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Prophecies and Mystics archive page 

Maria Esperanza click here

Padre Pio       

      Padre Pio Responsible for Stunning Cures

        Padre Pio's Amazing Biolocation

        Saint Pio, June 16, 2002

        Miracles And Memories Follow Saint Pio

        Canonization For Greatest of Mystics Set For End of Week

        Canonization Of Padre Pio  Leads to Explosion Of Grace (2X)

        Pio And Fatima Seer Both Issued Prophecies About John Paul I

        Specific Words From Jesus, Including Prediction On WWI

        Faced With Persecution By Bishop, Pio's Answer Was Prayer

        The Last Hours  Of Saint Were Full Of Spiritual Power   

        Padre Pio Did Not Predict JP II, But Pope Recalls the Miracle

        Padre Pio Mass Were  A Mystery Of Sweetness, Joy

        Padre Pio Recited 36 Rosaries A Day

        Padre Pio Outlined Ways Of Relating To Guardian Angels

        Meditation: miracles of Padre Pio (leave this site)



        Pope and Mystic Foresaw Attacked By Devil (Unchained-- 3X)

        On the Life of the Blessed Mother (2 articles)

        Emmerich's, The Dolorous Passion, for 2003 (5X)

        Katherine Emmerich's The Early Life of Our Blessed Mother (3X)

        Elevation Of Blessed Emmerich  Accents Mystical Aspects Of Church

        The Birth of Christ According to Katherine Emmerich (4X)

        The Amazing Emmerich (3X)

        Mystic Made Reference To Danger Posed By So-Called Illuminati

        Famed Mystic Had Revelation Related to Eucharistic Abuse

        Mystic Who Inspired "The Passion" Prophesied Church Crises


 Other mystics

           Tagli The Challenge Of Discerning Visions About The Future

        Of Alleged Oozing Pictures Is Now One Of Australian Up For Sainthood 


Various prophecies all for your discernment

 1    N.Y. Prophecy  May Now Shift To Other Parts Of Nation

 2    Mercy Sunday Arrives During Crisis To Remind Of  Power Of The Liturgy

 3    Visionary From Arizona Warned of a Long War & Church Crisis 

 4    Virgin Mentions 'Cloud Of Evil' And Danger In Messages To Arizona Seer

 5    Woman Who Was Healed Says Virgin Spoke About Crisis In The Church

 6    Consecration Said To Have Prevented Nuclear Event

 7    Quito Prophecy Finds Confirmation In Latest Message From Medjugorje

 8    Recent News Of Saint Bridget Rekindles Interest In Her Prophecies

 9    Mystic With Stigmata Allegedly Saw US Destroyed Through Natural Disasters

10    Woman Is Given A Prophecy On The Evils Of Cloning

11    Businessman Warns For East Coast And New York (Ned Dougherty 6X)

12    Man Who 'Rose' From The Dead Says Only Prayer Will Avert 'Big' Disaster

13    Bishop Cools To Stark Akita Revelation But It Remains Highly Mysterious

14    Huge Catastrophes Predicted for 'Great Nation in Ocean'

15    As Pope Makes Visit To Canada; His Mysticism Remain A Major Mystery

16    Is A 'Planet X,' And Is It Part Of The Prophetic Pulse?

17    Mystic-Priest Foresaw Filling Of Monasteries, Convents After Calamities

18    Is this real prophecy?

19    N.Y. Woman Claims Apparitions of St. Therese In Week Before WTC Attack

20    Garabandal Also Mentions the Last Popes and a 'Warning' 

21    Recent Messages Raise Questions About The Coming Of 2004

22    California 'Holy Man' Accomplishes Largely Unknown Astonishments (2X)

23    Mystic With Stigmata Allegedly Saw US Destroyed Through Natural Disasters

24    A Commentary on the “1990 Prophecy”:  Medjugorje, the Pope and the Delay

25    Protestants Abuzz Over Alleged Vision Of Controversial Minister Oral Roberts

26    Alleged Seers In U.S. : A Tone Of Admonishment And Sometimes Alarm

27    Major Seer: Smaller Chastisements Lessened But Not The Big Ones

28    Mysterious 'Blasts' In India Remind Of A Prophecy With Strange Rumblings

29    Alleged Prophets Rise ON All Sides With Predictions Like Those in 1990s

30    Recent Developments: Do They Cast New Light On Old Prophecies?

31    When It Comes To Rumblings Scientists And Alleged Seers May Agree

32    Discernment: an Eskimo 'Prophecy'?

33    To Nation Watching Its Institutions Melt Comes An Alleged Msg From Mystic

34    The Prophecies Admonishing Us to 'Prepare' 

35    Prophetic message to Christians in America

36    July 2005 Message From Alleged Irish Seer

37    Former Military Officer Claims Msg On Purification And Final Confrontation

38    Epidemic Has A Prophetic Link To Visions Both In Ancient And Modern Times

39    With Rioting In Paris, Some Wonder About Old Prophecies Of Fire

40    Prophecies From Africa May Point To Future Events                         

41    As New Year Looms, Rumors And More Rise Of Prophetic Kind

42    'Charismatics' Prophecies Match Messages From  Marian Visions

43    Lourdes Offered Lesson On Apparitions And 'Secrets'

44    Message On 'Amusement' Was Contained In 'Secret' Part Of Apparition

45    Realization Of Prophecies From Africa May Point To Future Events

46    Protestant Prophecy of 'Two Storms'

47    Earth Rumblings: Scientists And Alleged Seers May  Agree

48    Boxer  Is Now A 'Seer' Who Warns That 'Now Is The Time' 

49    Irish Psalm Find Came At Odd Time And With Odd Message 

50    Korea Actions, Remarks By Leader Of Venezuela Focus On Prophetic Word

51    Mystery Surrounds Prophecies  Of A Coming  Sign  From The East  

52    Vision Of Roiling Ocean Connected to Prophecy Of Storm And Third Secret?53    Revelations Of Medieval Saint Seem To Point To North America

54    Recent Outages Bring To Mind Prophecy of 'Three Days Of Darkness'

55    Wars, Tremors, And SARS Prophecy Describes As 'Pre-Warnings'

54    14th-Century Prophet Foresaw Major Events When Sacraments Ignored

55    Approaching Three Events Or 'Signs' Signaling Purification

56    As Precursors To Purification Abound, It's Getting  Harder To Ignore Signs

57    Prophecy May Be Imperfect, But There Is Thinning Of 'Veil'  

58    If Prophecy Is Imperfect, Especially With Dates, It's Still Fascinating