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The Next Time You Are Tempted To Battle, Sit Back And Let God Duke It Out

By Michael H. Brown

The next time you're in a battle with someone (or something), let God duke it out for you. That's right: put it in His hands and you'll be amazed at the results. We've seen this many times: both little and big aggravations that called out for retribution -- for revenge -- but that met the most just, desirable ends when they were abandoned to Christ.

That's because God is justice itself; can orchestrate any circumstance; and wants to be active -- involved in all aspects of our lives. He especially wants to intervene when we've boxed ourselves in a corner or when we're tempted to a fight.

It's then that He shows His fantastic powers of intervention. 

That's because He doesn't want us to maintain anger.

As it says in 2 Chronicles 20:17, "You will not have to fight in this encounter. Take your places, stand firm, and see how the Lord will be with you to deliver you."

When God is with us, no matter how daunting the enemy, he must bow down before us.

So before you get involved in a dispute, try this magical formula: sit down, make yourself relax, read five minutes from the New Testament, then pray from your heart. Lay it all on the Lord. Tell Him what's going on, why you're upset, and who you're angry at, without being judgmental. Say a Rosary. If you have frustration, give this -- just hand it -- to God. Express your distress, lay it in His hands, and then ask God to bring His fair result.

He will do that with timing that you could not have engineered and in a way that never occurred to you, with tremendous, irreversible effect. 

In life there will always be times we're dealt with selfishly or unfairly or rudely or even violently, but the Lord handles such things in His own timing. He knows when to move. Usually, this is longer than we would have opted. Usually, the Lord allows some time to pass. But when He does act everything falls into place in a way that causes us to rejoice. 

We saw this recently at a local swimming pool where we and our children our members. Two women there, God bless them, decided they didn't want kids jumping into the pool, even though the lifeguard had granted such permission. They caused weeks of harassment. We put it in the Hands of God, and suddenly everyone -- including the hotel manager! -- was coming out of the blue to help us. 

All this God had orchestrated.

On the other hand, if you fight your battle alone, it will be messy and usually at best a partial victory.

And so it is that He fights our battles for us when the cause is just. Let us repeat: when the cause is right. Then there is nothing and no one who can stand in your way, and no hurt that will go unanswered. 

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