Angels in our time

Angels are "in our time" as they always have been around, perhaps more so now than usual, due to the turmoil and threats around us.

A couple of such stories (from Angels Online; discern such sites carefully):

"My dad was terminally ill and he was very aware of the fact that his time on earth would be very short," wrote a contributor named Vivianne. "He accepted this and made peace with God, family and most of all himself. One afternoon when he was alone at home he heard a doorbell. 

"A very distinguished looking man in a very nice suit greeted him at the door. He held an original oil painting of Jesus. 'This is for you to keep. Please accept this.' My dad being a very devout Catholic gratefully accepted this. The man did not charge him for the painting. After my dad placed it inside the house he turned around to thank him but when he did the man disappeared! He never even knew his name or where he came from.

"My dad never saw him again and he told me this story before he passed on. He never mentioned it but I believe strongly that he was the Angel of Death who came to bring a message of love and hope to my dad. To this day this painting hangs in my dad's bedroom as a constant reminder that love is eternal. Every now and then my dad visits me in my dreams. Especially when I'm going through my dark times. I don't always remember what he says but I always can feel his love for me."

Or this from a woman named Maria Bernadette: "While I was visiting a shrine in Orlando I decided to go to Adoration in their chapel. Little did I know that I encountered the vision of Jesus. At first I thought I was seeing things. I rubbed my eyes to clear them and could feel a warmth come upon me. I was very nervous and my heart was pounding. I went back to the condo and told my husband who seemed to be on the skeptical side. I returned the next day thinking I must be seeing things that could not have happened to me.

"Well again I experienced seeing Jesus' face in the Eucharist that was exposed for Adoration. I felt tears come to my eyes and felt very unworthy. I called a friend who is a priest and when I told him he said, 'Why would he not appear to you'? Again I felt confused and unworthy. This was four years ago. My life has been changed tremendously. I became a Eucharistic Minister; I visit the home bound, and became a volunteer lay-chaplain in a hospital. I do not know how or why but I am serving the Lord. I certainly am not an angel but I feel I have been touched by one."

Actually, that sounds more like a touch from Jesus directly.

An account entitled "Three Knocks" recounts:

"This happened over five years ago, but to me it was only yesterday.

"I lay in bed that morning waiting for my husband to come in from his night shift at the local grain mill. As I lie there listening for the front door to open, I suddenly heard what seemed to be a music box playing, "Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus" I jumped from the bed and walked quickly through the house thinking he has brought me a new music box. There was no one there, my husband wasn't home yet. The only other sound was what I thought was the local kids waiting for the school bus.

"Knock, knock, knock, like the sound of a basketball hitting the pavement three times. I lay there as the most overwhelming sense of peace came over me. So much so that I was brought to tears. I had lost my job and my unemployment has run out.

"This must be God's way of telling me not to worry.

"Later I told my sister of the mornings event. She said she didn't want to worry me, but there is an old wives tale that when you hear three knocks, you are about to lose someone close to you.

"Not being a superstitious person, I just blew this off.

"Well, I guess I shouldn't have been such a skeptic. Three days later my godmother and best friend of thirty years suffered a massive stroke. She passed away a month later, never regaining consciousness. To this day I feel I had a visiting angel telling me to trust in God to prepare me for the lose of one of the most important people in my life. Thank you God and please take good care of her."

Do you have accounts? We'd like to hear them.

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