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It could not have come at a worse time. Just as the cause of fighting abortion was reaching historic momentum (a new poll showed a pro-life majority in the U.S. for the first time since that poll has been conducted), there is a pro-life murder.

We live in a culture of hatefulness, as well as a culture of death. Hate is heard all around. As for Dr. George Tiller: we can not judge him. We don't know what was going through his mind. He thought he was being compassionate -- or so it is portrayed. His father (who was killed with his mother and sister in a plane crash) was an abortionist. There were family issues here. There was at best spiritual blindness. Killed in a church!

There was also something very twisted here. The clinic owned by Dr. Tiller (who originally had wanted to be a dermatologist, but who took over the family practice) performed a reported 60,000 abortions -- many into the ninth month, the "late-term" ones often for reasons of "mental health" (or because a baby was seen as defective) and conducted by putting a drug in a long needle through the woman's abdomen and into the infant's beating heart.

In a fashion that can only be described as macabre, Dr. Tiller's clinic not only killed the unwanted child in chilling fashion, but offered: photographs of the mother with the child (if the parents wanted this, before disposal), "baptism" by a chaplain who regularly dropped by, footprints, handprints, a certificate of miscarriage, cremation, a urn, or burial in Wichita or wherever the mother chose. We had a link Monday showing one mother who terminated her baby for cystic fibrosis and posed cuddling the gruesomely aborted infant on a bed with flowers and a picture of Jesus. We removed the link because it is simply too upsetting.

Something very extraordinary and spooky was at work there in Kansas and more incredible than the blindness or whatever of Dr. Tiller is that the United States and a "good" society could for a moment allow this. As a result, we see chastisement all around us. America is melting down. While many wait for a singular event (God setting us straight), there already are tragedies everywhere we look. We are in a time when we must pray for protection (which will work) because everyone seems afflicted whether with emotional upsets, family divisions, career problems, financial difficulties, or sickness, especially cancer, and in particular cancer of organs (breast, prostate, cervical, ovarian) associated with reproduction. A major chastisement is in progress. It will intensify. It will precipitate. Kevorkian. Schiavo.

Meanwhile, the pro-life movement must continue and would do well to make sure its power is entirely the fuel of love. It will come back. It will recover. It must. It isn't just the "pro-life" organizations. It isn't just websites. It is the elderly woman who goes to Mass every morning with a bumper sticker that says something like, "Your mother was pro-life."

They are the heroes. In the end, somehow, some day, they will win. They have caused thousands of young women to second-guess their participation in what can be described as a massive blood ritual conducted since 1973 by a force called Satan who has been a deceiver and killer from the beginning.

[statement from Brian Gibson, executive director of Pro-Life Action Ministries: "George Tiller engaged in an extremely violent, gruesome business. To place blame on those who made this public and sought peacefully and lawfully to stop it is seriously misplaced. But as horrific as abortion is and heinous the acts of the abortionists are, we must always remain peaceful and act with the mind of Christ. There is no room in our work for thoughts or acts of hatred, anger, bitterness, or violence. To the contrary we must boldly speak the truth in love, with peace and faith in the mercy of God."]

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