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 1    Mystery Of A Pontificate: Saintly Pope Reigned During 'Release' Of Dark Spirits (2X)

  2    Cause For Sainthood Focuses  On Mysterious Death Of Pope John Paul

  3    Did St. Malachy Predict The Last Sequence Of Popes?


 John Paul II

  1    John Paul II The Prophet Of Our Time In His Admonishments About War

  2    Accounts Of Pope's Mysticism Remain A Major Mystery

  3    Big Day Approaches For A Pontiff Who Fulfilled Mission Of Fatima

  4    Scandal Must Stop Before Harm To JPII's Legacy Or Youngsters

  5    Let Anchor On!   

  6    Pope's Struggle Dovetails With Fatima Secret, Bosco Dream, And Terri Schiavo

  7    Recent Developments In Europe: Could They Cast New Light On Old Prophecies?   

  8    Padre Pio  Did Not Predict the Papacy of John Paul II, But Pope Recalls the Miracle

  9    When Sad Day Comes, Eyes Of World Will Be On Papal Selection as Never Before

10    John Paul's Message Was A Simple One: Be Not Afraid, Reject Despair

11    'Spark From Heaven': Pope Seen As Sign Of Coming Events And Was Linked To Seers

12    A Pope Described As 'From The Sun' Was Born During Eclipse And Leaves With One

13    Farewell, John Paul, You Were The Best, Who Will One Day Be A Great Saint

14    'Pope Of My Secret': The Link Between John Paul II, Mercy, And Coming Events

15    Whoever Next Pope Is, Hopefully He'll Know Secret To John Paul's 'Charisma'

16    JP II Tied To Scapular & Another 'Great' Pope Who Shortened A Great Chastisement 

17    With Drama Of New Pope Will Also Come Drama Of Largest Active Apparition Site

18    In His Last 'Testament' JPII Made Stunning Observations On Workings Of The Devil

19    In Initial 'Little' Reports May Be First Indications Of John Paul's Intercession

20    Bishop Claims John Paul Told Him to Visit Medjugorje In Disguise

21    Garabandal Also Mentions the Last Popes and a 'Warning'

22    Two Pope, Two Books -- And Two Major Insights Into the Fatima Secret

23    Claims of Pope's Intercession Continue (2 stories)

24    John Paul II: Hidden Little 'Coincidences' And Prophecies Continue To Arise

25    Rumors Fly As Big Day Approaches For A Pontiff Who Fulfilled Mission Of Fatima

26    Pilgrims say they saw sun miracle at Divine Mercy shrine after Pope's death

27    Correspondence With John Paul II Proves Pope Supported Medjugorje (2 stories)

28    Couple Who Received Papal Letters On Medjugorje Found To Be Highly Credible

29    Man buys eBay Host consecrated by John Paul II (4 stories)

30    After John Paul II Are We Facing the Possibility of An Antipope?  

31    E.U. Mysteriously Stumbles But Efforts At Globalization, World Religion Remain 

32    How to seek John Paul's intercession

33    Italian Commission Decides 'Beyond Any Doubt' That Soviets Tried To Kill Pope

34    'Pope died worrying about evil in the world'

35    Non-Catholics also claim intercession of late Pope

36    Pope's Last Request As Thousands Filled St. Peter's Square: 'Read Me The Bible'

37    Did Death of Pope signal Final Coming of Christ?

38    Author Says That 'Fatima Pope' Survived Four Accidents In A Miraculous Fashion

39    Pope's Astonishing Power Changed The World And Shown Value Of Celibacy

40    Passing Of 'John Paul The Great' Will Spark Events (2X)

41    Church Avoids Talk Of 'Final Coming' But Approved Polish Saint Who Prophesied It

42    Rumors Fly As Big Day Approaches For A Pontiff Who Fulfilled Mission Of Fatima

43    Message From Venezuela  &  JP II Eerily Parallel Prophecy On U.S. Future

44    Mercy Sunday Arrives During Crisis To Remind Of  Power Of The Liturgy

45    9/11 Mastermind Linked to Assassination Attempt on Pope

46    Pope Battles Storm And 'Prince Of The Power Of The Air' -- And Wins

47    After John Paul II Are We Facing the Possibility of An Antipope?

48    John Paul Spoke Against Islamic Beliefs But Expressed Respect For Its Devotion

49    Miracles Linked To Late Pope Found More Extensive Including Gift Of Prophecy




  1    Ratzinger Appears to Fulfill Malachy Prophecy

  2    Election of Pope Benedict Will Usher In Dramatic Clash Between Good and Evil

  3    New Pope called visions a 'sign of the times' and fought for Medjugorje

  4    New York Times: Commanding performance by Benedict sealed it

  5    Expect Surises From New Pope As He Sways Gentle and Tough Sides

  6    Benedict and the Devil; Bendict's Early Writings (2 stories)

  7    Uncertainly Remains On How Open the Benedict Vatican Will Be To the Supernatural

  8    Who Is  William Levada

  9    Did A Demon Really Complain About Benedict?

10    Prophecies Of St. Malachy Exhibit Too Many 'Coincidences' To Discount As Myth

11    Mystery Akita: Benedict Connected To Statue 'Revelation' In Obscure Convent

12    Spokesman: Lavada Did Not Authorize Pagan Prayer For Diocesan Website

13    Pope Benedict May Also Play Into The Pillars Prophecy Of John Bosco

14    Reports In Europe Claim That As Cardinal, Benedict Saw Perils With Harry Potter

15    Pope Hit The Mark: At Root Of Catholic Problems Is Lack of Biblical Spirituality

16    In Comment On Secret, Pope Showed Deep Appreciation For "Private Revelations"

17    Crunch Time At The Vatican As New Pope Tackles Gay Issue In A Defining Moment

18    Pope Nears Crossroads That May Define His Papacy With Gay Paper (3 stories)

19    If The Church Gets Tough Pope Will Make His Mark

20    As Good Friday Nears, So Does The Need For Prayer To Break Present Darkness

21    Lost In Both Secular And Catholic Media Has Been Vatican's View Of Current Dark

22    'Pope Who Never Was' Shows How Close  Major Change Can Come To The Papacy

23    In New Book Major Cardinal Comments On Mysticism, Fallen Priests, And Mass

24    Benedict Hit Key Reason Why Church Has Lost Its Vocations And Emptied Its Pews

25    Uproar Over Pope's Talk On Islam Comes At Time Of Worry Over Ramadan Terror

26    As Turbulence Swirls Around Rome, So Do Reflections On Old Papal Prophecies 

27    A Pope Of Surprise Makes Victorious Trip But Question Is Of Enemies Inside Vatican