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Woman Is Given A Prophecy On The Evils Of Cloning

By Michael H. Brown

The other day we caught up with Sondra Abrahams, a Sulphur, Louisiana, woman we first met while researching people who have had "near-death" experiences. In the case of Sondra, the event occurred in 1970 when, following a hysterectomy, she had a violent reaction to an anti-nausea drug.

During that experience, which transpired in the emergency room of a hospital -- where the doctor later told her he had "lost" her -- Sondra says she lapsed into a supernatural state and was led to a tremendous light in which were angels, the Virgin Mary, and Christ.

"All of a sudden I felt a pull, like something pulling me," she says. "And I was, like, up at the ceiling looking down and I was going through the dark tunnel. On each side of me there were little sparkly lights, like tiny firebugs all around me, and I looked up and remember seeing this light that was way down, this little bright light that, as I was getting to where I was going, was getting larger. I knew I had to go to that light, that there was safety in that light. I went into the light and it was brilliant and the Light was Christ."

As with all such experiences, we offer it for your discernment and with the caveat that we cannot verify each detail of such accounts, nor all aspects of a person's mysticism. But there is no doubt that Sondra underwent a life-changing transformation. And after He reviewed her life with her, says Sondra, Christ reviewed the future.

In that preview was euthanasia, which was shown to Sondra as many elderly dying in hospitals; abortion, which was indicated by the vision of many babies; and cloning, which, for the longest while -- until she learned the term for it -- Sondra referred to as "duplication." 

"It looked like babies, thousands of babies, in jars that were moving, like artificial wombs, and it was their eyes," Sondra told Spirit Daily. " It's always what I remember. The eyes were just dead. There was nothing there. And I kept hearing Jesus say, 'You see, man is going to try to become God,' and over and over I heard that. I called it 'duplication' because they were all identical, they all looked alike. I didn't understand it until a few years ago, and then I realized it was cloning. That's what He was showing me."

The mention of artificial wombs came just a few days before news hit that indeed scientists have developed an artificial womb that will allow embryos to grow outside the human body.

As a result, Sondra believes there will be a long-running series of events that will come to the world as a purification. She claims she still "hears" the voice of Jesus, and that she heard Him last October, not long after the terrorist attack. "He said, 'Many will call to Me for mercy when more things start happening. I've sent mercy with my Mother for years and years.' I know that attack could have been stopped, but it was a wake-up call to us, to show what evil is in the world, a call from the Father. He was letting us see how far we had gone. This cloning, they're determined to push on with it, and that's going to be our downfall."

We have indicated other prophecies that said a "great new evil" related to reproduction would arrive and cause a huge challenge for humans, one that, if the wrong choice was made, would lead to events that would first occur (as was the case with September 11) on a regional scale. Indeed, the main headline in The New York Times on the morning of September 11 related to a push by scientists to open the way for human cloning, ostensibly because it is needed for stem cells.

Sondra says she is especially concerned about the youth, which she has been "told" will be a focus of future attacks. She urged an end of all literature related to the occult, and is concerned about other forms of attack. "The only thing I got was that the other attacks coming would be on children," claims Sondra. "I don't know whether He was talking about schools or what. There are more and more children ending up with rare cancer, and I don't know if that's part of what's happening. There are still going to be things happening. I don't see things lessening, because people are wishy-washy. They got back to God and fell on their knees and prayed after September 11 and then went back to how they were before. I really think there are things that are still going to happen in the United States, and it's going to be when we've gone back to normal -- when we least expect it."

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