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When we first ran a recent article on allergies -- mentioning, as one example, the sudden eruption of sensitivity to peanuts, and wondering if modern vaccines as well as overuse of chemicals might be linked to such allergies (and other maladies) -- we didn't know that peanut oil was used as as an additive stimulant or "adjuvant" in vaccines for children starting back in the 1980s.

Is there a link?

It certainly makes one wonder: the peanut allergies seemed to hit with a vengeance soon after. It's said that at least 5.6 million Americans now have this affliction.

According to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, there has been a five hundred percent rise in hospital admissions of children due to food allergies in the past two decades.

"It is strange that you recently wrote about these allergies," penned a viewer named Virginia Marcellini. "I am a flight attendant for a major airline. I have been working since 1970. Just two weeks ago, I was telling the other flight attendants that I flew twenty years before I encountered any passenger  with a peanut allergy. Now everyone and their brother has one."

We are told that vaccines can contain other additives as well. Of course, they have saved many millions of lives -- countless. You must discern, in deep prayer, before making decisions. There are benefits and negatives. This goes with all medical decisions (including decisions about what doctor you should have, or even on something like taking chemotherapy). But on allergies: what else don't we know?

One critic of vaccinations says the peanut allergy is almost unknown in Israel -- though allergies to sesame oil are. This critic notes, "The population eats lots of peanuts. Israel produces sesame oil. Israel manufactures its own vaccines. Sesame is a major allergy there. Hypothesis: Sesame oil is used instead of peanut oil in the vaccines used in Israel."

It seems incredible: to put such substances directly into the blood system.

Vaccine adjuvants or carriers, it turns out, contain many other oils or ingredients. Fish oil is used, and shellfish can be mixed in. Wheat germ oil, corn oil, and soy oil are used. Milk and eggs are also used in the production of vaccines. Have you noted any increase in folks who are allergic to the above?

Perhaps. Perhaps not. We can say this: anyone looking at the ingredients of the vast majority of products at the supermarket has to be flummoxed at the number of artificial ingredients. Preservatives. Altered oils. Dyes can be especially harmful. And if that's not enough to concern us, one has to note the pesticide residues on or in meat, fruits, and vegetables, as well as the new jarring fact that much of our soy and corn is now genetically engineered (before tests have really be completed on their potential effects).

It has long been asserted that the "boom" in autism, meanwhile, has paralleled the use of aborted fetal DNA in vaccines.

How the devil befuddles us -- making what is bad seem good and vice versa (at times)!

Anywhere from six to ten percent of the children in industrialized nations have food allergies, claims the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Alliance.

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome has all the same symptoms as monosodium glutamate allergy which could be due to the MSG in the MMR vaccine. Ditto for sulfites. Take a look at this list.

Another question: have you ever notice all the "asthma" that's around? Kids who have been vaccinated are fourteen times as prone to that.

"Did you know that in an effort to make many of our meds more 'natural,' the pharmaceutical industry uses peanuts and soy derivatives for many of their meds?" wrote a viewer. "That much exposure to peanut and soy legumes has been paralleling the rise in peanut/legume allergies. 

"Fact: Then there is the prodigious use of soy in most processed foods. Soy is cheap protein and produces an oil and so is used for a variety of applications. The Amish rarely consume soy in any form and so they are not overexposed to it.

"Fact: Peanuts and other legumes such as soy are being over-used in processed foods and meds. Legume allergies are on the rise of which peanuts are just one branch. All legumes are related: peanuts, peas, soy, any beans such as green beans and pinto beans.

"Wheat is used as filler in hamburgers from fast food places as well as other meats such as lunch meats. Think of how much processed meat we have consumed in our lives. Take a squint at the package labels next time you are in the store and scan the ingredient lists for the word 'soy.' You will be amazed. You can even find it in buttery spreads and processed cheeses. If we get away from as many processed foods as possible and eat from our own gardens as the Amish do, we will be infinitely better off."

Noted a comment on a health blog: "My grandson was diagnosed autistic after my daughter noticed his personality changed dramatically. She found an 'autism diet' and they became gluten and casein free. But it was not until they only ate organic fruits, vegetables, and meats for 28 days that they noticed he began to talk, make eye contact, and communicate in a more normal manner. He has been tested and is slightly behind socially and in speech, both of which can be remedied. There is something to be said for our 'processed and altered food supply.' Obesity, diabetes, autism, allergies...I'm going organic, gluten free, and dairy free."

Wrote John Potocki of Hanover, Pennsylvania: "I read with interest the article on allergies and was intrigued as I too feel that many 'illnesses' are the result of vaccines or the adjuvants used in vaccines. Adjuvants, amongst other definitions, are carrier and stabilizer compounds that allow vaccines to have a longer shelf life.  They are, in my opinion, far more sinister.

"It then hit me that I had a very recent experience with my chemotherapy that had near disastrous results. I was told that they were going to add a biological agent to my therapy and I received one dose of said 'biological agent.' The reaction I had to it was very dramatic in effect and has caused changes in my heart rhythm, blood pressure and it has effected other systems. These were in addition to the extreme acneform eruptions over my entire torso, head and neck.  Essentially my body was rejecting this stuff.

"The agent they gave me was Erbitux. Having worked in medicine for over twenty years I knew just enough to be dangerous. I researched Erbitux and was horrified to learn it was a cloned agent -- the cloning is between mouse cells and human protein -- DNA. I was aghast as this was a blending of things that were never intended to be blended. Medicine was going places that, to me, was an affront to God and His plans."

Said a viewer named Pam: "I share these thoughts because some of my children are not vaccinated and still they have allergies.  I had a priest once tell me that he developed allergies after going through stress and they cleared up when he dealt with the stress. I have also had children deal with illness and when I’ve taken the time to really listen to God about how to care for them the answers were found not in all the usual places I would search (like food, drugs, alternative stuff, eliminating exposure to things, etc.) but the cure was found in spending time with them, praying over them, and listening to them. 

"One time I had a child who every time she went to bed she felt like she couldn’t swallow and this was bothering her. It went on for a few nights and we tried to have her sleep in different places, positions, used extra pillows etc. Finally I sat on the floor next to her bed and prayed my rosary while rubbing her back. I begged the Blessed Mother to tell me what I could do to help this child and in the quiet of my heart I believe I heard the answer – keep doing what you are doing. So for the next few nights I sat on the floor, rubbing her back and praying a rosary for her until she went to sleep. After a few nights of this it went away and has never returned. That was about a year ago. I also have had children deal with stomach ache issues that we tried many things to get rid of over a few years. But I have noticed that as the stress in our lives diminished – so did the stomachaches!

"We all live such fast-paced, stressful lives, including and especially our children. How fast-paced and stressful is the Amish life? I am not an advocate for the Amish life but there are certainly lessons to be learned from them. And maybe the first is that health is truly a 'gift from God!'"

"I believe the Amish are onto something!" said another " I believe it was the comment in your article that they view health as a 'gift from God.' Has our health fallen prey to the enemy by our lack of faith? I wonder this as I remember a story I read about some religious who lived very close to where the atom bomb exploded in Japan during WWII and how they were protected and did not suffer ill health afterwards. They said they were protected because they were living the messages of Fatima. We too live very close to 'chemical warfare' and  many Christians suffer. Maybe we need to focus more on living the messages of our Blessed Mother and trusting the Lord for the gift of health and start believing in His Healing Power again, especially in the Holy Eucharist.  Maybe it is our spiritual health that has had the greatest impact on our physical health."

Amen. But also: read the ingredients.

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[Note: We advise shutting off 'Wifi' routers at night to minimize electromagnetism, using cell phones sparingly (and with earphones or the speaker on, when possible), natural alternatives to lawn chemicals, as much in the way of organic food as is feasible, non-toxic cosmetics (if cosmetics are used), limited exposures at beauty salons, avoidance of synthetic sweeteners; milk, eggs, and meat that have no hormones or anti-biotics; and certainly avoidance of vaccines that are derived from fetal cell lines. Let us add that in addition to awesome spiritual benefits, fasting purifies the body, especially when the fast includes good spring water.]

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[Feedback: "After reading your article on vaccines, food fillers and allergies... something hit me..there might be an even bigger story here..
In the wheat kernal, gluten is removed and sold to high end global cosmetic firms..for use in collogen producing skin creams..its big business..multi billion annually..so the incentive to seperate this protein from the wheat kernal is huge..
Sadly, the removed kernal is replaced with cheap synthetic protein fillers..the same types used in many vaccines. Its cheaply produced, and sold, by chemical companies..This substitute gluten is what goes into the food we eat.
My thought is, all of these food allergies and gluten allergies in particular, are in fact the body reacting to this fake gluten. Gluten allergies set in nationally after the real gluten was found to make more money in the cosmetic industry..right along with placenta cells.. The increase can be mapped right alongside the use of synthetic or cheap substitue gluten..which appears to have passed FDA spec as a safe wheat kernal filler.
Anyhow..I think the two are related..and heaven help us all if this is a genetically modified wheat kernal substitute issue..as that basic food component is present in just about everything we eat.
My hope is they are not using genetically modified aborted fetal cells, also available in bulk quantities, as the substitue protein, as they do in vaccines..
I believe the human body reacts to, and rejects, often violently ( onset disease states..MS, cancers, allergies) to these substitute protein additives..as foreign and poisonous to the human system.
Our basic building block proteins for life, are being farmed for highest paid users, in non food processes..these substitues fall very short of their intended purpose, namely, life promoting, and cell building activity.

If someone wants to blow the lid off a truly ugly story..connecting these dots is a great place to start. Unfortunately, this is a multi billion dollar a year industry..and if its getting past the FDA, you might be looking at upper level corruption, and an uphill battle in exposing this , or in trying to reform it.

God bless,

Teresa Davis
Sarasota, FL.]

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