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 Spiritual Warfare archive page 

 1    Alleged Secret Warned Religious To Guard Against Infiltration By The Devil

 2    Call On The 'Spirit Of Truth' And Watch Answers Arrive With Sudden Clarity

 3    Expert Broached Possibility Years Ago That Scandals Were Result Of 'Curses'

 4    When You Are Obsessed Or Blocked, Kick Out Evil And Watch God Take Its Place      

 5    Attack Of Devil Recounted By Visionary Who Called On Jesus, Joseph, And Mary

 6    Sickness To Priestly Abuse, Expert Cites Hidden Role Of Evil Spirits (2 articles)

 7    Removal Of St. Michael Prayer Came As Church Encountered 'Smoke' Of Satan 

 8    Texas Woman Describes  Bilocation And Glimpse Of Coming Battle

 9    Although Defeated With Faith, Many Are The Manifestations Of 'Demonism

10    Curiosities Abound As Statue Vandalism Is Offset By Reported Miracles

11    Are UFO's a Manifestation of Evil?

12    Leading Up To Ash Wednesday Are Now Festivals of Debauchery


14    Origin Of Name 'Guadalupe' Appears To Underscore Spiritual Battle

15    9/11 Mastermind Linked to Assassination Attempt on Pope

16    Much Of What Plagues Us In Life Comes From Imbalance And 'Spirit' Of Addiction

17    Can The Devil And His Evil Spirits Read Our Every Thought?

18    Can The Leader Of A Nation Become 'Perfectly Possessed'?

19    False Seers Almost Caused Condemnation Of Famed Lourdes Visions

20    'Time Of Dark Water' May Relate To Manifestation Of Evil Forces Around Us

21    For Your Discernment: Did Site Of Flight 800 Crash Have Mystical Connections? 

22    Pope Battles Storm And 'Prince Of The Power Of The Air' -- And Wins

23    A Curse Is A Real Thing  And Our Protection Is The Shield Of Love  

24    Cult: First Clone Is Based On UFOs (2 articles) 

25    Symbols For The Invasion Of Demonic Spirits, And How To Defeat Them

26    Abortion: The Satanic Superstructure (Guest editorial)

27    Pamphlet On Purgatorial 'Secrets' Came To Light Under Unusual Circumstance

28    From Time To Time All Homes Are Prone To Spiritual Attack And Must Be Blessed

29    Uproar Over Archbishop Indicates Care That Must Be Exercised With God's Gifts

30    Archangel Michael's Presence Is Still Felt At Mysterious, Potent Cave In Italy   

31    'Matrix' Just One Of Many Manifestations As Hollywood Bares Its Spiritual Roots  

32    Healing The Family Tree: Priest Points To 'Generational' Spirits As Root Of Illness  

33    In Apocalyptic Battle Between Light And Dark, There Is The Intercession Of Saints

34    Florida Joins California, New York Becoming a Great Spiritual 'Battlefield'

35    Accounts Multiply Of Muslims Who Have Encountered Christ in Unusual Dreams

36    Visions, Dreams, And Strange Images Tied To Terrorist Attack On United States

37    'Towers' Figure Into Many Parts Of Scripture As Divine Purification

38    An Interview With The Priest Involved In The Case Behind The Exorcist

39    Official N.Y. Exorcist Sees The Exorcist As Correct Portrayal Of Manifestation

40    Dr. Biddle's and Dr. Torosian's website:  www.spirittoheal.com

        Francis McNutt website: www.christianhealingmin.org

        Mother Nadine's website:  Intercessors of the Lamb.

41    Experts Find Spiritual Route To Healing, Including Through The Guardian Angels

42    When Under Spiritual Attack, Love Is The Defense

43    Flashback: The Complaints Of Official Exorcist Against New Exorcism Rite

44    Notes From All Over As A New Message From Medjugorje On Devil Stirs Interest

45    After The Dark Ordeal Of Exorcism Was The Splendor Of The Heavenly Presence

46    Breaking 'Souls-Ties': Mysterious Bonds Holding Us To Someone Negatively

47    If Faced With Evil, To Win: Step Outside Of Our Emotion And Love

48    Virginia quake centered on site owned by Blessed Sacrament Sisters

49    Once Blamed On Cults, Some Now See A Secret Operation In Cattle 'Mutilations'

50    Caretaker For House Of Stigmatic Says Scent Of Roses And Healings Still Occur

51    Are there really curses?

52    Mysteries Of The Vatican: Basilica Built On Grounds Said To Have Been 'Haunted'

53    John Debney (Passion of The Christ) Story of a Battle With Satan

54    Laymen Can Also Cast Out Evil Presences And Influences (2 stories)

55    Although Defeated With Faith, Many Are The Manifestations Of 'Demonism

56    Call On Warring Angels And Put Shield Over Your House

57    Electricity Goes Wild. Did the Devil Make It Do It?

58    As Smoke Of Satan Entered The Church, It Seeks To Enter Us   

59    What to do if a demon is suspected

60    Although Defeated With Faith, Many Are The Manifestations Of 'Demonism

61    From The Mailbag: In The Present Dark Is The Potent Intervention Of Archangels

62    Truth Or Fiction? Priest Lays Out A Case For Practice Of Healing The 'Family Tree' 

63    Problem In a Nutshell: Number of Canon Lawyers > Than the Number Of Exorcists.    

64    We Rise To Heaven Quickest When We Have Risen Over the World's Temptations   

65    Florida Becomes A Spiritual Bellwether for U.S. As Warfare Reaches New Height

66    Viewers Assert Widespread Practices Of The New Age, With A Focus On California

67    Archbishop In Italy Presents His Portrait Of The 'Anti-Christ'

68    A Heightened State Of Demonic Attack Demands A Higher State Of Protection

69    Chicago Priest Is Blinded and Whipped But Finds His 'Shield' (2 stories)

70    Root Out Fear, Because Too Much Fear Can Be Faith in the Devil

71    When Spiritual Attacks Come Through Family, Remember to Disengage

72    Haunted Highway? Sometimes Spirits Of Darkness Linger Over Certain Areas

73    The Need To Be Freed: The Accent Is On Prayers Of Deliverance

74    In Obscure Vision St. Michael Revealed Miraculous Spring

75    Author Sees Halloween As 'Evil Time Of Year'

76    Readers Weigh In On Experiences at 3 AM

77    It's True That The Devil Can Harass Anyone

78    Savannah: Is It Really The Most 'Haunted' City In the United States?

79    Cardinal Says That Greatest Danger Of Devil Is Not Possession But Temptation

80    When The Demons Strike Back: Experience Of An Exorcist After An Exorcism 

81    The Most 'Haunted' City

82    Rid Ourselves Of Evil And Bad 'Luck' By Holding High The Cross

83    Self-Renunciation Lifts The Veil And Allows Us To See 'Signs Of The Times'

84    'Bad Angels  Want To Reach Out And Torch Someone'

85    In Time Of Evil  Protect Our Families By Praying Prophetically

86    Arm Yourself And 'Circle  Wagons'

87    Strange Date Arrives In June, And If Nothing Else It Reminds Of Need To Pray

88    June 6 Has Come And Gone And Has Left Us  'Coincidences'

89    Music From Sixties Had Direct Links With Elements That Were Often Dark (2X)

90    Sightings Of 'UFO' And Strange Animals  Point To Spiritual Deception


  Spirit Daily at the Movies

 1    Movie On Crucifixion Comes  With Spiritual Attack (3 articles)

 2    Mystic Who Inspired "The Passion" Prophesied Church Crises (2 articles)

 3    Signs: Does God Speak To Us Through Events Large And Small In Our Lives? 

 4    When It Comes To 'Extraterrestrials,' Great Caution Is The Order Of The Day

 5    Spiritual War Intensifies And Gibson Movie Nears Famous Release

 6    Time For Critics To Back Off Movie  Accompanied By Telling 'Signs'

 7    Lightning Reported On Set Of Gibson Film, Striking Man Playing Christ

 8    On The Set Of The Passion, It Was Mass The Old Way

11   Did Caviezel have visions? 

12   Gibson Movie Was Opening Shot In Visual Display Of Spiritual War

13   'Passion' Taking On A Life Of Its Own, With Special Charism   

14   'Passion' Director Saw 'Big Dark Force' That Was 'Palpable' 

15    Movie was accented by 'miracles'

16    Movie On The Passion Was Powered By Stream Of The Miraculous

17    The Exorcism of Emily Rose

18    Movie Brings Deeply Mysterious Lessons To Fore

19    C S. Lewis: Thoughts On Evil

20    Controversy Over Gibson Movie Part Of A Huge New War On Catholicism

21    Spiritual War Intensifies And Gibson Movie Nears Famous Release

22    Gibson In News From Huge Profits To Oscar Talk, Strange Controversies


Occultism -- Harry Potter

  1    Potter’s Mystical Attraction

  2    Statement From Priest On Harry Potter Causes Uproar As Public Discerns

  3    Vatican Sheds  Light Into The Darkest 'Magical' Corners (2 articles)

  4    'Perfect Storm' of the Occult About to Break with Release of New Potter Book

  5    Why Is An Occult Revival Sweeping the Globe?

  6    Exposing 'Witchery': Confusion Comes When Trying to Control Others

  7    Interview with an exorcist yields warning on wizards and the occult

  8    More reading on the DaVinci Codes  

  9     Hussein Led Largely Through Occultism and Magical Power That Failed

10    Spiritualist Gives Up Seances To Preach On  Dangers Of Psychics, Occult

11    Objects Linked to a Dark Force Can Be The Source Of Problems

12    Occult Infiltrating Catholicism In Ways That Are Both Clandestine And Blatant

13    Psychics And Dark Force Have Spread Across Breadth Of Society

14    Proximity To The Occult Brings With It Anguish, Bad 'Luck,' And Actual Spirits

15    Modern Halloween:  Also The Season To Be 'Haunted'

16    Leading Exorcist Warns of Lack of Tools in Dealing With Evil

17    Ouija Board and the Defenseless Church

18    Former Occultist Is Converted and Warns on New Age In The U.S. Church

19    As Cardinal, Benedict Saw Perils With Harry Potter

20    To Bishops: Endorsement Of Occult Movie Requires Clarification On Teaching

21    Fasting Urged And The Occult Rises Darkly All Around Us 

22    Some Clear-Thinking On Potter: The Devil's Work Is The Devil's Work

23    Chancellor Defends 'Nude' Statue and Meditations With Potential Occult Links

24    Religious Spirits Seen Attacking Church, Setting Believers Against Believers

25    The Exorcism of Emily Rose

26    Go To Holy Spirit To Shield Your Family When It Seems Dark Out

27    Please Stop Kids From Playing Occult Games

28    Possession As More Frequent In Women And Occult Dabblers

29    Ouija board: high among life risks 

30    Movies with occult themes  are dangerous  

31    At Root Of Many Crises Including  Abuse Is An 'Anointing' By The Evil One

32    The Nature of Ghosts

33    The Sniper: Events Will Move In Ways That Are Unexpected (3 articles) 

34    Possession As More Frequent In Women And Occult Dabblers

36    Movie Shows That Dark Has Arrived With A Spirit Of Anti-Christ

37    BrushThe Occult and There Is An Opportunity To Manifest, Even In Symbols