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Filipino Man Who 'Rose' From The Dead Quotes Jesus As Saying Only Prayer Will Avert Another 'Big' Disaster

Compiled by Michael H. Brown

Last year we brought you word of Stanley Villavicencio, a man from Cebu, Philippines, who reportedly was in a deep, death-like coma for three days in 1993, during which he encountered Christ, Who allegedly told him to spread devotion to Divine Mercy (a task endorsed by the nation's bishops). He has traveled the world doing just that, and for a while last year drew crowds in the U.S., but since has largely faded from view. What's he up to now? What's new? A viewer named Mike Dial and his companions caught up with Stanley and file this interview:

Mike: We spent a few days in the nearby island of Bohol. Now we are on our way to Manila and then back to California. We wanted to stop by here in Cebu to get an update on what has been happening with you. Many people must be wondering since you are not traveling anymore and you even cut your tour short when you were in California.

Stanley: I was supposed to be in the United States this October and November, but it was cancelled because of what happened in New York.

Sylvia: Are you allowed to speak about any messages that Jesus is giving you?

Stanley: I have some of my latest messages printed here which I will give you.

Sylvia: Are we just fortunate to find you here at this time?

Stanley: Yes, because I am always out. I am supposed to be in America right now. ( October), but it was cancelled because of what happened there. So many are asking for my schedule. Tomorrow I will be going to General Santos city in Mindanao.

Mike: General Santos City is a known troubled city in the South. That is where the Muslim terrorist are. Maybe you can bring peace there through the Divine Mercy.

Stanley: I hope so.

Sylvia: Is there any book that contains any of your messages?

Stanley: There is a book titled “ Miracles of the Divine Mercy” that has my story.

Mike: Oh yes, I think you mentioned that when you were in Santa Maria, California, the last time we saw you there. Anything else after that?

Stanley: No, because I travel all the time. Before going to Europe last June, I had a very good experience in mainland China. It’s a Communist country there and they don’t believe in God. If they find anything religious on your body they will put you to prison immediately. I was actually in Hong Kong when the flight stewardess of Cathay Pacific Airlines heard my testimony and they invited me to enter mainland China because they are from there. As I entered the mainland, there was a communist guard at the border. As I said, if they find anything that is religious on your body they will put you to prison immediately. But then as I entered the, mainland, I was just wearing this Divine Mercy t- shirt with a large crucifix around my neck. I was carrying that large Divine Mercy icon, and also a bagful of Divine Mercy posters…another bag full of Divine Mercy novenas…another bag full of Divine mercy chaplets. The guards looked at me and opened my bags but then they closed it and they let me in…meaning, they saw nothing…meaning, Jesus blinded them.

Sylvia: What a miracle! That’s beautiful!

Mike: What happened after that? Were you able to talk to the Chinese people?

Stanley: Yes. When I was in the mainland, I asked them if they can understand English. They said they can only understand one language, and that is Chinese. So, I was worried because I cannot speak Chinese. So, I am thinking that if I give my testimony in English, I would be putting more effort. So, I decided to give my testimony in my own local dialect of Cebuano. And then as I was giving my testimony, they were crying. They said they could understand every word I said.

Sylvia: Isn’t that beautiful!

Mike: Wow! What a miracle!

Stanley: Before I left mainland China, they were asking me, “Is it necessary to be baptized a catholic to have a devotion to the Divine Mercy? “ I answered, “No, it is not necessary. Just have first a devotion to the Divine Mercy, then let the Holy Spirit guide you. “ That was in June. In August, I arrived back in the Philippines. They called me to let me know that more than 200 people were baptized Catholic.

Sylvia: Isn’t that beautiful!

Stanley: They are all hungry.

Mike: They just imprisoned the bishop there.

Stanley: Yes, There are so many Catholics there and their bishops are under ground. And I have also another good experience during my flight from Hong Kong. Our aircraft suddenly depressurized. When that happened, the aircraft suddenly nose-dive. All the passengers were crying and shouting, calling the name of the Lord. They were all crying, shouting, and praying. Then just near me was a priest and a nun that was also crying, praying, and shouting. I was the only one not praying. I was just looking at each one of them, observing them. When the nun noticed that I was not praying, she got so very angry with me. When the aircraft normalized, she confronted me. “Why are you not praying?” she shouted at me. Then she said, “Are you not afraid to die? “ Then I answered her, “ Why should I, I’m already ready.“

Sylvia: Ha-ha, you’ve already been there once.

Stanley: Then I continued and I said to her that it is written in the Bible that Jesus said, ‘Some day some many will be calling my name, crying and praying, but I cannot hear them.“ You know why? Because what you are doing is that you are not praying and calling the name of the Lord because you love Him, but because you are afraid to die!

Sylvia: That’s beautiful, that’s a good one.

Stanley: Then they cannot answer anymore. Even the priest cannot answer. They just bowed their head down. Meaning that they are not yet ready.

Clyde: We have to keep praising God.

Mike: When Jesus appears to you, is it like an apparition?

Stanley: It’s through a dream, and confirmed by my spiritual director.

Sylvia: Does your Spiritual Director have dreams too?

Stanley: No, interlocution only.

Mike: When Jesus gives you messages, does He ever allow you to have visions of future events?

Stanley: No. We just talk, and He explains to me. Just like after the New York incident, Jesus said to me, that we should multiply our prayers. He said that if the people do not pray, something big will happen. We are to pray… only through prayers.

Mike: Is that part of the message given to you in a dream?

Stanley: No, it’s through interlocution when I was praying.

Mike: You mean you hear His voice internally, aside from the dream?

Stanley: Yes. Also, several weeks ago, I had a conversation with Jesus, because so many people are asking me… people who are very religious and also evangelists. They are asking me: Brother Stanley, I pray the chaplet everyday, I pray the rosary everyday, I attend mass every Sunday. Why is my family still far from the Lord? Even if I force them, still they refuse. I presented this to Jesus, and Jesus answered, “Do not force them, because you cannot change a person. Only God can change a person, and only prayers can move God."

Clyde: I guess we just have to set good examples for our children to follow.

Mike: We hear the same questions being asked in the United States and elsewhere, that despite of the parents being prayerful and religious, why are the children not following the Lord?

Stanley: That’s why Jesus said to me, we have to multiply our prayers for sinners because the sinners do not pray for themselves anymore, and their salvation depends upon us. That’s why Jesus said, if we stop praying for them, it is as if we are throwing them into the fire. Jesus promised that if we continue praying for them, before that person dies, he will go back to the Lord.

Sylvia: That’s confirmation on what we have been talking about. Praise the Lord.

Clyde: The doctor that examine you after you have risen from the dead, he converted and became a priest. What happened to him?

Stanley: He is with the bishop in Africa doing missionary work. He is still able to continue his medical practice as a priest.

Mike: Are there any more additions to your family?

Stanley: I now have 15 kids, the two additions are adopted. I used to have only 13.

Sylvia: That’s beautiful, and they are all here with you?

Stanley: Yes. All of them are in school.

Mike: Knowing what happened to the United States and the recent bombing of Afghanistan as a response of that terrorist attack, what would be you message to the American people or to anyone concern about this incident?

Stanley: Jesus said just to pray, and we must multiply our prayers. Only prayers can change, no other.

Mike: I don’t know if Jesus mentioned anything to you about making penance and sacrifices in addition to prayer.

Stanley: It’s much stronger I know, but Jesus also said, “You must pray with the heart.“ Jesus said he does not need prayers in quantity, He wants quality prayers. Meaning, we have to pray with the heart. I told some of my friends when you pray, think that it is your last.

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