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A Look Back At Prophecies -- And Nuggets of Fascinating Prescience

By Michael H. Brown

We have recently written about the accuracy of certain recent prophecies, especially those from Venezuelan mystic Maria Esperanza. We were reminded of more such instances by a call the other day from a priest in London. While we have explained how Esperanza correctly foresaw violent events, and foreign intrusion, as it turns out years ago she had specifically mentioned the World Trade Center. As the priest, Father Richard Foley, pointed out, on December 9, 1992, Maria told a group of visiting Americans that she saw "two huge towers with black smoke all around them." She had said they were in New York and asked pilgrims to pray about it. This was all recorded on page 181 of a book of ours, The Day Will Come. "Something was going to happen in America, she said, and indeed, a couple months later, on February 26, 1993, there was the first terrorist bombing at the World Trade Center," said the book. 

While that pertained to the 1993 event, Esperanza has repeatedly returned to themes that we now see connected to the twin towers. It was Maria who last December and then again last March prophesied that something "big" -- something which would shake the world -- was about to happen involving foreign interests on American soil. In March she specified that a rumbling of some sort would occur in the area of New York-New Jersey and then on August 25 she said a "great event" would happen within "three weeks or three months." 

As we all know now it ended up being three weeks -- and as fate would have it, Esperanza was in the New York metropolitan area on the very day -- beseeching prayers for New York and the United States and then, once events occurred, warning the U.S. not be be provoked into an endless war!

A look back at recent commentaries or prophecies from other sources yields similarly prophetic nuggets. For example, as we recently indicated, on page 184 of another of our books, Prayer of the Warrior, is the ironic warning that "Manhattan is at ground zero."  That was published in 1993. The site of the Trade Center bombing is now famously known as "ground zero."

Then there is The Final Hour. On page 295 is quoted an alleged Irish seer named Beulah Lynch who saw rising seas and also "the destruction of tall, tall buildings that brought to mind New York." 

Another alleged Irish seer, Christina Gallagher, warned on September 11, 1999, while speaking at the tip of Manhattan in the shadows of the World Trade Center, that "if Americans don't turn back to God, all of this will be destroyed."

As we recall an alleged seer from Boston warned long ago of a man with a turban who would afflict New York...

Meanwhile, just last winter, a seer from Ecuador named Pachi Borrero prophesied that as the Jubilee Year ended, after the first week of January, things would get rougher for the world, and just recently she has quoted an alleged locution telling her that "the angel is ready to sound the trumpet of water, blood, and fire." 

As for Esperanza, she sees situations intensifying until the middle part of 2004 in this one wave of events. There may be other waves that follow, and these future ones may pertain to the secrets of Medjugorje -- which prophesies major events that are expected to occur during the lifetimes of the seers (between now and around 2040, if there is normal longevity). 

From what we can tell, none of the recent events are contained in the secrets of Medjugorje, at least not in those possessed by seers who have made extensive public comments about them. Thus, the events in the Medjugorje secrets may be a culmination of what is only beginning to build. 

But last January the Medjugorje Madonna warned that Satan was "unchained," and we now see that very clearly -- with terrorists in our very midst. 

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