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It certainly was a convergent week, as grave spiritual issues intersected with worldly ones, most notably with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and remarkable political oration, whereby a governor in New York chanted at high decibels (shouted) -- to a roaring chamber -- about a woman's right to rule over her "body" and by proposing even more liberal abortion regulations that allow it virtually any time for any reason opened the door to the possibility of unrestricted late-term terminations in the nation's largest city, where nearly half of pregnancies (two of five) already end in medical violence. It was perhaps the most stridently pro-abortion speech by a major governor since the U.S. Supreme Court infamously ruled in 1973 in that Roe case, setting America on a path that ever-more-clearly is leading to disintegration. To speak about a distinct human being as an appendage -- as just part of somebody's body -- is astonishing, when really there are three parties involved: the woman, the baby, and the man, the latter two currently deprived of similar "rights." We might also want to add a fourth: God. Astonishing it is to read about the woman behind Roe -- the one used by lawyers to pass universally legalized abortion -- and how she has in recent years dedicated her life to opposing abortion. Equally amazing is that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood -- the nation's largest abortion provider (dispensing of more than 300,000 unborn a year) -- was actually against abortion (though of course a great proponent of birth control), describing abortion as "dangerous and vicious." This they don't include in glossy clinic brochures and this too shows a great and historic societal disorientation, as does hearing the president of the United States toast abortion rights on January 22 -- Roe's fortieth anniversary -- after attending Christian services on Inauguration Day and a national prayer breakfast as if to further point up the dissociation and cognitive dissonance in the arena of worldly "power"; and coming off an inaugural address that touted not just a woman's "right" but also same-sex marriage. Few would have expected ever to hear a president using his most important speech of the term to defend and embrace homosexual relations. The president spoke of an "historic" event that was a riot known as "Stonewall" during which patrons erupted in anger and pelted police who tried to bust a Mafia-run gay bar in Greenwich Village (circa 1969) as a high-point event comparable to the Selma marches of the civil rights movement. It is, if nothing else, odd inaugural discourse and frightening that such views have only weak opposition as the only party that can muster any real campaigns and legislation against this is itself compromised and weakened spiritually by certain extreme views of its own that include a preoccupation with taxes and the wealthy ("mammon"), an attachment to war, and lack of regard for nature along with intemperate discourse. And so does great danger loom. The descent has been in progress for decades. It is now steeper. If only both sides listened to the balanced views of the Vatican. To know the state of the United States takes only viewing this commercial for Mercedes-Benz that aired during football playoff last Sunday (1/20/13, caution, occultic), featuring the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" and without realizing it announcing what indeed -- who indeed -- has arrived on the scene. If you want to see something really sinister, take a look at this ad wishing Roe a "happy anniversary." So it goes. So it is. Prayer needs. Prayer urgencies. Instead of waiting for disaster: praying for deliverance of our people and for a lessening of looming events (this is very important, and will be the focus of our retreats and pilgrimages: praying for illumination, praying for protection in coming times, praying for preparation, praying to anticipate events but firstly to mitigate them). Strange times. At this juncture when spirits are especially animated and empowered (and will become more so, in society, in families), the sacraments along with fasting are the order of the day and the best way by far to discern and to prepare as events and signs quicken with little or no notice by the dazed gormandizing and spectatorial public at large.

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[Word of knowledge: "The trials of your time now head to the crescendo of meaning, whereby to each will be shown the imperfection of the past and the need for purification of the future. In these transgressions is found the enemy of Creation, and the one who seeks to install his spirit as the spirit that conquers for all time. It is a final battle in which the trials of the future will serve as engagements complete unto themselves. Those who choose to ignore the dynamic of spiritual interaction will find themselves in a very confused state that will lead to more conflict. While love prevails, so does courage, and so does the uncovering of those spirits which now install themselves as guardians for those who have invited into their hearts falsity."]

[Footnotes: Marriage Encyclical From 1930 . . .
ChristianMarriage2 -- POPE PIUS XI, December 31, 1930

CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE , by , POPE PIUS XI , December 31, 1930 . . .
alas, not secretly nor under cover, but openly, with all sense of shame put
aside, now by word again by writings, by theatrical productions of every
kind, by romantic fiction, by amorous and frivolous novels, by cinematographs
portraying in vivid scene, in addresses broadcast by radio telephony, in
short by all the inventions of modern science, the Sanctity of Marriage is
trampled upon and derided; divorce, adultery, all the basest vices either are
extolled or at least are depicted in such colors as to appear to be free
of all reproach and infamy. Books are not lacking which dare to pronounce
themselves as scientific but which in truth are merely coated with a veneer
of science in order that they may the more easily insinuate their ideas.
The doctrines defended in these are offered for sale as the productions of
modern genius, of that genius namely, which, anxious only for truth, is
considered to have emancipated itself from all those old-fashioned and immature
opinions of the ancients; and to the number of these antiquated opinions
they regulate the Traditional Doctrine of Christian Marriage.


Leo XIII, since the destruction of family life "and the loss of national
wealth is brought about more by the corruption of morals than by anything
else, it is easily seen that divorce, which is born of the perverted morals of
a people, and leads, as experiment shows, to vicious habits in public and
private life, is particularly opposed to the well-being of the family and
of the State. The serious nature of these evils will be the more clearly
recognized, when we remember that, once divorce has been allowed, there will
be no sufficient means of keeping it in check within any definite bounds.
Great is the force of example, greater still that of lust; and with such
incitements it cannot but happen that divorce and its consequent setting
loose of the passions should spread daily and attack the souls of many like a
contagious disease or a river bursting its banks and flooding the land."
(Encycl. Arcanun, 10 Febr. 1880.)


Leo XIII, attacked the doctrine of the naturalists in these words: "It
is a Divinely appointed Law that whatsoever things are constituted by God,
the Author of nature, these we find the more useful and salutary, the more
they remain in their natural state, unimpaired and unchanged; inasmuch as
God, the Creator of all things, intimately knows what is suited to the
constitution and the preservation of each, and by His Will and Mind has so
ordained all things that each may duly achieve its purpose. But if the boldness
and wickedness of men change and disturb this order of things, so
providentially disposed, then, indeed, things so wonderfully ordained, will begin to
be injurious, or will cease to be beneficial, either because, in the
change, they have lost their power to benefit, or because God Himself is thus
pleased to draw down chstisement on the pride and presumption of men.
(Encycl. Arcanum divinae sapientiae, 10 Febr. 1880.)
In order, therefore, to restore due order in this matter of Marriage, it
is necessary that all should bear in mind what is the Divine Plan and
strive to conform to it.


POPE PIUS XI, December 31, 1930 . . . Our Predecessor Leo XIII,
of happy memory, has already insisted upon, (Encycl. Rerum novarum, 15 May
1891.) namely, that in the State such economic and social methods should
be adopted as will enable every head of a family to earn as much as,
according to his station in life, is necessary for himself, his wife, and for the
rearing of his children, for "the laborer is worthy of his hire." (Luke
10, 7.) To deny this, or to make light of what is equitable, is a grave
injustice and is placed among the greatest sins by Holy Writ, (Deut. 24, 14,
15.) nor is it lawful to fix such a scanty wage as will be insufficient for
the upkeep of the family in the circumstances in which it is placed.
Care, however, must be taken that the parties themselves, for a
considerable time before entering upon Married life, should strive to dispose of, or
at least to diminish, the maternal(material) obstacles in their way. The
manner in which this may be done effectively and honestly must be pointed
out by those who are experienced. Provision must be made also, in the case
of those who are not self-supporting, for joint aid by private or public
guilds. (Leo XIII, Encycl. Rermu novarum, 15 May 1891.)


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