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There is something about television and movies -- more than radio or the internet (except perhaps for YouTube) -- that seems to confer a strange anointing, what we know as "celebrity." Perhaps it is the size of the screen or the thought that someone is so many places -- in a million homes -- at once.  It is a dangerous place for clergy. Is there something inherently the matter with it? The Vatican tells us to use modern means of communication, and surely good comes from it (particularly when it transmits the Mass). But is there indeed a mysterious strangeness, a bubble of the artificial, as the 1990 prophecy (which quoted Jesus as saying He would not appear on television) indicated? When someone is a celebrity, or "electrifying," a flag should go up, for this is the devil's turf (said Saint Pio). The best book written on this saint recalls that "by the mid-1960s, Capuchins [in his monastery] were permitted to watch TV, which did not please Padre Pio, who felt that the programs did not lead to virtues desirable in Christian living. He also feared that excessive television viewing was a factor in the destruction of family life: instead of talking to each other, family members tended to spend evenings staring gape-mouthed, like zombies, at the set. He strongly advised anyone who asked his opinion not to buy a television set. Although he had once cautiously approved of his nephew's running a movie theater and had authorized a cinema in the Cas, Padre Pio grew increasingly negative about motion pictures. When the subject was broached, he was known to say, 'The devil is in it!' On at least one occasion he told a penitent that the reason his car had broken down the night before was that he was en route to the movies!"

Incredible it is, and unbeknownst to the public at large, how many TV and movie stars have had an involvement with the occult, in addition to the electronic "magic." Practicing occultists such as Aleister Crowley openly proclaimed that drama is one of the best means of "possession" and Satanist Anton LaVey called TV "the satanic family altar." An eye-opening video, Hollywood Unmasked, is just that: eye-opening, recounting in less than fanatical though perhaps at times overly energetic evangelical fashion the many celebrities who have communicated with spirits or spoke of their inner demons and of evoking supernatural forces within or around to project outwardly, as they act [caution: some of the content and images are disturbing; use prayer and discretion]. These may be good people who themselves were deceived; who themselves were swept into the magic. Rudolph Valentino ("the love god," whose wife Natashya held seances, and who was all but worshipped), Mae West (who channeled scripts, and helped spur the sex revolution), Greta Garbo (who visited what she called "occultists, devil worshippers, and mind-readers") and "mediums") and Marlene Dietrich (another "goddess"), Denzel Washington ("basically what I did was got on my knees and sort of communicated with the spirits"), Joan Crawford (who wanted the set cold because she felt it was better for spirits), Sammy Davis (an actual Satanist), Jayne Mansfield (a high priestess in the Church of Satan), Robin Williams (who says "literally it's like possession, literally it's like this energy that just gets going; in the old days you'd be burned for it, but there is something empowering about it; it's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"), Oprah Winfrey ("I try to empty myself and let the spirit inhabit me"), Roseanne Barr, Jennifer Lopez (involved in Santeria), the creator of Star Trek (who also spoke of the dark, mysterious energy) and many others. Is it a coincidence that so many TV shows and movies seemed to carry a curse (look up even the Little Rascals)? James Dean died in a car in a way he himself seemed to prophesy and others also died later in cars made from parts from the wreckage. Prayer need here. Spirits move in surprising ways and places and "fools die for lack of knowledge," says Proverbs 10:21. Many stars of the 1920s (the Roaring Twenties, perhaps as in "roaring lion," 1 Peter 5:8) through the 1950s (see Elvis, who had a vast interest in the occult) set the stage for the sexual, music, and drug revolutions of the 1960s, without knowing it (hopefully, in most cases). It is not to condemn all those in such media nor even those who through lack of knowledge involved themselves in the occult, but to pray for them and protect ourselves and cleanse our homes through prayer (as we discard suspect material) and warn of an inherent power such that as Scripture also says Satan is "prince of the power of the air." There is often charisma (see here) politics. On the screen, both TV and the one at the theatre, or attached to a computer, people become larger than life; the magic confers the power of an idol; they even used to call stars that; too often, larger than Jesus. It does seem that too frequently spiritual lessons granted on ephemeral media disappear as if into thin air. Look at the term: media, medium. The medium is indeed the message, and the energy.

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