without prayer New Orleans would face a hurricane disaster -- but for now we believe there has been adequate intercession in that very Catholic area and we point to the fact that last autumn two potentially devastating hurricanes inexplicably lost force within a single week just before landfall in Louisiana -- especially in the case of Hurricane Lili. "Rapid reversal in Lili's intensity remains largely unexplained," noted a huge headline in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, (page A-18 on October 4. (See www.nola.com/hurricane/lili/?/newsstory/4to204.html).

The question is whether other regions will be able to dodge their bullets. Prayer to divert disasters must be founded on a base of goodness (Louisiana has a real reserve of this) and so the best prayer at present is a prayer for conversion. Unless there is conversion, unless America changes, there will be accented disasters in all regions and this is true for the entire hemisphere and the rest of the world. The conversion of the Roman Empire, which occurred in the centuries following Jesus, is being reversed. We will be writing in the future about the mysterious events that occurred at that time and how they may well repeat -- fitting into the 1990 prophecy. Simply put, although New York is not out of the woods, some other part of the U.S. is now ripe for a September 11-like event.

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